Season 1 Episode 5

The Bank Shot Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 30, 2008 on TNT
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Sophie and Nate are taken hostage after being caught in the middle of a bank robbery, along with the Leverage team's latest target: a corrupt county court judge.

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  • Classic example of why this show ROCKS!

    This episode is so far the best, at least in my opinion. The episode opens with Nate inside a bank conning a crooked judge into turning over his stash of bribe money from the safe deposit box. Allegedly to launder it, but in reality to teach the judge a lesson and pay off another victim. Unfortunately for Nate he identifies in advance what is going to be a bank robbery and can't walk out without all his team, so he pauses to watch the robbery unfold, and faster than you can say presto-chango they are now hostages. As this episode continues to unfold we find Parker and Hardison playing FBI agent, and giving som erather bizarre instructions to the local yahoo police. Then Parker breaks into the bank and of course then the crooked judge finds out he is being scammed. It turns into a complete three ring circus, of course the good guys end up on top. And no narrative I could give could do the episode justice, it is just that classic!moreless
  • Entertaining episode, spiced with some funny jokes and allusions.

    Nate and Sophie are with their target, a corrupt county judge, at a bank, ready to rip him off. But then the situation changes, when two men announce a bank robbery. It soon becomes clear that there is more to it, so the Leverage team once again helps those in need.

    Overall, the episode was quite entertaining, no boring moment at all. Spiced with some funny jokes and allusions, the episode made clear from the beginning, who the bad guy was, and in the end he was brought to justice - classic theme with a nice twist.

    The only open question remaining is the switch of the pizza box and the briefcase at the end of the episode. In the blink of an eye, the pizza box was gone, with Alec being the only one close to it. But nevertheless, it helped the story.moreless
  • A bank robbery gets in the way of the team's latest heist.

    A bank robbery and a corresponding hostage situation? Honestly, that's never, ever been done on television before. Props to TNT for its originality.

    But seriously, overused concept aside this was a fairly entertaining episode of Leverage. Fresh action and comedy and there simply was not a dull moment the entire hour. The characters are really starting to come in with more personality being shown. Alec is a fan of Doctor Who (although that's something everybody should be) and there may be something brewing between Sophie and Nate.

    "Relationship humor" is not needed on this show, but they did a good job of not having it overshadow the purpose of the program, bad guys being good guys. This was probably the best episode thus far with a general believable vibe given off, despite the ridiculousness of the whole scenario.

    TNT's Leverage had a rocky start but the show is starting to develop into something special.moreless
Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady

Sheriff Bill Hastings

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Mark Doerr

Mark Doerr

Derrick Clark

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Devon Graye

Devon Graye

Michael Clark

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Eliot sews up Nate's gunshot wound, he says that Nate "acts like he has never been shot before." Nate then turns to Sophie, who turns away and smiles. This is a reference to a flashback in "The Nigerian Job" where Sophie and Nate shoot each other in a robbery attempt in Paris. Incidentally, Nate also gets shot in the shoulder in that flashback.

    • All of the members from the team seem to be linked to each other through their comms. But when the Judge steps on Nate's ear piece, it emits a piercing sound, and it seems only Parker and Hardison can hear it. But when the Judge steps on Sophie's ear piece, Eliot appears to never have heard the sound the first time it happened.

    • When escaping the bank in the ambulance, as they turn the corner, the driver is glimpsed wearing some sort of pink apparel. However, when the driver is revealed as the mother, she is wearing a white uniform, with some blue, but no traces of pink.

    • How did the team move the pizza box and plant the briefcase at the end of the episode? Nate was shot and unable to move on the other side of the room with Sophie. Parker and Eliot were also on the other side of the room exchanging clothes with the actual bank robbers, while we see that Hardison is constantly talking to the judge and/or town sheriff. And surely the judge, who is shown constantly facing the table with the pizza box and under which they find the briefcase, would have noticed someone walking up, taking the pizza box and leaving the briefcase.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ellen Clark: Who are you?
      Eliot: Well, ma'am, we'd be the cavalry.

    • Hardison: This is all starting to make sense now. It would explain the irrational behavior. Nervousness, the irritability.
      Judge Roy: Shut up. You're not even real FBI.
      Hardison: Paranoid delusions. The violent outbursts.
      Judge Roy: Listen to me, he's one of them. He's in on it!

    • Eliot: (talking to meth-head) Hey, what smells like crank and screams like a girl? (He kicks meth-head in the knee, and he screams as he goes down) That's the right answer.

    • Eliot: (explaining to the sheriff what happened inside the bank) That's exactly right. He just, he went berserk, like he was off his meds or something... he was waving his gun around... have you seen Dog Day Afternoon? Write that down...
      Sophie: I guess Carl thought he could talk some sense into him, but Judge Roy just kept telling him to shut up.
      Eliot: He was trying to be the hero, but Roy wasn't having it... he shot him where he stood... cold.
      Judge Roy: But that... that's ridiculous! That guy wasn't even here!

    • Parker: Forty-two seconds.
      Hardison: What?
      Parker: To rob this bank. One security guard who never fired his gun before, two closed-circuit camera's outside, one inside, and an Glenn-Reader safe built in the 1950s whose default combination is the birthday of the manager's wife. Get in and get out--42 seconds.
      Hardison: Seriously?

    • Sheriff Hastings: Cut power to the bank. Standard operating procedure.
      Hardison: Standard... that's standard operating... it's standard. Where are you getting that bull hockey from, son?
      Sheriff Hastings: Deputy Arnold, he took a seminar in crisis management last year.
      Deputy Arnold: It was an online seminar. We got certificates.
      Hardison: Certificates? Magic kits come with certificates. Does that make it cool for kids to saw their parents in half?

    • Sophie: (tongue in cheek) You're still a geek.
      Hardison: Geek power, baby. Stay strong.

    • (While mom, dad and son are exchanging pleasantries in the ambulance as Nate is laying their bleeding)
      Nate: That's all very heart-warming, but could we save it for after the morphine drip?

    • Hardison: And, I had to re-task two satellites, just to get a lousy Internet connection. Took more than an hour to torrent the last episode of Doctor Who.
      Parker: Hey, illegal downloading is wrong.

    • Derrick Clark: (Hands the briefcase with the money to Parker) There's a lot of money in there.
      Parker: Yeah, I know.
      Derrick Clark: My wife's life depends on that money getting where it needs to go.
      Parker: I understand...sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.

    • Nate: Parker, have you ever robbed a bank that's being robbed?
      Parker: (Smiling gleefully) There's a first time for everything.

    • Derrick Clark: No, no cops. If they find out we contacted the police, they'd kill her.
      Sophie: They're not cops, I promise you. They're friends of mine, you can trust them.
      Derrick Clark: Why should I trust you? I don't know who you are.
      Sophie: I'm a thief.
      Derrick Clark: Okay... I'm not sure what to do with that.

    • Hardison: (Posing as FBI agent) We are taking over this crime scene, sheriff...?
      Sheriff Hastings: Bill Hastings. Nice to meet you.
      Hardison: I know.

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Nate has a hat placed on his face and is taken out to the ambulance, it is Timothy Hutton's stand-in. Hutton was caught in traffic and unable to get to the set in time to film the scene.

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: October 11, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Germany: September 6, 2010 on RTL Crime
      Czech Republic: January 26, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: April 16, 2012 on JOJ Plus


    • Eliot: Maybe I'm just dense, Nate, but your alternate revenue source is sitting 2' from Boss Hogg himself in the middle of a bank surrounded by cops.

      Boss Hogg was the nickname for the corrupt county judge Jefferson Davis Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard, played by Sorrell Booke.

    • Alec mentions having had difficulty downloading the latest episode of Doctor Who, a UK science fiction show that is huge in its home territory but little known outside true geeks in the USA.

    • Hardison introduces himself and Parker as FBI agents "Leonard" and "Elmore" after novelist Elmore Leonard, who is best known for his crime fiction.