Season 2 Episode 1

The Beantown Bailout Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2009 on TNT

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  • Leverage is back!

    I have been a critic of this show in the past, but after a strong finish to the first season and this great episode here the show has officially grown on me. Not only was this a great, Die Hard-esque story, but it proved that there could be some longevity to this show after all and we could be seeing Parker and Hardison for many years to come.

    What is great about Leverage is how it is not like the rest of TNT's programming (some aging actress is superior to everybody else in their desired field) and is really a group effort, not just the one big name Academy Award winner. Plus, the show addressed one of my main gripes (Timothy Hutton always seeming drunk) by incorporating a struggle with booze for the Nathan Ford character.

    The characters are all equally well-written, but Parker and Hardison stand above the rest as they provide laughs in addition to their dramatic moments.
  • What a Show

    I thought the episode was amazing!

    Great to see the show back. If anyone has not noticed, sophie said something at the start of the episode that she has something to tell Nate, i am pretty sure this whole thing might be leading her to being pregnant with nate's baby. As in past before they both scattered something might have happened.

    And then I realized that, thats what might be it because Gina is actually pregnant in real life as well. So lets see how the story line goes, is it a boyfriend or is she hiding her pregnancy or is it just something else.

    Other than that, Hardison and Parker do seem quite funny together but not sure if this will work?

    All in all the funny parts of the show are the best parts and the acting is just amazing, love the drama between sophie and nate and the rest of the team! Please keep this show running as long as posssibbblle!!
  • Season 2 YEAH!

    Although my joy of a second season is still the riding factor, I did find this episode a bit of a re-hash of what Leverage fans had already learned last year. They spent the first 20 minutes playing "Meet the Leverage Team", and then they got down to business. Now with that being said once they got down to business, this epidose was awesome. The misdirection, the Parker-isms, and the drama all played out perfectly. My only true regret for this episode is that we lost 20 minutes of it waiting for it to really get under way. They are still the 21st Century A-Team and I love it when a plan comes together!
  • LEVERAGE Consulting & Assoc is back! yey! awesome season 2 start!

    wow! i have been waiting for Leverage's season 2 like forever. and they did not disappoint! ever since Remington Steele i have always found good bad guys to be amazingly cool. this episode showed everything that we loved about leverage, their quick thinking, nate's master tactics and his creepy metaphors, and so much more. i kinda don't agree with, hardison and parker's love thing. it's just swaying the show out of place, let us leave the drama stuff to Nate and Sophie, shall we? however, I hope they'd change one thing - They ARE thieves, so let them earn some money during their scams. that's why they started in the first place right? the difference will be the change of heart, stealing only from the bad rich folks and kicking their ass for the little folks. classic robinhood. still, Leverage is one of the best shows.
  • Nate Ford is in Boston looking to go back to the Insurance work he always did when the team shows up to see Sophie's play. Nathan saved a girl and her father earlier in the day and the team talks Nathan into helping them get the help they need.

    Nice beginning to the second season of Leverage. A little slow at first setting up the team and the con but it really picked up in the second half.

    I really liked the fact that the con got botched near the end and they had to think on their feet. It turned out even better in a lot of ways then they thought it would as they really got the top dog in the bank scam in Mr. Leary played by the incomparable Charles Martin Smith. O'Hair was just a flunky small time piece but he was big enough to turn states evidence.

    Nate has stopped drinking and I think this will be an ongoing theme for this season. Overall it is great what Nathan, Sophie, Alec, Eliot, and Parker do and it was interesting to really find out what they have been doing for the last six months. Alec tells Parker he's been looking for her. Eliot went to Pakistan. Sophie's doing more bad plays! Nathans been obviously getting sober.

    In the end I think Sophie will come around. She says she has a date. Maybe she does, maybe not? I think the sparks are still there between Nathan and Sophie and it will be fun to watch this season.

    I would think it would be hard to stop doing all the good they were doing cold turkey. Maybe this time they'll be a little more careful and not thinking they were so smart like they were before. I love that Alec bought the building. So I guess they will live their as well.

    A nice start to the new season. The production value is great and the new location of Boston will be interesting. Should be a lot of fun. Thanks for reading...