Season 3 Episode 15

The Big Bang Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

In a parking garage, Nate is summoned to meet with the Italian Woman. She warns him that Damien Moreau is coming, and Nate has to begin his plan now.

At the DOD off-campus research lab in Langley, Yasmin is on the phone to her friend Marcy, saying that General Atherton has been avoiding her. Her phone goes dead and masked men break into her laboratory. She tries to hide but they find her and take her out... just as the lab blows up. Parker, Eliot, and Alec unmask and tell her that they're saving her life.

At the bar, Yasmin thanks them for saving her, and Nate explains that Damien Moreau wants her dead. They believe the attempt on her life has something to do with her project for General Eliza Atherton. Yasmin is surprised, and says that all they were working on was a battery.

Atherton is meeting with his scientific team, led by Bixby, and tells them to finish up the project without taking a break for Yasmin's funeral. He warns them that if they don't finish it, they're fired, and they won't like the severance pay. Moreau arrives in the country and calls Atherton, and tells him to finish Ram's Horn or else.

Alec and Parker go over Yasmin's plans for the battery. Nate sends her to go to Detective Captain Bonnano, and gives her an envelope. Sophie informs them that Moreau is running an auction in Europe for a "Ram's Horn." They realize they can't go to the Feds because Atherton has political cover. Eliot arrives and informs them where Moreau is, and insists that Atherton was in black ops. He doesn't want to cross paths with him. Nate has Sophie figure out a way to get them into Atherton's DOD lab, and they're off to steal the Department of Defense.

Bixby assures Atherton that the project will work. Nate arrives as a legislative liaison and says that they have to get out before Sophie arrives. Sophie arrives to see Atherton.

Alec and Eliot go to the pool at Moreau's hotel, and Alec passes himself off as the head chef to bring food for Damien. Once in, he'll claim to be the middleman for a new bidder. Eliot intimidates his way in along with him, using his own name. Once they're alone, Alec wonders why he's using his real name. Eliot tells him to stick close because it's going to become messy.

Sophie comes in posing as a Congresswoman with Parker as her aide. As Nate calls him over, Parker steals Atherton's wallet. Nate tells Atherton that Sophie can make trouble and tells him to play along. As they go to check the lab, Sophie steals Atherton's cell phone and asks if Parker can stay there, and Nate offers to keep an eye on her.

Moreau's men bring Eliot and Alec into the pool where their boss is with some women. Moreau's bodyguard, Chapman, recognizes Eliot and has his men draw on him. Moreau comes in and addresses Eliot as an old friend.

Parker and Nate search Atherton's files, but there are too many to easily search. Nate uses Atherton's number to call Bixby, impersonates Atherton, and asks him to text the phone numbers.

Chapman's men handcuff Alec to a chair, and Moreau tells him not to take it personally. He figures that Eliot is on a retrieval job, but Eliot says he's there to bring Alec in so he can make his offer. Alec offers a bid on behalf of his client, but doesn't want to identify his client. Moreau shoves him into the pool and asks Eliot that he doesn't work with strangers. Eliot says that he's there to vouch for them, but he won't identify them. They're international buyers, so the item will leave the country as soon as they make the purchase. Moreau considers... and finally tosses the keys into the pool. Alec frees himself and coolly asks what message he can take back to his clients, and Moreau admits he likes him. As they go, Alec says that he managed to buy himself time by sucking air out of the chair's pneumatic. He figures that's why Eliot didn't come to rescue him. As the women come back in, one of them is the Italian, working undercover.

Eliot and Alec meet with Parker, Sophie, and Nate in the park, as they go over their plans. Eliot says they're in, but Alec insists that he tell them the whole thing. Eliot admits that he's been trying to figure out a way to get them around Moreau because he's too dangerous for them to take on. He tells the team that the worse things he ever did were for Moreau, and he'll never be clean of that. When Parker asks him what he did, Eliot tells her not to ask because he'll tell her the truth, and he doesn't want to. The team accepts that for the moment, and then Nate asks why Moreau is waiting until the next day to tell them the details on the auction. Eliot explains that Moreau wants him to do something first: kill Atherton. Sophie insists that Eliot isn't that man any more, but Nate says he may have to be so they can get in. Alec goes over the plans and realizes that the "battery" is actually an EMP bomb, similar to the cannon that he built. It can affect an area the size of a city, and could take out planes, cars, and hospitals. Atherton will give it to Moreau, and Moreau will auction it off to the highest bidder. Nate says they'll stick with the plan and get into the auction, and tells Eliot to kill Atherton.

Chapman drives Eliot to Atherton's home and provides him with an untraceable gun. Eliot refuses to use a gun and that Moreau has never had a problem with how he does thing. They watch as Atherton says goodbye to his daughter, and Chapman admits that he wanted to kill the entire family. Eliot gets out of the car and hides in the back, and Chapman follows Atherton as he drives. He finally pulls over and tells Atherton he has a flat, and Eliot breaks the general's neck, gets in the car with Chapman, and drives away.

Nate and Alec take the "body" to the morgue, and then tell Atherton that Moreau wanted him dead. Alec provides another body and Sophie poses as Atherton's wife to identify the body. Nate then tells her to use Atherton's ID to steal the bomb from the lab, place it at the auction, and then they can place Moreau at the scene and have the Feds arrest him for treason.

When Moreau gets word that Eliot has made the kill, he calls to tell him that his clients have a buy-in at the auction, and it starts in one hour.

Sophie directs Alec into the secure area at the DOD lab, using Atherton's ID. However, one of the security guards hears that Atherton was reported dead, and the security officers pick up Atherton's badge on the security system. They track the signal and grab... Bixby, who is unaware that Parker is also in the lab and switches Bixby's ID for Atherton's. The guards track Bixby's ID to the fifth floor.

Parker and Alec break into the top-secret lab to find the bomb. However, it's gone. They notify Nate as the security alarms go off.

Nate and Eliot go to the address for the auction. They find the Italian, bound and gagged, and the doors close.

Alec gets a trace on the bomb from an EM signal on Yasmin's battery and he, Parker, and Sophie drive to the find it. Meanwhile, the Italian explains that she was undercover and men in her organization betrayed her. Nate unties her and they try to get out as Moreau's men come in.

Alec traces the bomb to a moving freight train, and Parker comes up with a way to get onboard. She warns that Eliot won't like it.

Moreau calls Eliot and tells him that the Italian didn't talk, so he sent some men to continue the interrogation.

Parker and Alec get on a bridge above the railroad tracks.

Moreau's men close in on Nate, Eliot, and the Italian. They get between the trio and the door, and Eliot asks the Italian if she can take down Moreau. She assures him that she can, and Eliot picks up a gun. Nate tries to stop him, but Eliot tells him to get the Italian out. He opens fire and draws the fire of Chapman and his men, while Nate and the Italian get out.

Parker and Alec leap aboard the train and run across the tops of the cars to the one where the bomb is located. The drop in, take out the guards, and find the bomb bolted in for transportation. Alec asks her to get the access panel open. He sets the battery to overload, but warns that if he does it wrong, the EMP pulse will go off in Washington and kill thousands.

Eliot steps out into the center of the warehouse, and Chapman's men hesitate and then prepare to open fire. Eliot runs at them ducking the bullets and sliding along the floor. He takes out several of Chapman's men, and then sets off a fuel tank.

Alec uses Parker's taser to overload the battery. They get out as the bomb explodes.

As Eliot surveys the wreckage, Chapman gets the drop on him from behind. Eliot turns and then fires before Chapman can shoot, taking him out.

Sophie picks up Alec and Parker, and Parker says she's in the mood for pretzels. As Sophie drives away from the police, Alec tracks Moreau, who is taking a flight to San Lorenzo. At the hanger, Nate and the Italian arrive, and Nate tells him that they took care of the bomb. He says that Moreau's buyer won't be happy, and then calls and tells Yasmin to give Bonnano their file on Moreau's crimes. When Moreau says that Nate has no proof, Nate agrees but says that he's framing him for the Italian's crimes. He kept copies of Moto's diamond smuggling on behalf of various governments, and changed the money so it went to Moreau's accounts. The governments will now use Moreau as their fall guy.

As Nate explains that he's the person who has been taking on Moreau for the last few months, Eliot arrives. Moreau has one shot... and shoots the Italian. He gets aboard the plane, and Nate tells Eliot that he has other plans for Moreau. Eliot chooses to help the Italian rather than go after Moreau, who escapes the country.

As the team meets back at the hanger, Eliot tells Nate that the rest of the team doesn't have to know what he's done. Nate says he doesn't know what he's talking about. As the others arrive, the Italian tells them that they're free and the job is over. Moreau is safe in San Lorenzo, a small European country with no extradition treaty. As they go, Nate tells the team that they're going to finish the job.