Season 5 Episode 8

The Broken Wing Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2012 on TNT

Episode Recap

The team goes to Tokyo on a job but Parker is forced to stay behind because she's torn her ACL She's holed up at the team headquarters in Portland and the others finally have to tell her to get off the comms and leave her alone. Hardison is busy working on the security systems but assures his girlfriend that she'll be fine.

Amy Palavi, one of the brew pub's wait staff, brings up food and a care bear for Parker on Alec's orders. After Parker gets bored, she accesses the security feeds that Hardison has set up for the brew pub and watches the customers. There is one couple who met on-line, another couple that are too shy to get together, and a man who orders the same meal at the bar, a chicken parm, and always sends it back. Parker also spots two men who are seated at a window table and acting suspiciously. When Amy comes back, they discuss the various customers and the waitress shows Parker her sketches of them. Parker points out that her sketches are good but Amy says that her father wants her to go into the family businesses rather than art school. She mentions the two men at the window booth, who call themselves V and K, and explains that they always sit at the same table and try not to be conspicuous. Once she leaves, Parker confirms that V and K have been sitting there for several weeks.

Parker figures that the two men are thieves and tries to listen in, but discovers that Hardison hasn't installed microphones in the bar. She calls Eliot and admits that she's losing control, but he tells her to relax and breathe before signing off. Parker then gets a bug from Hardison's workshop and puts it in a flower vase, and then has Amy put the vase on the thieves' table. She listens in as they talk about some big upcoming event and how they'll have to lie low afterward, but Amy pours water in the vase and inadvertently shorts out the bug.

Out of options, Parker takes the direct route and painfully crawls through the air vents to a spot above the table. She then drops a bug on a thread and goes back to the briefing room to listen. The two men are discussing their escape plan and Parker watches them while noticing the chicken parm man sending his chicken parm back yet again. After the thieves say that they'll be set for life, Parker zooms in and sees them using a map of the area with a nearby building circled in red. Checking the local addresses, Parker confirms that there's a jewelry store across the street from the booth. However, she is really offended when she spots one of the men carrying a gun.

The next step for Parker is to create a pinch phone but she needs to call Hardison. He's busy running a con on the Emperor of Japan with Sophie but pauses long enough to tell Parker how to finish the pinch phone. She then calls Amy in and explains that V and K plan to rob the jewelry store. When Amy suggests that they call the police, Parker says that it would just cause problems because they'd panic, and asks the waitress to use the pinch phone to clone V's cellphone. Amy is reluctant to help and Parker apologizes for being bossy, but insists that she needs her help since she can't walk. She tells Amy that she knows about all the work she's done for charity and that Hardison hired her because she's just like them. Amy isn't sure what they do but agrees to help one Parker tells her that they're not doing anything illegal.

Amy goes to the thieves' table and spills coffee, distracting them so that she can activate the pinch phone in her apron pocket. Parker discovers that the pinch phone is intercepting all of the cell phones in the brew pub and decides to listen in on the calls. She discovers that one customer, who they've nicknamed "Sid," is cheating on his girlfriend. The chicken parm man, James, is a surgeon who is missing operations after his wife Emma's death. Amy comes back and Parker shows her that V has been receiving text messages from a man named O. The waitress explains that every day V orders two coffees to go and that the order corresponds to some of the text messages. Parker has Amy put a bug on one of the coffee cups and trails V the next time he leaves. They discover that V is taking the coffee to a van parked just outside of the brew pub.

Parker goes outside to get a look at the van and confirms that it has been modified to act as a getaway vehicle. Back inside, Parker goes over the coded texts with Amy and the waitress realizes that they're scheduled timing splits for a race or a marathon. Parker checks the local delivery schedules and realize that the start times correspond to when an armored car arrives at the neighboring jewelry store each day. One of the thieves sends a text message greenlighting the robbery and Parker realizes that they're starting... now.

Parker checks on the thieves but discovers that they're not moving. She sends Amy down while sending a photo of Sid cheating on his girlfriend to Nancy's cellphone. The couple fight and bump into Amy, who spills coffee on V as he goes out the door. By the time V recovers, the armored car has driven away. Amy goes back upstairs and Parker tells her that they'll come up with a plan and stop the thieves in 24 hours when they try again. Amy realizes that she's in over her head and wants to call the police, but Parker admits that what they've been doing isn't legal. However, she explains that the thieves will eventually get someone killed and they have to take care of it themselves. Amy finally gives in and asks what they do next.

Nate and Sophie are relaxing in Japan when Parker calls to ask Nate how he would answer some thieves. The connection bad and he can't tell what she's saying, but he assures her that she can handle it. Once he hangs up, he tells Sophie and they both figure that she's spreading out on her own. In Portland, parker goes over the timetables from the intercepted text messages and then has Amy set up empty tables between the thieves' table and the door. As they work, Amy and Parker talk about Hardison. The waitress admits that everyone likes Hardison as a boss but that he's too smart to just manage a brew pub. When Amy suggests that they seat the man and woman they've nicknamed "Romeo" and "Juliet" next to each other, Parker gets an idea and says that she has someone better for each of them.

The next day, 2:30 approaches and Parker watches the surveillance cameras as Amy gets V and K their coffees to go. V takes them out to his two accomplices in the van and tells them to be ready. At 2:10, Amy tells Parker that she's going to take out the trash early so that she's ready at 2:30 when everything goes down. However, as soon as Amy goes out, V signals his people that they're going to make their move immediately. Parker gets downstairs as best she can and discovers that V and K have left early. She checks Amy's file and discovers that her father is a multi-millionaire, and realizes that she's dealing with a kidnapping: Amy's. She checks the monitors and sees V and K throw Amy in the van. However, they can't drive away because V discovers that his two men are unconscious thanks to the pain pills that Parker dumped in their coffees. Parker hobbles outside and gets Amy out of the van and back inside.

V and K go back inside and set off the fire alarm, panicking the customers. As they head out, Romeo meets the woman that he's been admiring from a distance, the one that Parker set him up to sit next to. When V and K come in, Romeo and his date both spot the gun that V is concealing and draw their own guns. They're Portland PD and Parker set them up deliberately. Romeo goes out the back to check and V draws and shoots his date. James offers to treat her despite the threat of violence and makes sure that she's okay. V spots the surveillance cameras and realizes how someone found out what they were doing. Amy and Parker, watching upstairs, realize that things are going to get worse.

V and K go upstairs and enter the briefing room, but Parker shuts off the lights and takes out K. She then disarms V and brings the lights back up. The gun is halfway between them and they both go for it. Amy throws Parker her crutch and the thief uses it to knock V out. As the police take them away, Parker has them wait so that she can do a triumph gloat on them.

The next day, James comes in and discovers that there aren't any other customers. Amy escorts him to his seat at the bar and Parker sits next to him. She asks why he orders chicken parm every day and sends it back and James explains that his dying wife made it for him because it made him happy, which made her happy. Parker then has the wait staff bring out a dozen dishes so that James can find a new favorite.

That night, Parker and Amy settle in for a Blu-Ray viewing of Night of the Living Dead. The rest of the team arrives and they say that things were boring in Japan. Parker says that she sat around and that things were boring there as well. However, Nate notices the bullet holes in the wall, isn't convinced. Hardison tells Parker that he's onto her, but she quickly realizes that he's talking about how she couldn't be bored with the movie. He wants them to watch it from the beginning and Eliot and Sophie join in. Nate does as well, but whispers to Parker that she did a good job.

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