Season 3 Episode 15

The Big Bang Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2010 on TNT
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To stop Moreau from selling information to international terrorists, the Leverage team must infiltrate a government research laboratory.

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  • Eliot's past comes in handy

    I LOVED this episode, it was really heavy on plot and action while maintaining the comedic undertones. The Italian woman was annoying as always but it seemed that her true motives and purpose would come to light. Eliot was by far the best part of the episode and he pulled off all of his dramatic scenes off perfectly while creating a large amount of sympathy. His scene with the guns was amazing even in all of its ridiculousness and when he ripped his shirt off at the end when helping Nate out it was the perfect action scene. Parker and Hardison were great together in the episode as well.

    It was a great episode that led into the finale perfectly.moreless
  • 315

    Leverage aired its two hour season finale tonight and part one was not exactly the most riveting episode of the thief show that I have ever seen. The hour was way too political and seemed more like some propaganda from the Reagan campaign than a good episode of dramatic television. It had all of the elements of Leverage: some action, some stealing, and a cliffhanger (mandatory for ultimate or penultimate episodes) but I just never really got into the storyline enough to really care about what happened.

    This gets a 6/10 from me, not bad, but not something to truly rave about.moreless
Timothy Carhart

Timothy Carhart

General Elias Atherton

Guest Star

Geoffrey Blake

Geoffrey Blake


Guest Star

Ginger Williams

Ginger Williams


Guest Star

Robert Blanche

Robert Blanche

Lt. Patrick Bonnano

Recurring Role

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis

The Italian

Recurring Role

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    • Hardison: That's a lot of energy for a small battery.
      Parker: Yeah, does it blow up?
      Hardison: Not everything blows up, Parker.
      Parker: Everything blows up, silly

    • Nate: Let's go steal the Department of Defense.
      Parker: Isn't that treason?
      Nate: We'll give it back.

    • Eliot: Every one of Moreau's men has innocent blood on their hands, every one of them. Every one of them... are worse than me. You think you know what I've done? The worst thing I ever did in my entire life I did for Damien Moreau. And I--I'll never be clean of that.
      Parker: What did you do?
      Eliot: Don't ask me that, Parker. Because if you ask me, I'm gonna tell you. So please don't ask me.

    • Nate: What were you thinking? I mean, this guy's, he's too tall. We looked at the whole...
      Hardison: What was I thinking? You asked for a white male John Doe, this is a white male John Doe. This ain't the Gap.
      Nate: Yeah, but, I mean, we're in trouble if they move the zipper past here, because this guy, I mean, he was stabbed.
      Hardison: You know what? My bad. Next time, I'm gonna spackle up the knife wound, maybe do his makeup, brush his teeth a little bit.
      Nate: Okay.
      Hardison: They threw me in a pool, man!

    • Parker: Who taught you how to drive?
      Sophie: Taxi driver in Istanbul.
      Parker: I like it.

    • Hardison: We got to get on that freight car.
      Parker: I have an idea.
      Sophie: Am I gonna hate it?
      Parker: No, but he is.

    • Parker: You got an idea?
      Hardison: Yeah.
      Parker: Am I gonna hate it?
      Hardison: No, but I am.

    • Parker: And if you do it wrong?
      Hardison: Uh, the bomb triggers a giant EMP pulse, Washington DC is fried, and thousands will die, and we go down as the biggest terrorists in American history, but we'll be dead, too, so it's not really our problem.
      Parker: Well, there's that.
      Hardison:There is that.

    • Chapman: You said you didn't like guns.
      Eliot: I don't. (shoots him) Never said I couldn't use them.

    • Parker: You know what I'm in the mood for?
      Hardison: What?
      Parker: Pretzels.

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