Season 3 Episode 8

The Boost Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2010 on TNT

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    "The Boost Job" is one of the most hackneyed, irreverent episodes of Leverage ever. The directing in particular stood out as off as it came off as more of a cheesy 80's style action flick than anything of genuine entertainment value. This was the worst Leverage of the season and as I mentioned earlier, one of the worst in the show's history.

    And to top things off they cast Bill Engvall, a guy who is about as funny as piece of moldy bread. Engvall tried to play a tough car thief here and he just fails in every way imaginable. Was Drew Carey not available?
  • One of the better episodes of the season...

    This episode, Leverage brought us viewers what the show takes pride in: an intriguing plot, light-hearted humor and an emotional sub-plot. The opening scene with the car chase was interesting; it wasn't just about the rich guy taking advantage of the innocent guy, more like the misunderstood innocent guy being hunt down by police.

    The episode had good writing with smart, quick dialogue. The character interactions between Parker, Hardison and Elliot were fantastic, providing lots of humor. It was also nice to see Parker's character development, becoming more caring and sympathetic, when relating to the young female car thief. I also liked seeing Sophie's new "neurolinguistic" abilities reappear, but I a bit was upset that they didn't follow up on Nate's new hypnosis skill. Speaking of continuation, when are we going to see any development on the supposedly season-long "Damien Moreau" case, with the Italian lady?

    Anyway, all in all, this episode was definitely one of the better episodes of season three. Can't wait to see the next episode!