Season 4 Episode 9

The Cross My Heart Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 21, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

At Cincinnati Metropolitan Airport, the team arrives by plane and complaining about how their most recent mission didn't go as planned. As they go through the terminal, Nate notices a woman carrying an ice cooler. She goes to a pay phone and Nate stands next to her, and points out that she swiped the cooler and someone put her up to it. He assures her that he's there to help and the woman, Linda, says that men have her daughter Tanya and forced her to take the cooler, which contains a human heart.

The team meets with Linda and explains that she's the transplant nurse and was bringing the heart in for a 15-year-old boy named Joshua Spin. Sophie doesn't believe that it's a job for them, but Linda warns that the heart will only last another 108 minutes.

At the hospital, Joshua's parents watch over their son.

The team figures that once they rescue Linda's daughter, they can find the heart. Linda has a phone with a photo that the kidnappers sent of her daughter, but Hardison warns that he doesn't have his equipment. He goes over the photo with Nate and they discover that she's in a restaurant booth. Nate realizes that they have her at a crab restaurant in the airport.

At the airport, one of the kidnappers waits with Linda's daughter, Tanya. Eliot goes inside while Parker and Sophie wait outside. He confirms that the daughter is inside and says that they need a distraction. Sophie removes her skirt, puts on heels, and goes inside, faking a call on the phone. Meanwhile, Nate has Linda call the kidnapper. As the man takes the phone and Sophie distracts the waiter, Parker slips in and grabs the daughter while Eliot knocks out the kidnapper. The team then takes over the restaurant and Linda is reunited with Tanya. Eliot confirms that the kidnapper is a local and has an expensive plastic gun. He figures that the person responsible wanted a thug that couldn't be traced to him, which means they're back to square one with 93 minutes remaining.

The team tries to figure out what to do next and warn that all of their equipment is lost or useless. Nate, remembering his dying son, insists that they can steal whatever they need. As the others head out, Sophie asks if Nate is taking it personal but he says that it doesn't matter.

Eliot steals a credit card from an obnoxious Platinum flyer and uses it to buy walkie-talkies. Meanwhile, Parker steals clothing and sunglasses from a kiosk, and then goes back to another kiosk and uses the bow from the sunglasses to pick the lock and steals the computer.

Nate figures that they have to access the national donor list to find out who else needs the heart. Sophie calls the registry office and has them send an e-mail so that Hardison can use it to get into the system. He uses a modem to access the system and download the list, but there's over 3,000 names. Nate has Linda build up a profile and they narrow it down to Dean Chesney, CEO of Vertronics Defense. Nate says that he's been watching Chesney for a while but didn't figure he was a priority because he was dying.

Chesney is at home in Chicago, waiting for the heart to arrive.

The team figures that Chesney would have the heart flown to him via a private plane. Nate tells Hardison to hack the tower and get the flight plans, but Hardison warns that it's not connected to the Internet. With 67 minutes remaining, Nate says that they have to get into the tower. They work out that they need three badges and Nate sends Sophie in. She twists her ankle and a worker brings her a wheelchair. She steals his security badge and slips it to Eliot and Parker. Next they need to get ground crew access by breaking into a ground crew member's locker and taking his badge. Next is tower access, and Nate figures that they can intercept a tower crewman with a badge. Eliot poses as pilot, gets into the lounge, and runs into a pilot who wants to chat. Eliot claims that he's after a woman to get the man away, and then takes her badge as she leaves.

Eliot tries to call Hardison and discovers that the tower radio is interfering with the walkie-talkies. Eliot pages Hardison and gets him the badge, and Hardison heads for the tower while Parker and Eliot drive away in a luggage cart. However, Hardison discovers that a pin number is also necessary to gain access. He talks to the security guard and asks him to reset the pin, but the man confirms that the badge belongs to a woman. The guard assumes that Hardison has had a sex-change operation and the hacker plays along. He distracts the guard long enough to get a glimpse at the old pin number on the computer screen, read it back to the guard, and get the pin number reset.

With 43 minutes remaining, Nate looks at Joshua's web site and Sophie suggests that he have a drink. He's surprised and Sophie explains that they trust him when he drinks, and they need him to stop taking it personally. Nate says that he can't, and that his son Sam would have been 13 if he had lived. He promises that Joshua will get out of his hospital bed and then takes a drink, while Sophie holds his hand.

Hardison gets to the tower and locates the private plane. He grounds it and Parker and Eliot drive to the plane. However, there's no crew and no heart. Nate figures they went to a backup plane and checks the flights. The commercial flight for Chicago is boarding right now. Realizing they don't have time, Parker modifies the cart engine and removes the spark regulator. They can get there in half the time and Eliot takes off at top speed.

When Parker and Eliot arrive, they look for a man with a black suitcase. Unfortunately, all of the men have black suitcases. Nate calls Chesney, gives his real name, and tells him that he has the heart and demands a million dollars. Once he hangs up, Chesney calls his man Woods in Cincinnati. Nate tells Eliot to look for a passenger receiving a call. As they wait, Sophie warns Nate that he's out of control and giving the mark his real name, but Nate tells her that he wants Chesney to know his name.

Eliot spots the courier and his two bodyguards, and they realize they need to do something big to get passengers off the plane. Nate calls Hardison and tells him to fake a tornado. Hardison explains that the warning has to come from the National Weather Service, and Nate says that he and Sophie will take care of it. MassDOT Special. They call and report a tornado touching down, and send a fake photo. Nate then makes another call and the NWS declares a warning. At the airport, the controller doesn't see any signs of a tornado but Hardison convinces him that they're risking lawsuits if they don't shut down the airport. He offers to stay behind and convinces the controller that it will be extremely dangerous so that the man should get out.

Chesney calls Nate and asks why he's toying with him. Nate tells him he has 24 minutes late and advises him to get up. However, Chesney figures the heart can theoretically last another two hours, and he's fighting for his life. He asks what Nate is fighting for, and Nate tells him he's fighting for Joshua. Nate tells Chesney that if Joshua dies, he will ruin Chesney and his company and then hunt him down and kill him himself.

Hardison tries to deal with the incoming flights on his own, but one plane is low on fuel and they have no alternative. The captain insists on landing. Meanwhile, Parker steals the courier's bag. Woods and his bodyguards run after her, she lures them into a hallway, and Eliot attacks them. He takes out the bodyguards while Woods continues after Parker.

Hardison has no choice but to grab a manual and speed-read the procedure for landing a plane. However, he gets an idea and brings up a flight simulator.

Parker trips over a luggage cart and the courier grabs the suitcase and leaves with it.

Hardison talks the plane down safely.

Parker tells Eliot that Woods has the heart. Nate figures he's heading back for the private jet, and that the man will take off and ignore the warning, and let Chesney pay the fine. By the time Hardison can track it, the plane has already left with the cooler.

Nate takes Linda and Tanya to see Sophie, who was driving the luggage cart and made the switch so that the courier took the original cooler that Linda switched for the real one. The courier ended up with a snowball. The team goes outside to the ambulance and Nate knocks out the driver, figuring he works for Chesney. They drive to the hospital and get the heart there just in time.

Later, the team watches over Joshua after surgery. They figure there's nothing they can do against Chesney without revealing themselves, but at least they left the kidnapper for the authorities. As the others walk away, Sophie congratulates Nate on saving the boy.

Back in Boston, Nate is assembling a model boat when he gets a call from Chesney. Chesney asks what's to stop him from trying again, and Nate tells him that he's watching his company and his money. He tunes in the camera he's planted in Chesney's room and tells the CEO exactly what he's doing. Nate then warns Chesney that if he sees something he doesn't like, he'll come after him. He tells Chesney that Nate didn't kill him, God did. Nate just made sure that it took.