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Season 4 Episode 6

The Carnival Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on TNT
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Episode Summary

While going after a revolutionary computer chip, the Leverage team have to help the family's child, who is abducted from a carnival during a heist.

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  • Fire the writer!

    And why? Because this is the most poorly written episode of the show. I actually hit a point of cringing in sympathy for the cast... and they couldn't save it. All the wild con personas they used couldn't hide (distract from) how superficial the setup really was, or that the team's typical research of a target didn't expose the psychological dimensions they only picked up on the fly... or not. Then of course there's other little issues everywhere like how Parker takes out a trained assassin on a Ferris wheel... but of course since we don't see it, all the director thinks we need to believe it is to show the outcome. There are many many more small details fouled up (like yet another gadget that this time magically opens a safe that a master safecracker / thief can fully identify but suddenly can't open). Rather than go over more, I'll just forget I saw this one at all. I've seen better written comic books... and that was over 30 years ago.moreless
  • 7/31

    A good episode of Leverage tonight. We had a lot of action, including some extended craziness in the weekly Christian Kane fight, a Urijah Faber appearance and a good story as well with the kidnapping. They kind of abandoned the mission which I didn't like, but this show proved that it has heart and they let viewers know that a child is more important than business.

    This is what Leverage is about: comedy, heart, action and a nice ending with the bad guy getting what they had coming. Well-written and definitely proof that the show can still be good when it wants to be. It just needs to be like that more often.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Eliot: Damn it, Hardison. A little warning next time.
      Hardison: Well, what'd you think "run like hell" meant?

    • Eliot: I thought we were supposed to hate the guys that we take down.
      : Not a requirement--a perk... usually.

    • Molly: Don't have many people to talk to these days.
      : I wonder why.
      : Other than Daria.
      : Who's that?
      : She's our Eastern-European housekeeper. Talking to her is like... talking to an Eastern-European housekeeper.

    • Eliot: You know, I know a way to beat these, uh--these games you think are rigged?
      : Yeah?
      : Yeah.
      : What?
      : What do you think it is? Hard work.
      : Was Rudy on cable last night.
      : Yeah.

    • Hardison: But it's not--it's not what you think, at all. It's an ASCD, an Automated Safe Cracking Device.
      Parker: I'm a safe-cracking device.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Molly: Was Rudy on cable last night.
      Referencing the 1993 sports movie starring Sean Astin as Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, the real-life football player who managed to play for the University of Notre Dame despite his diminutive stature.

    • Molly: I'll be Botasky and you be Perky.

      Referencing the Japanese manga Apocalypse Meow, a three-issue series featuring anthromorphic animals fighting in the Vietnam War. Botasky and Perky (and their partner, Rats) are rabbits. The series was released under the title Cat Shit One (the name of their unit), and was released on Youtube with their adventures set in the Middle East after 1991.