Season 1 Episode 5

The Bank Shot Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 30, 2008 on TNT

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  • Classic example of why this show ROCKS!

    This episode is so far the best, at least in my opinion. The episode opens with Nate inside a bank conning a crooked judge into turning over his stash of bribe money from the safe deposit box. Allegedly to launder it, but in reality to teach the judge a lesson and pay off another victim. Unfortunately for Nate he identifies in advance what is going to be a bank robbery and can't walk out without all his team, so he pauses to watch the robbery unfold, and faster than you can say presto-chango they are now hostages. As this episode continues to unfold we find Parker and Hardison playing FBI agent, and giving som erather bizarre instructions to the local yahoo police. Then Parker breaks into the bank and of course then the crooked judge finds out he is being scammed. It turns into a complete three ring circus, of course the good guys end up on top. And no narrative I could give could do the episode justice, it is just that classic!
  • Entertaining episode, spiced with some funny jokes and allusions.

    Nate and Sophie are with their target, a corrupt county judge, at a bank, ready to rip him off. But then the situation changes, when two men announce a bank robbery. It soon becomes clear that there is more to it, so the Leverage team once again helps those in need.

    Overall, the episode was quite entertaining, no boring moment at all. Spiced with some funny jokes and allusions, the episode made clear from the beginning, who the bad guy was, and in the end he was brought to justice - classic theme with a nice twist.

    The only open question remaining is the switch of the pizza box and the briefcase at the end of the episode. In the blink of an eye, the pizza box was gone, with Alec being the only one close to it. But nevertheless, it helped the story.
  • A bank robbery gets in the way of the team's latest heist.

    A bank robbery and a corresponding hostage situation? Honestly, that's never, ever been done on television before. Props to TNT for its originality.

    But seriously, overused concept aside this was a fairly entertaining episode of Leverage. Fresh action and comedy and there simply was not a dull moment the entire hour. The characters are really starting to come in with more personality being shown. Alec is a fan of Doctor Who (although that's something everybody should be) and there may be something brewing between Sophie and Nate.

    "Relationship humor" is not needed on this show, but they did a good job of not having it overshadow the purpose of the program, bad guys being good guys. This was probably the best episode thus far with a general believable vibe given off, despite the ridiculousness of the whole scenario.

    TNT's Leverage had a rocky start but the show is starting to develop into something special.
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