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  • on line

    Its pretty bad that you can't even watch this show any more online unless you subscribe to one of the cable units. I have brighthouse there not on the list. What is wrong with this picture. I can watch all the other shows on line with no problem but TNT make things difficult for fans. I mean really!!!!!
  • What a jem.

    Just stumbled across this series this weekend. What a lame, weak, low budget lame show. I looked it up and I see that the series is at an end. How did it last 5 seasons ?
  • the show treat audience as Idiots and Stupids

    Most of the things they mention is extremely inaccurate and unrealistic that it is down right distracting.

    The show started out well in the 1st season and it quickly degrade and spoiled like milk. It follows the same formula every episode. The only reason it stays on the air is because these type of shows are cheap to produce on a episode to episode budget.
  • No more TNT for me

    I am so disappointed.. I know the shows I have been watching seem stupid but I enjoy watching shows that aren't about teens having sex, young adults cheating on each other and spoiled, idiots with no morals.. at the Jersey Shore.. They get "SPIN OFFs" ugh..

    I will not be able to watch "The Secret Circle", The Nine Lives of Chloe King" and now Leverage... so, so, disappointed. This was one of the only shows left.. I guess I won't be watching TNT at all now..
  • Timothy Hutton was not terrible, after that it is tough to say anything positive about the remainder of the cast and the writing. With shows like 24 and Mad Men, the ante has been significantly upped. Leverage needs to fold fast...

    The character dubbed as the muscle was absolutely unbelievable, unless of course we are watching Heroes. The tech guy is a direct copy of Will Smith, but no where near as good. The accent on the front woman grifter was tres terrible, where was she supposed to be from???? And are we supposed to believe she was that hot, that men would swoon over her… The blonde's character was not developed what so ever. Finally the writing was incredibly predictable. Too bad, maybe if the entire writing team is revamped and some change outs with the actors, the premise is a good one.
  • Leverage is alienating and losing watchers

    Leverage is not available "free" with advertising on the Internet, unlike almost all shows. So we will watch something else. Do they really want to have peole stop watching on their Internet devices and Internet-connected TV's, or force people to DVR their show and skip the advertising? Stupid, backward people.
  • Started off well.

    The first couple of seasons were pretty good and notable, the others -not so much.

    As time went on their antics become more and more unnecessarily convoluted and unbelievable, even the characters went from 'unique' but believable to perfect glam hair all the time and slow motion action scenes/walkaways.

    Take Parker -she went from this weird, quirky, socially awkward and unique individual to just some fairly attractive perfect haired Hollywood action-chick cut out.

    The cherry on top is that this remarkable change and development is due to her eating some food at a decent restaurant. seriously?

    Either a show lasts too long and it gets bad or it doesn't last long enough too get bad.

    Leverage lasted too long.
  • Could be worse. great premise VERY weak script poor dialogue with so many cliches. acting is a little overboard at times. needs to buckle up or ship out

    i think the show has potential , but the script is very light! the characters are a cliche of every robbery movie out there and they dont do a great job. the premise is good but they slacking off just on that alone. with other great shows out there tthe writers need to buckle up and tighten the scripts too many loose ends.

    something about the meld of all their scenes just doesnt seem right. the flashbacks jus annoying and doesnt futher understanding. doesnt make me wanna tune in week in week out

    I honestly cant believe the folks giving this show a 10! get real guyz. this is heading for cancellation in my opinion
  • So far, so inadequate Mission Impossible wanna-be. But it has potential.

    I like to suspend my disbelief in the name of a good action show as much as any TV fan, but so far, Leverage is stretching it too far. My least favorite scene in the pilot involved the super-brilliant team leader, faced with the need to create a diversion, choosing to smash a bunch of car windows on a busy down-town street in broad daylight. And then, ten minutes or so later, he's still hanging around, and there are no cops or crowds or car alarms, just like nothing happened. Lame. And, he's supposed to be good? Did he leave a bunch of notes?

    On the plus side, pretty actors, and an attempt by the writers to give them each an interesting backstory and group dynamic. Their one common feature is, none of them plays well with others, so plenty of opportunities for cheeky banter. Also, high production values and somewhat engaging endless plot twists. So far, I'm still on the fence, but hopeful the writers will hit their stride soon, because I'd love to see a worthy successor to the brilliant MI series.

    I love this show and I think it is excellent and well written however many years ago in 1998 creators John McNamara and David Simpkins created vengeance unlimited and this is a total copy of that show. There are a few slight changes such as extra cast members of the team whereas in vengeance unlimited it was just Mr. Chapel and KC. It does not negate my enjoyment of the show but I would think it is so close to what McNamara andSimpkins created from scratch with Michael Madsen starring that there might be some type of copyright issues. It is much more like vengeance unlimited than any other similar shows in fact it's almost an exact script adding only a few changes

    I am curious if anybody else remembers that show. If you're not familiar with that you can find clips of it on YouTube and you will see that extreme similarities. We tried very hard to save that show also as it is hard to find good intelligently written shows. I am sorry that leverage will not be staying on a either. It is a great show
  • New series with a good premise, but lacking in some areas.

    The plot and mood of the series is very Ocean Eleven like, with your group of criminals who tend to steal from the bad, give to the good, and skim off the top. I have been looking forward to a good series like this to come out ever since the series Heist( a very similar show) got discontinued only after a few episodes. The series is definatly promising, however the film lacks strong acting, and/or directing. On the other hand, these days it seems like the series with bad acting and directing (i.e. C.S.I, NYPB Blue, etc..) stay on for seasons after seasons.. No offense to people who enjoy those shows... But the acting is horrible, its like they film the whole season in just a few days, rush through each episode just to make a new one. Sorry, I like my shows planned out, with good acting, and beautiful cinematography... Like how the FOX network does all of their series, even if its a show you dont really care for, you can bet they have the best acting, and cinematography. Ugh... sorry- I usually dont review movies, but I just watched the pilot and there is soo much promise there. The acting will be the only downfall.
  • Hollywood "Hustle"

    It's "Hustle" catering to American tastes. Basically the same theme, but in "Leverage" the con-men are the good guys. The American cast have their Brit counterparts but the men are prettier (Robert Glenister is many things, but pretty he is not :)!) The office is ostentatious, unlike Eddie's pub where the English gang congregate.

    All said, if this series follows its British predecessor, many clever plot twists are to be expected, making this an interesting show to see. The reduced running time of American shows will limit the amount of plot development that can take place, but should make it faster paced.
  • Need more Leverage

    I agree %100 with those who love this show! Did an uber marathon on netflix. love the humanity, fun and, like another poster said, the compassion of this show. Glad I didn't watch the original program cause I would surely miss it.
  • Modern day Robin Hood

    No doubt inspired by the sucsess of Ocean 11, a group of tv-shows arrived taking on thiefs and grifters. While shows like Thief, Heist and others didn't manage to survive, Leverage is midway into 2nd season.

    The idea is fairly simple. Take a group of thiefs, each with indiviual strengths like hacking and muscle, and group them together helping people.

    I like the idea, but have problems with a couple of the characters and alot of problems with the way they try to hard to be funny.

    It's still among the better shows I watch as easy entertainment. Mostly maybe because I got a thing for the genre. It's usually more fun watching the crime, than the solving.
  • Goodbye, Leverage team!

    We'll be looking for your performances on the stage, Ms. Sophie nee' Ford! Don't make too much noise scampering over our rooftops and fire escapes, Parker! Sorry about spilling our frappachinos on ya, Elliot - please don't beat the crap out of us in 3 seconds flat! And, Hardison .... can ya come by next weekend to soup up the new PC we got for Christmas?

    And as for you, Nathan Ford, our knight in dented-but-still-shining armor ..... thanks for putting this magnificent team together and leading it; and for also moving through your own grief and losses far enough to help as many of the rest of us as you could. You, my friend, are one of the best walking examples of true justice we know of - especially these days, when the whole world's gone crazier and crazier. Heres hoping you and Soph are happy, and take care of yourselves. Leave the lights on in Portland for us, OK?

    Last thing; where do I sign up for Leverage, Intl?
  • Good show with standard

    Frankly, i watched this out of curiosity since all my friends are talking about it. Just watched this new season premiere, without any idea what the past 4 season have been showing/doing. I would probably continue to watch it. Just wondering, if i could just continue watching from this season onwards, or should i watch the past 4 season first in order to understand the story?
  • It's like a breath of fresh air. Absorbing, funny, and with great characters.

    I really enjoy watching this show. It makes me smile.
    Leverage has a great mix of characters and the choice of actors is fantastic. The characterisation and stories are interesting, funny and you can't wait to watch how everything is going to unfold. It's a clever premise too - although the whole Robin Hood idea is not the most original, the good vs. bad, justice vibe plus the great characterisation grabs you and you're more than happy to go along for the ride. This combination gives the show's creators an almost endless stream of possibilities for story lines. I hope that the current standard continues. As long as it does, I'll keep watching.
  • Promising first season

    This show has a bunch of misfit criminals, each with a distinct skillset that form a team that does long cons on bad guys to rectify/redress some of their unconscionable crimes and swindles. A way of making the world better, and therapy for some of the wounds they all have from their own pasts, most seeming to have been victimized one way or another, and make some profit in the progress. Fun to watch how the swindles work. Timothy Hutton is great as the patriarch of this band of merry thieves - and his character's little trouble with alcohol dependency adds a nice layer of grittiness and fallibility (thus less predictability) around his character and the outcomes of their capers. Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison though is the shining light in this series - he is so funny he often makes me laugh out loud, and the guy is just so impressive to watch. I hope they continue on the trend of the last quarter of the season in which they made things more complex, less formulaic, and the team dynamics got fleshed out quite a bit. Looking forward to it!!
  • Each show has a different mission through which the gang can bring some measure of justice to some one who's been wrong by the system

    I like it - its fun. Light watching for late at night. The characters are well drawn and I always did like Tim Hutton. I like the anti-establishment bent of the show too. Each show has a different mission through which the gang can bring some measure of justice to some one who's been wrong by the system. There aren't many shows on television that have characters fighting for these kind of values. With the economy in the tank and people suffering these days, this might be a show that has a message that really resonates. Its fast-paced, smart and sometimes violent. I was surprised to see a big cameo performance by one of the favorite hockey players, Jeremy Roenick.
  • Timothy Hutton carries the day, much as Peter Graves did with the original "Mission Impossible". Mostly unknown cast is good in support.

    This is a good show that is getting better. Remember, all you "Mission Impossible wannabee" reviewers... Mission Impossible wasn't all that great when it first came out. The cast needed tweaking and it hit stride midway through season two.

    Although the writing is spotty at times, the ideas are spot on! That's what keeps me coming back for more!

    As far as character development, there is decent chemistry between Nathan and Sophie. I hope the writers give this one a chance to simmer for a while. Plus, more background on Nathan's tragic past - and his former company - would be great! Finally, the Aldis Hodge character is the wry, comic relief so necessary to this kind of show.

    So give "Leverage" a try - you might find YOUR new best friend!
  • An instant classic! If you like Burn Notice you will LOVE this.

    The concept is simple: four (former) crooks led by one honest man take revenge on people and corporations who use their wealth and influence to oppress the less fortunate.

    In the first episode we meet Nate Ford a former hotshot insurance investigator on the verge of becoming an alcoholic following the death of his son (Nate's own company refused to pay for the 'experimental' treatment needed to save his life). Nate is subsequently recruited by a businessman to recover (i.e. steal) a set of stolen blueprints by organising a group of very skilled criminals; Parker (Thief), Alec Hardison (Hacker), Eliot Spencer (Hitman – Sort of) and Sophie Deveraux (con-artist). Everything goes well until they are double crossed by their employer at which point they decide to get even. Thus Leverage Consulting & Associates is born.

    Despite the seemingly tired premise of bad guys turned good and elaborate (pseudo) criminal exploits a la Burn Notice, this show is surprisingly original with its Robin Hood style slant to the plots and some very interesting characters. It is filled with enough humour and excitement to keep the pace of the show moving but without being overly complicated. It also has some great acting talent with the always superb Timothy Hutton as the only honest man in a den of thieves and the highly under-rated Christian Kane as the mysterious Eliot.

    All in all this show is one of the highlights of the 2008/09 season.
  • Intelligent, well played and highly enjoyable.

    Good pilot - nice setup for the show. Smart lines, well delivered, a bit too much jerked, 'music-video like' camera movements - sometimes it made me dizzy. I liked the small 'presentation' video of each of the main players. Timothy Hutton plays a great straight man - reminds me of his "Nero Wolfe" character. Alec is a convincing enough geek, Eliot is a convincing enough soldier, Parker plays a convincing enough psychopath and Sophie plays an awful actress (the theatre scene was really bad, cringe worthy - she is a good actress to play it sooooo badly).
    As for the episode, it was a nice, straight forward good versus bad play, where the good guys get their payback. The end part was a bit too ... cheesy, felt more like a parody of "Godfather" reversed. I would definitely like to see more.
  • If they remade the A-Team...

    Seriously this is like the A-Team, the English chick is Face, Parker is Murdock, Nate is Hannibal, and the other 2 together make up Mr T (with some computer skills thrown in to update it to modern). With the major difference being they don't complete every mission by turning something into a tank. It might be simple but its a winning formula and I'm enjoying it. I pity the fool who don't like Parker.

    Don't expect too much out of it (much like the A-Team) and you will find this to be one of your new favorites to watch, even at a guilty pleasure level.
  • Amusing Hustle-alike

    Okay, so I may have tuned in because I like Chris Kane, but I stayed tuned in because the show is slick and amusing - much like the UK's Hustle. And with the way everything has to be turned round for the insane Parker ("There's a big payout. And probably revenge too" - or words to that effect!) it was sufficinently snappy dialogue to keep me hooked. The reveals at the end were also a lot like Hustle, but again, slick enough to be engaging.

    Here's hoping the rest of the episodes are this slick! I would love for this show to become a regular on TNT.
  • A shameless, intriguing Robin Hood rip-off

    Leverage is a brilliant, intelligent, and memorable show that keeps you interested throughout an episode. The characters are intriguing, and the perspective of thieves being good guys is interesting.

    Nate, the mastermind, is vital because his occasional drunkenness is what makes the show's plot unpredictable. Sophie is an entertaining "grifter," and Elliot is a dry-humored tough guy. My two favorite characters are Parker and Hardison. Parker's mix of quirkiness and brilliance provides much of the humor. Hardison's quick-witted comments and nerd-like behavior also makes up some of the comedy in the show. These aren't A-list actors, but the acting isn't bad enough to distract you from the plotline, and it gets better later in the series.

    The plot of each episode is quick and exciting; each episode makes sure to provide you that Ah-ha! epiphany moment. All in all, this show is good; can't wait to see how the rest of season three plays out!
  • All things end. Timing is the key

    All the protests are irrelevant. The show is gone now. It sucks on toast & all, but like it or not, it's always best to walk away leaving the audience wanting more. Leverage has definitely succeeded on that front & I may hate that it's gone, but I'd rather fondly remember it's wasted potential than pine for the "good 'ol days" before the show outlived its coolness.

    Leverage was a blast & a half while it lasted. I'm simply glad I was there while it all happened.
  • Farewell

    You will be missed!
  • Don't let it end!

    I am so sad to hear that Leverage will be ending their run with the Christmas episode. It was to be the season finale, now it's the series finale. :( I loved this show from the beginning, maybe fans will be able to resurrect this show like they did for Chuck! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Leverage: The rundown job

    Best episode of the season. It is across the board in action and character development! Fun FAMILY entertainment. My 14 year of daughter loves the show and we watch it together. Even though they breaking the law, they are doing what they know to help others, bottom line.

    This episode in particular was oustanding in its storyline, display of characters skills, compassion, intelligence, teamwork and trust.

    Another reviewer, quite awhile ago said that with shows like Mad Men we didn't need Leverage. They were so wrong!! This show has clean language, loving people who care about what they can do for others, not only for themselves. And have a good time doing it!
  • Addicted Now

    I have to say, I have been nothing but pleased with how this season has been unfolding on Leverage. We have had some ass kicking guest stars and the cons have been very entertaining. I am wondering, though, when we are going to hear more about this season's story arc. I know we have had quite a few stand alone episodes this season... we'll just have to keep watching to find out.

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