Season 4 Episode 14

The Boys' Night Out Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Jack Hurley is driving downstairs, singing to the radio, when international thief Craig Mattingly runs in front of him and is almost hit. After Craig runs off, Jack continues on his way to McRory's Tavern.

At the team's HQ, Hardison and Eliot are setting up for poker while Sophie and Parker prepare to go out for the night. Nate doesn't want to play poker and the others note that he needs to meet more people. As she leaves, Sophie tells Eliot not to let Nate sulk.

The game begins and Eliot is disgusted that Hardison is betting on every hand. Nate is reluctantly playing, and Lt. Bonnano and Eliot's friend Shelly are also there. Hardison takes a call from Parker and then shows Eliot the photo of Craig that she sent. He starts discussing his relationship with Parker but a disgusted Nate goes to get a drink from the downstairs bar. As he pours himself a drink, Jack runs in and hugs him. He's disappointed that Nate is drinking and shows him his two-year AA pin. Nate gets him out and Jack explains that Hardison told him where they work, and he met Sister Lupe in Mexico and he raises money for their orphanage. Now he's selling handmade Virgin Mary statues and he's in the U.S. delivering them. Nate realizes that something is up and that all the deliveries are at night. As he starts to explain what's going on to Hurley, two men open fire on them.

Eliot hears the gunfire and calls Hardison away, claiming they're going to get some pizza. Meanwhile, Nate and Jack run into a church. Eliot and Hardison come looking, realizing that Nate left the bar. They find casings and a magnetic card, but Hardison warns that Nate doesn't have his cell phone or his earbud.

At the church, Jack insists that their attackers must be after Nate. They go to the basement but Nate realizes that it's hosting an addiction support group meeting. Jack insists that Nate stay and refuse to let him out the door.

Hardison figures the magnetic strip is a hotel key and traces it to the Palaestra Hotel. They decide to check it out.

At the support group meeting, Jack introduces Nate, who draws him to the side and explains that Sister Lupe is a fake and running drugs using the Virgin Mary statues. Jack doesn't believe it, insisting that he used to be a screw-up but now he's a good guy. Nate hastily backtracks, takes back everything he says, and says that they're going to hide in the basement. He asks for Jack's phone but it turns out that it just plays music. As the meeting starts, Nate asks the leader for a phone but she doesn't have one and the offices are locked.

The two men look for Nate and Jack and worry that if they fail, their boss Callaghan will be angry. They spot the church and figure that Nate and Jack are inside, but ultimately refuse to go in because it's holy ground.

At the hotel, Eliot figures that Hardison is worried about the guy from the photo. They go to the hotel room and someone opens fire. They take out the shooters when they come out and the men run away. Eliot goes after them but bumps into two other men. He takes them out and Hardison checks their pockets and finds an invitation to a Venezuelan gala, and figures that they're dancers.

Jack speaks to the support group about how he used to be a failure, while Nate tries to borrow a phone without success. He then volunteers to talk next and talks about his drinking habit, and how he hurts a lot of people. Nate wants to reach out to his ex-wife and call her, and everyone volunteers their cell phone.

Eliot and Hardison check the room and find an overnight bag. There's enough clothes for three days, all made in Mexico, and the clothes are for a big guy. There's also a valet ticket for the occupant's car. Nate calls Hardison and fakes a conversation with his ex-wife, explaining that he's there with Jack. They realize that it's Jack from the rehab job and Nate manages to tell them that he has Irish crooks after him, and that there are drugs in Jack's car. Eliot and Hardison realize that they're in Jack's room and that there are least two sets of crooks after him, and go to check out the car. Meanwhile, the support group members give Nate a round of applause.

In the hotel parking garage, Eliot and Hardison find an unconscious valet. Two of the crooks drive at them in Jack's car and Eliot manages to blind them with an umbrella. Their car crashes but the crooks escape with the drugs.

Nate tells Jack that he wasn't talking to his ex-wife and that it's safe to leave. The two Irish thugs, Liam and Connor, are waiting outside and see that the meeting is breaking up. Inside, Nate and Jack head for the door, but Sister Lupe shows up... and draws a gun on them. She takes them back into the church proper and tells Jack that Nate was leading him into an ambush. As Sister Lupe starts to realize that Nate isn't with the Irish thugs, he slugs her and takes the gun, and then calls Hardison and explains what's going on. The Callaghan mob run the drug trade in Boston and planned to kill Hurley to send a message to the Mexican drug cartel. Nate wants to bargain with them but needs the bag of drugs, and suggests that they call Bonnano.

At Nate's apartment, Shelly is demonstrating choke holds to Bonnano when Hardison calls Bonnano for information on the main safe house of a Mexican drug smuggler. The lieutenant texts him some addresses.

Nate confirms that Lupe's gun is a toy, and she tells an angry Jack that he's smuggling cancer drugs. Nate doesn't believe her, but Lupe says that she liberates drugs from factories in South America and smuggles them to churches in the U.S. The cartel found out that they had a route to the States and planted the drugs in Jack's car, and flew up to warn Jack. Nate figures the local branch of the Mexican cartel will take the drugs and kill Jack to cover their tracks, and the Callaghans want the drugs and will kill Jack to send a message.

Mr. Callaghan pulls up outside and tells them to go in, drag Jack out of the church, and then shoot him in the parking lot.

Hardison and Eliot arrive at the bar safe house and Hardison insists on going in with Eliot. Eliot finally tells him that he's slow-playing it with Parker and suggests that he be more assertive. Hardison agrees and then says that he's going to go in and get the drugs by himself. He head butt's the man at the door and goes in and tells the Mexicans that he's a dirty cop.

Liam and Connor bust in and find Nate, posing as the church priest, while Jack and Lupe hide in the pews.

Hardison persists and tells Eliot to back off, He checks the ID of the head man, Aaron Cortez, and wants a payoff. Meanwhile, Eliot takes out Cortez's men and tries to keep it quiet so he doesn't throw Eliot off.

Nate has Connor and Liam help him with the flowers so that Jack and Lupe can sneak out.

Hardison has to take a break from intimidating Cortez to take a call from Parker. Meanwhile, at the church, Nate tells the two thugs that Jack went into the confessional. They tell him to get Jack out and Nate plays along.

After getting advice on hidden thumb drives, Parker hangs up on Hardison, he demands the bag of drugs from Cortez in return for a promise they can run everything else with police protection. Cortez agrees but says that they need the courier, Jack, and Hardison agrees. Outside, Eliot congratulates Hardison, who is unaware of Eliot's assist. However, when Hardison drops one of the statues, they realize that something is wrong.

Nate continues to fake Jack being in the confessional and having a whispered conversation. However, Connor finds Lupe's discarded habit and Jack stumbles on the way out. He runs outside but Liam shoots him in the leg. Lupe draws a gun on Liam as Nate drives up. Jack reluctantly gets in the car and Nate drives away as Connor captures Lupe and Callaghan arrives.

Nate pulls over, ditches the car, and calls Hardison. When he learns they don't have the drugs, Nate tells Hardison to go to a pharmacy and gets what he needs, and for Eliot to get what he needs to sew up a gunshot wound. Later, Nate and Jack meet Eliot and Hardison at a bar. While Eliot tends to Jack's wound, Hardison uses an over-the-counter drug-testing kit and confirms that the drugs the cartel took are the cancer drugs. Nate figures that Cortez believes the drugs are hidden in Jack's car and they head to the hotel parking garage to get the real drugs.

At the hotel, the guys discover that the car has been moved. Hardison confirms that it was towed to the city impound. Nate sends Hardison and Eliot to the impound lot while Nate calls Callaghan to offer him the drugs even though they don't have them. Callaghan offers the drugs for Lupe, and also wants Jack so they can kill him to send a message to the Mexicans. Jack agrees despite Nate's misgivings, and Nate sets up the meet at the parking garage. Once he hangs up, Nate tells Jack that he'll try to get it out in one piece, and Jack says that he wants to prove he deserves the second chance that Nate and the others gave him. Nate then calls Cortez at the bar and tells him to meet them at the parking garage to get their drugs.

Hardison and Eliot talk to the officer on duty at the impound lot. She tells them that they'll have to come back in the morning. They walk away and Eliot tells Hardison to distract her while he jumps the fence. They play rock-scissors-paper for it and Hardison wins for once, unaware that Eliot threw it. He then flirts with the officer, claiming he has a thing for women in uniform, and she eagerly plays along. Somewhat taken aback, Eliot asks about her job and the officer tells him that the big dogs on the lot do most of the work. He keeps her distracted while watching Hardison on the monitor, and the dogs that are chasing him. Nate calls and Eliot assures him that there's no problems. He then asks for an identical car and Eliot goes back to the officer.

A little later, Hardison and Eliot return with the cars. Hardison warns Nate that it's tricky, and Nate says that it always is. He then has Hardison take the Mexican plate off of Jack's car.

Liam and Connor arrive at the parking garage with Lupe and go inside, while Callaghan and his bodyguards wait outside to make sure that no one escapes. They meet with Nate and Jack, and the two sides meet halfway. Jack hesitates, insisting he can't do it, and gets into his car and drives off. Nate pulls Lupe away while Liam and Connor grab the drugs and call Callaghan to warn him that Jack is on the way. When Jack's car reaches Callaghan, he fires at it with a shotgun and brings it to a halt. However, Cortez and his men get out and wonder if they're being double-crossed. Bonnano and his men arrive and arrest all of them. When Liam and Connor try to run, Shelly shows up and takes them out. Bonnano finds the drugs in the car and tells Callaghan that he was buying drugs from the Mexicans.

The Irish mobster is understandably confused, since he's unaware that they switched cars. Earlier, Hardison and Eliot met with Cortez, gave him the car and the drugs as a sign of good faith, and offered to take care of Jack for him. Cortex took the deal and drove off in the car with the drugs. Jack then went back and set up the scene with Liam and Connor, drove off, but then pulled over while Eliot parked another car to block the mobsters' view when they drove past. They caught up to Cortez and his men in the other lookalike car and followed them out.

Nate and the others drive out in the first car, and Bonnano tosses Nate a wink while Connor realizes that Nate might not be a priest. The guys go back to the bar and Nate points out that Jack isn't the man he used to be. Jack assures Nate that no matter what, Nate is his friend. Lupe is flirting with Eliot and Jack realizes that she's not a nun. As he leaves, he bumps into Peggy as she leaves and he offers to walk her to her car. Nate then asks Hardison why he gave Jack on how to find him, and Hardison says that he wanted to show Nate that he wanted to show him some of the good they've done. Nate thanks him and Eliot takes off with Lupe while Hardison goes to tell Parker what happened.