Season 4 Episode 6

The Carnival Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

When Geoffrey Thorne arrives at work at FluidDyn, the VP of Sales, Donnie Connell and two security guards greet him. They take his pack and remove it, and Donnie explains that everything he works on is company property. He removes a chip as Geoffrey insists that he's spent years working on the chip on his own. Donnie tells him that he's fired and walks away.

Geoffrey meets with Hardison and Nate and explains that the chip can do everything that a computer can, faster and better. When Geoffrey threatened to sue, Donnie lied and claimed that Geoffrey attacked him. In the briefing, Nate explains to Eliot and Sophie that Donnie plans to sell the chip on the black market. They watch as Donnie argues with his contractor who is working on his new high-tech home. Donnie's daughter Molly complains to her father while Daria, the Russian nanny, intervenes. Nate realizes that Donnie's wife is dead from his own experience. Sophie figures that Donnie is acting out of grief, not greed. The team figures they have to get inside to get the chip.

When Donnie returns home, he finds Sophie and Nate working on the next-door house as designers. He warns them that they won't be building their elaborate plans due to the zoning laws but Sophie disagrees. Meanwhile, Hardison checks the plans and Parker breaks into the city planning office to plant the plans. Donnie comes in and the assistant shows him the new plans. Donnie goes back and tells Sophie that he knows she paid off someone to get the plans past the zoning board. He threatens an avalanche of lawsuits unless she comes work for him.

Sophie agrees and immediately starts going over the house with Nate and Parker as her assistant. Donnie tells them to avoid the panic room and only he and Molly have access to. Hardison is there as an electronic expert who promises to turn the house into a "smart house" with Donnie that gives him complete electronic access. He agrees, but refuses to give them access to the panic room. When he goes to answer the door, Hardison warns that they can't see the safe's combination in the panic room due to the camera angles. Nate suggests they plant a button cam on Donnie's glasses.

Eliot arrives as the replacement bodyguard for Molly, and Donnie tells him he doesn't have time to keep a constant eye on her. Meanwhile, Nate approaches the panic room but Daria warns him away.

Eliot finds Molly sitting on a nearby hill and watching a carnival. He wonders if she wants to go there, but she notes that all of the games are rigged and that cheating is the only way to get ahead in live. Molly explains that her father believes that cheating is the only way to get ahead. She mentions that Daria is the only person she has to talk to other than her father, who doesn't let her have anyone to come over. He's obsessed with the house reconstruction because her mother started it. Eliot tells her that he knows a way to beat the games: hard work. Molly doesn't believe it and he offers to demonstrate.

Hardison hacks Donnie's medical records, while Parker bumps into Donnie, knocks off his glasses, and secretly attaches the button cam. Donnie then goes to the panic room and takes a call. He tells the caller that he'll have the money and to make sure it's secure. Donnie then goes to the safe but takes off his glasses before opening it. He considers the chip and says, "Sorry, Geoffrey," and then walks away. Nate brings up the audio and confirms that the safe has a breath lock. They call Eliot and tell him to get a breath sample from Molly. Meanwhile, Parker discovers that Hardison has built an automated safe-cracking robot and named it after her, and is less than thrilled.

Eliot has Molly blow up balloons and then demonstrates how the balloon-dart game at the carnival can be beaten. As he distracts her, Parker sneaks into the room and steals a balloon. As they talk, Eliot makes a shot over the shoulder using a mirror but Molly says she doesn't like what she sees in mirrors. Daria comes in to take Molly to the carnival, explaining that Donnie wants them out of the way. Donnie calls to tell them that they have to leave right away. Nate comes in from the inspection and convinces them to take Eliot with them. Nate and Sophie then distract Donnie while Parker goes for the safe room. Much to her annoyance, Hardison sends his robot, the Parker 2000, in with her.

At the carnival, Eliot shows Molly how to win at the games.

Nate and Sophie stage an argument and Nate asks Donnie to give him a few minutes to settle their argument.

Parker works on the safe and complains that Hardison is trying to replace her.

At the carnival, Molly wins again and Daria goes off to take a call from Donnie. Molly realizes that Eliot is using an earpiece and he reluctantly gives her one to keep in her pocket until he tells her she can use it. Daria takes her away, explaining that Donnie wants to talk to her. Meanwhile, Eliot listens in as Parker and Hardison argues. When she can't get the safe open, she reluctantly attaches the device and it gets the safe open.

Donnie tells them to go with Sophie's idea and goes back to his office. Nate warns Parker, who gets the chip out of the safe.

Eliot goes to find Molly. Daria runs up and tells him that they took Molly. Eliot gets the hysterical woman to tell him there were three men and then sends her to the house. Up the hill, Nate figures that it's Donnie's Russian buyers. He tells the team that recovering Molly is the priority. Hardison taps into the cameras while Nate tells Eliot to do his worse when he finds the Russians.

Nate and Eliot go in and tell Donnie what has happened and that they are with Geoffrey. The phone rings and Nate takes the call. When he explains that they'll be dealing with Nate, the Russian hangs up but Nate assures Donnie that they'll call back.

Molly contacts Eliot via the earbud he loaned her. He tells her that the people who took her are bad guys but promises that he'll find her and bring her home. She's in a dark room and Eliot tells her to describe exactly what she hears. Molly tells him that she's near the spider ride.

The Russians call back and tell Nate to bring the chip to the carnival in one hour. Once they hang up, Nate tells Donnie that the Russians are testing them to see if they can negotiate. He tells Hardison to clear the carnival, and Hardison sends Eliot to a janitor's closet. At the house, Nate and Sophie go over the carnival plans and figure that the Russians will put a sniper on the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel, a Russian insists on riding over and over.

Hardison directs Eliot to mix chemicals in grease and set off an explosion. As the people evacuate, Hardison calls the fire and police to tell them it's a false alarm. Donnie arrives and insists on going in with them. He admits that he hasn't been there for Molly since he lost his wife and wants to make up for it. Nate tells him that Molly needs her father to stay there while they go get her.

The others join Eliot inside. He tells Molly that he's coming for her and to run when he says. Hardison goes to the security shed and accesses the cameras. Eliot takes out one man and confronts another. The man knocks him down by a ride, his comrade activates the ride, and it hits Eliot and knocks him unconscious.

One of the Russians confronts Nate and insists that he's the boss. Nate doesn't believe it and asks to see the woman calling the shots. Daria steps out and wonders how Nate knew. She's unaware that he checked Donnie's calls earlier and that he had no call entry of the call that Daria claimed he made. He also spotted a tattoo on her arm earlier that matches the one on the Russians. Nate demands proof that Molly is alive, but she points out that the sniper on the Ferris wheel has a laser sight trained on him. Nate looks at his watch, counts to three, and Daria turns to discover that Parker has knocked out the sniper and is aiming his rifle at her.

When Molly is unable to contact the unconscious Eliot, Sophie calls her on another earbud. Donnie takes it and tells his daughter that he's hired the best and they're coming to get her. He assures her that from now on it will be the two of them together.

Eliot recovers consciousness and staggers off.

Daria asks Nate how he's going to find Molly if he kills her. Nate says that he's going to do it the other way around. Meanwhile, Eliot gets to the storage shed and discovers that they've moved Molly. Daria insists that she won't hurt Molly, and that she has spent more time raising Molly than Donnie has. Nate reluctantly hands over the chip.

Eliot tells Molly to give him a clue to where she is. She says out loud that she doesn't like what she sees, and Eliot remembers her saying earlier that she doesn't like mirrors. He heads for the House of Mirrors and spots a former opponent, Roper. He goes after the mercenary, who uses the mirrors as cover to attack him and duck back.

Daria gets into a car and drives away.

As Molly calls for help, Eliot focuses on the mirrors, concentrates, and realizes that Roper is behind him. He attacks the man but in his weakened condition, he goes down. As Roper tells him to get up, Eliot focuses on Molly's voice, closes his eyes, and turns around. Roper punches him and Eliot dodges him blind. He finally opens his eyes and takes down Roper, knocking him into a mirror and breaking it. Molly and the man holding her are behind it, and Eliot knocks the man out and hugs Molly.

Eliot brings Molly out and Donnie runs to her. As father and daughter hug, Eliot limps off with the others. They find Daria in the parking lot, trying to start her car. She's unaware that Hardison wired her car earlier as part of the electronic upgrade. When Daria tried to drive away, Hardison shut down the ignition and locked the doors. They easily recover the chip and leave.

Later at headquarters, Geoffrey thanks them for their help and tells them that Donnie has turned over a new leaf. Hardison suggest that they get Eliot to a hospital, but he informs them that he has a nurse. An attractive woman, Nurse Gail, arrives, and Eliot leaves with her. Meanwhile, Sophie asks Nate if he's doing okay. He says that he is and asks Hardison and Parker how they're doing. Hardison explains that he made the robot for her, not to replace her. Parker admits that she loves it and says she plans to call it Hardy.