Season 4 Episode 8

The Boiler Room Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 14, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Greg "The Mako" Sherman meets with his team of agents and tells them that his father always told him that if suckers couldn't hold onto their money, then they don't deserve to have it.

Agent McSweeten moves in and explains to his current partner Agent that Taggert has been hospitalized and isn't available.

Greg demonstrates to his workers how to take money from a client, Sheila Emmers.

McSweeten and his men break in and find an empty office with a note saying "Maybe next time."

At the bar, Nate and Sophie meet with Sheila, their client, who the police told she should have been more careful and can do nothing. She complains that grifters and thieves are the scum of the earth, and Sophie tries to defend the profession. However, Sheila admits that without the funds, her special needs school will soon close.

While Parker attends a chocolate convention, the rest of the team meet for a briefing. Hardison discovers that their target is Greg Sherman, the grandson of famous conman The Yellow Kid. Greg sets up a boiler room in every city and sets up an inverse pyramid scheme. He calls half of his clients and predicts the market is going up, and tells the other half that it's going down. Either way he wins and repeats the cycle. They wonder what con to run on Greg, but Nate says that can't con a con man so they'll have to steal the money.

Greg meets with a new team of recruits and insists that they have to be ruthless. Hardison is one of them and Sophie listens in. Greg reads them and Sophie guides Hardison in how to attract Greg's attention and keep it. The conman takes Hardison on. With some computer tampering, Hardison soon begins making plenty of money.

Parker returns, covered in chocolate and high on sugar. Hardison calls in to report that he hasn't found Greg's stash yet. Greg and his driver, Hafolo, come in and finds Hardison apparently hard at work. However, he's identified Hardison and figures that he's planning a cyber-heist. Nate talks Hardison through claiming that he was hired by a commodities mogul to park proxies in Greg's accounts. Parker blurts out "chocolate" and Hardison picks up on it, claiming he works for a man nicknamed "Count Chocula." Greg demands to meet with the buyer and warns Hardison that there's no con he can try that he hasn't already done a thousand times. He insists on meeting with the Count the next day at 9 a.m.

The team springs into action and steals an investment office, telling owner Edward Travers that they're running an audit for the IRS and the UK authorities. They have the papers the owner supposedly signed, even though he doesn't remember them, and Nate tells him to take an early lunch. Once Travers leaves, they take over. Nate finds Sophie dressing and helps her into her dress. Greg and Hardison arrive and ate has Eliot stall them in the lobby until he can finish setting up. When Eliot tries to block him with a janitor's cart, Greg suspects something but finds nothing in the cart.

Hardison brings Greg in to see Nate, posing as the Count. Nate tells Hardison to get out because "she" is on her way. Sophie is in the lobby and Hardison tells Greg that she's the "chocolate whisperer." Nate fires Hardison and goes to meet Sophie while Greg looks on. Alec tells him that Sophie is the "Chocolate Whisperer."

Next, Sophie heads for the chocolate festival. Parker is there, posing as a worker assisting Sophie. Hardison has spread her name and supposed identity on the web so everyone there thinks she's a chocolate expert. Greg comes in and steals Parker's cell phone to check her out. Parker can't resist stealing the wallet from Hafolo in return. The tasting exhibition begins and Laverne Webber, the reigning champion, steps forward. Sophie is introduced next and everyone applauds except Laverne. Hardison has the information on all of the chocolate but doesn't know which one Sophie is taking. Nate assures him that it isn't a problem and reminds Sophie of Belgium in 1999. Laverne goes first and identifies the first chocolate. Sophie goes next and simply say the chocolate's location of Trinidad without saying why. Hardison starts pinpointing Trinidad chocolates on the computer, but Sophie handles it fine on her own.

Afterward, Greg congratulates Sophie but she ignores him and holds a conversation with a Chinese buyer. Greg's assistant translates and confirms that Sophie plans to open a chain of elite chocolate stores in China. Greg goes to see Nate and has his assistant knock him out and take him to his boiler room. Eliot is in position but Nate tells him to hold off. Greg demands to know what Nate's scam is, and Nate explains that there will be a crop report released but it's wrong. Greg figures that Nate is sleeping with Sophie, having identified their body language. Parker and Sophie, listening in, look to Sophie, who tries to deny it. Meanwhile, Nate tells that Greg that he'll continue buying cocoa futures and when the world finds out the report was wrong, he'll make $100 million.

Back at the bar, Parker and Hardison wonder why Nate and Sophie didn't tell them about their relationship. Nate figures that they'll use civilians instead of professional conmen and that they need to keep pushing Greg.

Eliot takes Greg to Ecuador to check on cocoa futures, and the hitter starts talking about the nature of darkness while killing a snake and eating its heart. Meanwhile, Sophie interviews prospective candidates and Nate sets up an office for the scam. Parker procures a bunch of monitors using the stolen credit card from Greg's assistant, and Hardison works on the computers.

Eliot shows Greg a field of cocoa where the local government is cutting down the trees. He claims that the increased sunlight will destroy the cocoa, and only Nate knows about it. He returns to the office and orders his men to go long on timber accounts. Nate figures that Greg is raising cash but will soon access his personal funds to go into the big store scam they have planned. Greg calls Nate and wants in, and Nate demands $10 million. Greg agrees to the deal.

Sophie and Nate start rehearsing their new recruits. They use Parker and Eliot to pretend to be the victims and try to get everyone in sync. It doesn't go well. Nate checks in with Hardison, who admits that he has nothing and they may have lost Greg. Nate refuses to accept that, but Greg arrives and they go to work. Greg and Hafolo come in and Sophie explains that Nate has to accumulate more futures. Nate asks for the case and Greg hands it over. The case is empty and Greg says that he was onto them the entire thing. Nate points out that Greg didn't make any money, but Greg says that he flooded the market with the fake story. Cocoa prices will explode and Greg has committed over $30 million to cocoa futures. He'll clear $100 million and flee to a non-extradition country, and he has Nate to thank.

Nate informs Greg that they didn't try to con him. However, he missed the moonwalking bear. While they kept him distracted, Hardison stole his $30 million via computers. McSweeten and his agents break into the boiler room and arrest Greg's men, and McSweeten tells Greg over the phone that he's wanted for 47 counts of security fraud. At the big store office, Hafolo runs for the door and Eliot knocks him out. Agent Bob arrives to arrest Greg and Nate explains that all of the amateur shills were people that Greg stole money from, including Sheila. Before he goes, Agent Bob gives a letter from Agent McSweeten to Parker. He explains that the team is actually undercover FBI agents, and ignores Greg's insistence that they're grifters and thieves.

Later, Sheila meets the team at the bar and informs them that there is over a million dollars in her school account. After she thanks them, the others want to talk about Nate and Sophie's relationship. Nate insists that they are fine and Sophie claims that they're just friends with benefits. Afterward, Hardison comes to see Nate and shows him that he's identified the old man who contact Nate as Jack Latimer. He runs an investment firm and is connected with all of their recent company targets. Nate figures that Latimer wants revenge, but Hardison says that Latimer made money.

Nate goes to see Latimer at his home. Latimer explains that he was connected with Pierson Avionics three years ago but he never turned them in. He explains that he's spent the years since then tracking down the Leverage team and made investments against all of their targets. Latimer profited from the wreckage the team left behind. Nate tells him to get out of their business but Latimer offers to direct him to companies that deserve to be destroyed. In return, he wants 24 hours of notice so he can invest against the companies. Nate walks away as Latimer asks if his pride is more important.

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