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  • Timothy Hutton carries the day, much as Peter Graves did with the original "Mission Impossible". Mostly unknown cast is good in support.

    This is a good show that is getting better. Remember, all you "Mission Impossible wannabee" reviewers... Mission Impossible wasn't all that great when it first came out. The cast needed tweaking and it hit stride midway through season two.

    Although the writing is spotty at times, the ideas are spot on! That's what keeps me coming back for more!

    As far as character development, there is decent chemistry between Nathan and Sophie. I hope the writers give this one a chance to simmer for a while. Plus, more background on Nathan's tragic past - and his former company - would be great! Finally, the Aldis Hodge character is the wry, comic relief so necessary to this kind of show.

    So give "Leverage" a try - you might find YOUR new best friend!
  • If you liked The Hustle (UK), this is even better, with a new angle and a very good cast

    I liked very much the UK Hustle, especially the season with Adrian Lester. So finding a US show that reminds me of that is quite a pleasant surprise. But Leverage has a whole new perspective and it is even more fun. And the main idea of it has also something of The Sting, the 1973 movie I loved very much, with the 'con artists' working more for revenge and justice than for personal gain. Like Robin Hood: not entirely new, but entertaining all the same. And so far the first three episodes have been enterataining and enjoyable, especially thanks to a young and interesting cast led by Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton, who's the leader in any sense - of the gang and on screen.
  • Fresh show with new approach with a great cast a few unknowns but headed by the brilliant Timothy Hutton turn your attention to this show it is "F.A.B"

    Thank you TNT for picking this series up. Cast is great...Tim Hutton we love ya.

    So far a well written scripts with a diverse set of characters with room to move, who deliver. The show is fresh and delivers us non anticipated endings, which is a brilliant stroke of writing and at times very hard to deliver

    The only danger about using surprise and different endings than anticipated is that we the audience will expect the same delivery each episode and if it is not a continuing story line (e.g Heroes)it could be a writers nightmare,but for now it is a Fantastic show.
    well done cast and crew
  • Hollywood "Hustle"

    It's "Hustle" catering to American tastes. Basically the same theme, but in "Leverage" the con-men are the good guys. The American cast have their Brit counterparts but the men are prettier (Robert Glenister is many things, but pretty he is not :)!) The office is ostentatious, unlike Eddie's pub where the English gang congregate.

    All said, if this series follows its British predecessor, many clever plot twists are to be expected, making this an interesting show to see. The reduced running time of American shows will limit the amount of plot development that can take place, but should make it faster paced.
  • LeverageHQ.com - Your Chance to Get EVEN and Get the Money!

    TNT has launched LeverageHQ.com hosting LEVERAGE online games that challenge fans to join the Team and help them find $100K. In the beginning there's a really cool video with Tomothy Hutton that you have to see. The best part of the game is that one lucky winner will get to keep the money...I hope it's me in this economy I could use $100K. The concept of the game is to allow you to experience first hand if you have the talent to be a thief, hacker, grifter, etc. Like most games it allows you to be someone you're not and someone that maybe deep down you wish you could be - even if it's only in a game. The best part is that it keeps the fun going between episodes of LEVERAGE. So if you are ready to prove yourself and ready to Get Even..lets go play www.leverageHQ.com

    This is a great complement to a cool show, congrats to TNT, John Rogers and Dean Devlin.
  • Stealing can be fun, even if it's for a good cause.

    I believe this is one of those shows where the cast makes an idea work. It has been said that the show has a little reminiscence of previous attemps at the genre, but in this case i really think the cast can make it not only work, but shine. The components of "leverage" are pretty much what you would expect, the intel, the poser, the muscle, the brain and the thief (i know all of them are thiefs, but only her fits the classical feline stereotype). It's true the show is not without its flaws, i mean the characters need some background to support the 10 second flashback we were offered in the premiere, and its motivation seems a little too convenient. I mean, 5 people who have more than enough money to live their lifes in a tropical island decide not to... greed would be a more believable reason, but i guess they wouldn't be entirely the "good guys" then.
    Other than that i think the pace is interesting, the action is not the focal point, which in my opinion allows the show to develop a real argument each episode, and last but not least the plot twists are not shocking but make you think about them a little after it's over. To sum things up, i believe the show has potential, the cast is my favourite part so far and if they develop an argument that interacts with the characters between episodes i think it can be a award-winning series in the making.
  • leverage is a modern take on a robinhood theme.with fast moving heists,smart conjobs and a good bit of retribution!

    Brilliant!Well thought out with great storylines.Im not going to compare this with the UKs Hustle because its not in the same catagory.Its nice to see good guys vs bad guys again-alot of grey based characters around lately!What can i say but-i loved this!Its got 13 episodes paid up and im looking forward to watching them all!The modern day robinhood idea really works,maybe because we all wish for a bit of justice for the modern day corporate untouchables.Think this can only improve as the actors grow into the parts.Well worth watching and I hope this gets a second season so please give this a chance!
  • An instant classic! If you like Burn Notice you will LOVE this.

    The concept is simple: four (former) crooks led by one honest man take revenge on people and corporations who use their wealth and influence to oppress the less fortunate.

    In the first episode we meet Nate Ford a former hotshot insurance investigator on the verge of becoming an alcoholic following the death of his son (Nate's own company refused to pay for the 'experimental' treatment needed to save his life). Nate is subsequently recruited by a businessman to recover (i.e. steal) a set of stolen blueprints by organising a group of very skilled criminals; Parker (Thief), Alec Hardison (Hacker), Eliot Spencer (Hitman – Sort of) and Sophie Deveraux (con-artist). Everything goes well until they are double crossed by their employer at which point they decide to get even. Thus Leverage Consulting & Associates is born.

    Despite the seemingly tired premise of bad guys turned good and elaborate (pseudo) criminal exploits a la Burn Notice, this show is surprisingly original with its Robin Hood style slant to the plots and some very interesting characters. It is filled with enough humour and excitement to keep the pace of the show moving but without being overly complicated. It also has some great acting talent with the always superb Timothy Hutton as the only honest man in a den of thieves and the highly under-rated Christian Kane as the mysterious Eliot.

    All in all this show is one of the highlights of the 2008/09 season.
  • Mission Impossible without government sponsorship.

    An honest insurance investigator, whose company let his son die by denying insurance coverage (the treatment was called experimental)finds a way to get even, and get even, and get even. Hiring four "bad guys" he decides to go semi-"dark side" and supervise taking down "bad guys" by cons reminiscent of Mission Impossible. The "bad guys" he hires have all been loners and are not sure they can or want to work together, but they're willing to try. They use elaborate cons and are always one step ahead of the mark and or ready for any "oops" that might come along. I personally think all the parts are perfectly cast. Tim Hutton is great as a "good guy" with just enough larceny in his heart to run the gig. Gina Bellman is hilarious as the "actress" who is horrible, unless she's acting a con. I see a lot of potential in this show, and it will be on my regular to watch list.
  • great show

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  • Old concept of thieve but with a new angle of story..

    This new series is better than smith. you can say anything but for me, Leverage is more better than Smith. i love the way their twist their angle of heist to 'Robin Hood' concept. I hope TNT will order full season of Leverage. "Robin Hood" heist concept is a brilliant idea. I think they learn a lot from Smith. hopefully this last longer than Smith. With a little bit of comedy, unique character. i love their character especially Parker and Alec Hardison. this episode is getting better and better. I thing that i want, please..please and please don't just cancel this series just because some of ppl don't watch it. please
  • What happens when an honest Ex insurance investigator, a computer geek, a grifter, a thief and a (non) hitman get together?

    This episode had it all. The thrill of a theft, a get out of police custody escape, a con and well good looking actors with a snappy story line, sharp dialog and good acting. The premise starts off with 4 people hired to steal back airplane designs by the head of a rival company. All goes well until the CEO decides to double cross the band by bringing them together to a desolate hangar and try and have them killed. By the time they realize that it is a setup, they nearly get blown up and end up in police custody at the county hospital. With time running out before they are under State police controls (since they were printed as well), the brain of the operation (insurance investigator) comes up with a plan to get them out. As they make their escape, they have a choice to either get out of the country or make the CEO pay for getting them to steal the designs. And this all happens in the first 20 minutes of the show. What we have next is the addition of Sophie (grifter) and an elaborate con that has the audience (or atleast me) guessing till the end. The series creators have kept the characters extremely likeable while making them commit crimes of great magnitude under the label of 'speaking for the wronged' how do they make money out of each deal? to quote 'We work on an alternative revenue stream'. This episode had them make money in a legitimate manner brought about by their con. Ofcourse, they also managed to cause damage to the company's reputation for a few days and anyone else who made the same bets also made money besides them. My two cents on this show. It makes Oceans 12 and 13 look bad.
  • Clever and funny show about a bunch of guys giving rich bastards a run for their money. A must watch.

    I didn't quite know what to expect before I started watching this show, it seemed to be a bit cheesy. Turns out I was wrong, the characters aren't completely serious, yet not lame - which is one of my favorite mixes. The writing seems clever and not too overdone.

    Overall I think that everyone should at least give this show a peak, it'll probably catch your interest, and now with the whole recession everyone wants to see some damned CEO get kicked in the nuts by a bunch of bad/good guys.

    Check it out, it's one of those shows you don't initially pick up - but once you start, you'll love it.
  • Amusing Hustle-alike

    Okay, so I may have tuned in because I like Chris Kane, but I stayed tuned in because the show is slick and amusing - much like the UK's Hustle. And with the way everything has to be turned round for the insane Parker ("There's a big payout. And probably revenge too" - or words to that effect!) it was sufficinently snappy dialogue to keep me hooked. The reveals at the end were also a lot like Hustle, but again, slick enough to be engaging.

    Here's hoping the rest of the episodes are this slick! I would love for this show to become a regular on TNT.
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