Season 1 Episode 10

The 12-Step Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2009 on TNT
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The Leverage team attempts to recover a sum of money that was swindled from a charity by an investment broker. After tricking him into entering a rehab facility due to his alcoholism, the team learns that he's not the terrible person he appeared to be.

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  • Disappointing episode.

    Leverage is a fine show with some decent acting (although at times Timothy Hutton seems drunk out of mind and stutters) but this episode drifted too much. The only really enjoyable scenes involved Hardison and Eliot as their conversations about spilled slurpees and computer wires never grow old.

    The allusion to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was obvious, although not nearly as enjoyable as the classic movie (anything beats reading the book, or any book for that matter). The old guy who was barely audible was a nice touch though.

    It just seems like Leverage is running out of ideas to base heists on. This story had several plot holes in it which also hurt my score.moreless
  • A woman approaches the Leverage team about missing money. The team finds that the man isn't as bad as he seems.

    As a part of this con, Nate, Parker and Sophie end up in a rehab center (Nate and Parker as patients, alcoholism and kleptomania respectively) and Sophie as a doctor. The con- to get a severe alcoholic to reveal the location of a large some of money. On the outside, Hardison and Eliot face off with a couple gangs who want their money back. The character development is Nate's. He goes through with withdrawal, and his relationship with Sophie suffers for it. Sophie and Nate make their way through the con without absolutely ruining their complicated relationship, while Hardison and Eliot avoid getting blown up. And Parker ends up on happy pills. Does Nate finish all twelve steps? I think we know the answer…moreless
  • This episode deals a lot with addiction and the things it makes people do.

    Good solid episode that dealt with addictions. Nate has a problem with alcohol but doesn't want to face it. The episode is about a man named Jack Hurley, who steals money from a charity, but we find out it is only to triple it for the soup kitchen to have more money. Initially the team is after Jack, and setup a con where he is in rehab. Nate is in as an alcoholic, Parker as a kleptomaniac, and Sophie as a Doctor. After getting in there and working with Jack they find out he is not such a bad guy. Also looking for the money and Jack are Korean and Mexican cartels. Eliot and Alec have several run ins with them and manage to come out on top every time. In the end the fake Jacks death and all the money is returned to the charity and Jack gets a new identity.

    There were very good performances in this episode. Nate's portrayal of an alcoholic is very convincing. Hopefully he will get some help soon.moreless
  • The pot calling the kettle black....

    One of the things I loved about this episode is that we are starting to see the layers underneath the staff of Leverage Inc. Within this week's job the gang is after Hurley who has embezzled money from not only a charity but group of very bad ass guys. Now through their investigation the team learns that Hurley has several unaddressed issues and figure the best way to get the information they need is to send him to rehab to "be honest". Undercover in rehab is Parker and ironically Nate. Nate of course is denying that he has a issue with alchol, an issue that the rest of the team is fully aware. Sophie tries desperately to get Nate to see what he's doing, but she hasn't learned the first rule, you can help someone that doesn't want help. The team realizes that in his own bizarre way, Hurley is very much like them and just wants to help others. He's just gone about it wrong. They team saves Hurley and teach him the error of his ways as well as give him a new start on the one condition that he behaves. The case is a success however, we still have Nate fighting his own demons. We'll have to see how badly they continue to haunt him and hope that it's not detremental to the team.moreless
  • Nate's drinking is addressed once again when the team ends up in rehab to find some stolen money. Does Sophie finally get through to Nate? More after the jump, just as soon as I take my happy pills…moreless

    The Leverage team attempts to recover a sum of money that was swindled from a charity by an investment broker. After tricking him into entering a rehab facility due to his alcoholism, the team learns that he's not the terrible person he appeared to be.

    They addressed Nate's drinking issues in a big way in this one, too bad at the end of it all Nate still wants to get back to the drinking, I guess Sophie has her work cut out for her!!

    More Thoughts on 'The 12-Step Job':

    - We get a return of Sterling at least in hallucination form! I'm guessing he'll be back again since it's nearing the end of the season.

    - Loved all the Hardison/Elliott stuff, especially the bomb scare and gang stuff.

    - Hardison shooting the car when aiming for the gang guy's leg was funny.

    - Loved that Parker loved the happy pills, and her whole 'I don't do drugs' exchange with the psych doc.

    - The Nick Nolte patient was played well for comic relief

    Bottom Line: One of the better episodes of Leverage!

    Next Week: Data! Brent Spiner guest stars!!

    More at www.theplurp.commoreless
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Garrett M. Brown

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the end of the episode, when the gang member looked under the car to see the bomb, he would have noticed the system of automotive creepers with ropes Sophie and Eliot used to rescue Jack Hurley from the car.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Hardison: Don't get mad, but I may have spilled Slushie in your car.
      Eliot: That's like 44 ounces, Hardison.
      Hardison: It's not that much.
      Eliot: The lid is floating in the damn floor board, man.

    • Elliot: Nice job, blowing out the engine block.
      Hardison: I was aiming for his leg.

    • Jack Hurley: I'm Jack, I'm an alcoholic.
      : Thanks, Jack.
      Jack Hurley
      : Also nicotine--the patches, not the cigarettes.
      : Okay.
      Jack Hurley
      : Internet porn. Non-Internet... well, porn, basically. Also compulsive gambling, compulsive lying, compulsive eating. tacos, I've got a big taco problem. I think it all stems from my stint in the CIA and Beirut. Not the tacos, the drinking part.

    • Hardison: Okay, pressure, pressure... okay, um, Eliot, go--go get a bag of bricks, right? Bricks, and you put it on the seat the same time I roll off.
      : That only works in the movies.
      : Bag of bricks is a good, sound plan.

    • Hardison: It's--it's, uh, a computer bomb. I--I know computers. Computer bomb. We--we got to reboot the system. Yeah.
      Eliot: You want me to kick it?
      Hardison: God, I'm gonna die.

    • (After rescuing Hardison from the bomb he had been sitting on in the car)
      Eliot: Where are you going? We gotta search the car.
      Hardison: (weakly) I'm gonna go and freshen up a little bit. Maybe cry a little.

    • Nate: Listen, I don't think I need to apologize for drinking. I need to apologize maybe for not drinking. Maybe I'm a bigger bastard sober than I am drunk. Huh?
      Marcy: If this is you sober, hell yeah.

    • Eliot: You ever notice how all bad guys know at least one stripper?
      Hardison: You know at least a hundred so what does that make you?
      : Hey, I'm a bad guy

    • (To the receptionist at rehab center)
      Hardison: (trying to sound like he is homosexual) I am with him. See, he thinks the flirting, it makes me jealous, but it doesn't. You know. See, if he was like Brad Pitt, Denzel or somebody, oh girl, it would be on seriously.

    • Nate: Listen, the guy, okay, he's an addict. You know--he's--he knows how to manipulate people. My father was an addict. My grandfather was an addict. I know how these people operate.
      Sophie: I'm just going to let you think about that for a minute.

    • Hardison: Woah, woah. I haven't slept in three days. I had a showdown with two different gangs, who, now, by the way, know my face. I sat on a bomb. And all this could've been avoided had you gave the man a taco?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Injoke: When the team is checking the credit card statement with all the places Hurley has been, one of them is called "Hutton's Hangout." Timothy Hutton plays Nate Ford in the show.

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: November 15, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Germany: October 11, 2010 on RTL Crime
      Czech Republic: March 2, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: May 21, 2012 on JOJ Plus


    • Parker: It's like Billy from The Family Circus if Billy was a drunken sex fiend.
      Referencing the long-running cartoon strip by Bil Keane. It chronicles the adventures of Bil, Thelma, and their four children Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and PJ. Billy is the oldest, perpetually seven-years-old, and is often shown wandering the neighborhood and leaving a thick line behind him to show where he's been.

    • Parker uses the name Rose as her alias. This may allude to Rose Tyler, a Doctor Who character, as co-writer Amy Berg had earlier written the Leverage episodes with Doctor Who references in it. Also, Nate again uses the alias Tom Baker, which is the name of the fourth Doctor in Doctor Who.

    • Two of the characters in this episode have the same names as characters in the TV show Lost - Hurley and Jin Kwon.

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