Season 2 Episode 11

The Bottle Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on TNT

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  • At the Wake for a girls father, a loan shark threatens the women with taking the bar as she doesn't have the money he owed him. Nate and the team take on the cur on the spur of the moment and find out this guys got his hooks into the whole neighborhood.

    This rating really comes from the major twist at the end and how Nate handled himself. Also Tara played by Jeri Ryan who is listed as a Special Guest Star in the credits seems to be fitting in a little better as well.

    The hoods seemed a little too old school to really work in this day and age, but some of those people can be pretty nasty. It is good that Nate has some excellent muscle on the team. Overall it seemed a little too easy to take someone in that does the business the man did. Alan Smyth who played Mark Doyle the loan shark did an excellent job of playing the part. When it really came down to it Nate handled this guy more old school. Two pretty direct cons that usually take much longer to throw together and he and the team managed to pull it off in one and half hours. I still say you have to consider who they were coning and how cocky they were.

    The final scenes were very satisfying though and well worth some of the pain in watching the story unravel. Poor Alec, at times they really don't seem to appreciate his skill sets even as amazing as they are. Parker seems to enjoy her work a little too much. I think she would have taken the safe too if she could have.

    A little slow at times but it reached the end where it needed to be. You should watch it just to see the last few scenes of the episode. Next weeks looks like a con a little more this teams speed. Thanks for reading...