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  • really missing it

    this show was awesome... perfect cast and great plots. genius! And they cancelled it. so people can watch boring and stupid reality shows... smh. I hope another network can bring it back or make it into a series of movies.


    This was the best show one of my favorites, it was addicting and so much fun to watch, the story line was always good and it was real and you could relate to the characters, it showed compassion. I never missed an issue if I would not be home it was recorded. Its funny how well written and good shows like that is taken off the air but yet we have Duck Dynasty, The Originals and other dum stuff that seems to be still airing. I don't know why it was taken off, but you really need to reconsider bringing it back it was a excellent show.
  • Need more Leverage

    I agree %100 with those who love this show! Did an uber marathon on netflix. love the humanity, fun and, like another poster said, the compassion of this show. Glad I didn't watch the original program cause I would surely miss it.
  • :/ im so mad

    ok so im getting so sick of tnt always getting rid of good shows
  • Leverage was the Best!

    Smart, well-written, entertaining and compassionate. Watch all the a shame a creative, innovative network such as TNT decided to replace with sub-standard programming.
  • the best drama

    It is sad to see this series to must admit, since it debut i never miss every single series... i love it from the bottom of my heart... i will always rewatch this series again and again.. thanx leverage make my day..
  • Cancelling of Leverege

    I Finally Find a Show that I Like, and there Planing to Take It Off! Figures! Leverege is The Best Show on TV in My Opinion, I Look Forward to Watching it Every Week!

    Hey, I've watched every single episode from season 1 to 4 on DVD and season 5 from my friend's TiVO collection. This is a phenomenal show and with that hard drive, there is so much potential for more chaos. It is shameful to see this good show, which had a People Choice Awards after cancellation no less! And something else, some of the best episodes where directed by Jonathan Frakes. Remember that. Every single actor in this show is awesome. Bring `em all back for at least 5 more seasons.
  • this is one of the best shows on tv. please bring back leverege. score10

    great show , bring it back. i really dont know why you would cancell this great show.

    bring it back.

    thank you ron jackson.

    moline il.

    gmail address is .

    please bring back leverege. the cast is great the stories are great the acting is great the suspense and fun is great score10

    This was the best show on TV. You watched the characters grow. They helped the underdog. I hope another network picks it up or if TNT is smart bring it back.....
  • All things end. Timing is the key

    All the protests are irrelevant. The show is gone now. It sucks on toast & all, but like it or not, it's always best to walk away leaving the audience wanting more. Leverage has definitely succeeded on that front & I may hate that it's gone, but I'd rather fondly remember it's wasted potential than pine for the "good 'ol days" before the show outlived its coolness.

    Leverage was a blast & a half while it lasted. I'm simply glad I was there while it all happened.
  • Love Leverage! Don't Cancel

    Leverage is my favorite show. Only show that our whole family enjoys watching together. Please don't cancel.

    I Loved this show and it was one of the best shows on TV. bring it back. get rid of all that crap. i did'nt know it was canceled. I'M

  • very very angry with tnt

    i just need to vent for a sec..... how many karokee singing,cooking,love finding and bad acting "reality" shows do we need? they may be cheaper but theyre dribble. u can watch and feel dumber than before u watched. leverage was very cerebral,fun,and thought provoking. it was one of the best on tv and to cancel it is just such a minor league move. the shows that u have to think about get cancelled and im guessing its becasue u have to think too much. a couple years back i almost watched tnt exclusively during prime time and now i dont care to watch anymore cuz im so darned mad. goodbye leverage i loved u
  • Why cancel this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved this show and it was one of the few show i was watching. I hope they will bring it back were they left.....
  • i'm going to miss leverage :(

    i had no idea the season 5 finale was the series finale too. me and my husband loved watching leverage together. it was one of the few shows we actually agreed on. so sad to see it go
  • The Only Reason I Turned on TNT was for LEVERAGE

    I loved this show! The writing, cast, EVERYTHING was so well done. Why cancel this great family show and keep all the crap that's on TV. There's not much worth watching anymore! I just wish another station would pick it up and appreciate it as much as the fans do. I rate this a 10, not sure why it keeps posting a 9.5.
  • Leverage

    I am going to miss this show, it was the only show I watch I just hate tnt

    this show was one of the best it always seems that when a descent show is on they bounce it around and then cancel it. i am so sick of the stupid realty shows and shows where everyone has to screw around with each other. it seems that the less morals you have the better ratings you get. I looked forward to Leverage because it showed that there was such thing as people with morals and heart. I am so ahhhhhh. I hope someone will bring them back and pick up where they left off and have Nate & Sophie be side kicks of some sort. keep Parker as the leader but always use Nate & Sophie for support.
  • Poor Decision

    I am so sorry to see Leverage go. The show was one that my entire family looked forward to watching. It was clever, funny and intelligent. Who makes these decisions????
  • Disappointed

    Hate to see this show end. My entire family loves it. This is a smart, funny, creative, safe show we can watch with the kids. They are disappointed too. :(

    How come the brainless shows are the ones that stay, and the smart ones go away?

    Leverage can not ended I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia this is an illness who makes your life ending and feel like your life ending I never feel myself so good and relieved while i watch leverage because they make me happy make my pain low make my brain relieved I live with them I feel them and all their actions and love them as personally please don't take my only happiness from me please I begging you and I hope you read and here my voice who's begging you please don't take them from me please..... :(((
  • No more TNT for me

    I am so disappointed.. I know the shows I have been watching seem stupid but I enjoy watching shows that aren't about teens having sex, young adults cheating on each other and spoiled, idiots with no morals.. at the Jersey Shore.. They get "SPIN OFFs" ugh..

    I will not be able to watch "The Secret Circle", The Nine Lives of Chloe King" and now Leverage... so, so, disappointed. This was one of the only shows left.. I guess I won't be watching TNT at all now..

    The adage is "don't fix it if it ain't broke!" WTF, TNT?? This show has been a winner since its debut, and has everything viewers could want: great storylines, bad guys getting what they deserve, humor, and evolving characters. There is not a shortage of rich and famous people who prey on others, so really, what is the deal? I have never missed an episode and I have purchased every season on DVD. Most importantly, I have never lost interest. Please rethink cancelling this fabulously entertaining show!!
  • Goodbye, Leverage team!

    We'll be looking for your performances on the stage, Ms. Sophie nee' Ford! Don't make too much noise scampering over our rooftops and fire escapes, Parker! Sorry about spilling our frappachinos on ya, Elliot - please don't beat the crap out of us in 3 seconds flat! And, Hardison .... can ya come by next weekend to soup up the new PC we got for Christmas?

    And as for you, Nathan Ford, our knight in dented-but-still-shining armor ..... thanks for putting this magnificent team together and leading it; and for also moving through your own grief and losses far enough to help as many of the rest of us as you could. You, my friend, are one of the best walking examples of true justice we know of - especially these days, when the whole world's gone crazier and crazier. Heres hoping you and Soph are happy, and take care of yourselves. Leave the lights on in Portland for us, OK?

    Last thing; where do I sign up for Leverage, Intl?
  • Farewell

    You will be missed!

    DON'T CANCEL THIS SHOW, TNT!!!! YOU CAN'T CANCEL LEVERAGE! I LOVE THIS SHOW! THIS is one of the best shows on tv! it is so funny and full of action! They have not made enough episodes!

    lots of cool stuff happens and it's not full of crap like most shows are these days. and I love CHRISTIAN KANE! He is so hot and I love watching him fight the bad guys.
  • Help save Leverage!


    This program had all the elements of great enjoyment without the distractions of too much sex, violence and bad language. It actually stimulated the intellect with it's clever twists and cons, promoted a sense of doing the right thing, helping those wronged and bringing evil to justice, times of humor, acknowledging family are those you care about and everyone is truly unique. All these things Hollywood claims to celebrate, however, they do everything they can to decimate this concept. I'm sorry to see this show go. Now we have some reality show, or some other nonsensical program to look forward to..... Well, not me. I won't be watching it.
  • Do NOT end Leverage tv series.....

    I love this show!!! It is so funny! Lots of action. Each character is so great. Why end this show? We want more, not less!! Who makes these decisions anyway???? Could another channel pick up this show? I look forward to watching this show. This show makes me laugh. I never know what these guys are up to and how they are going to get what they are after. Brilliant show!!
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