Season 4 Episode 9

The Cross My Heart Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 21, 2011 on TNT

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    "The Cross My Heart Job" was a solid episode of Leverage. They did not footle around too much, they got straight to the premise quickly and it was kind of neat to see the crew have to work solely in an airport, not with the luxury of all of their costumes and computers. It could have been a little bit better given the emotional story that was featured tonight, but it still had all of the drama and excitement we expect from the show. I also liked Nate showing a little bit of a bad ass side in his threat to the man. We need more of that guy, not someone who just loves to get beaten up.

  • Uneven, but with some really strong points and a lot of emotional impact.


    Ok, going from mediocre to excellent:

    The plot was ok, but the execution of the con was so-so, a lot of small steps made it sort of "messy" and untidy - which was probably part of the point, showing a stressed out, uncontrolled situation where the team was flying by the seat of the pants.

    The emotional plot was good - we got to see Nate actually show some feelings, even sharing a Moment talkingto Sophie about his dead son.
    As is beginning to be the norm, it was Nate and Elliot who put on their gamefaces and got serious when there was work to be done - the moment they started the con, there was no more bitching, no complaints, just "this needs to be done, and done NOW" from them. Sophie provided support, while Hardison and Parker where still slightly stuck in whining kid-mode.
    I love it when my boys get their groove on. :D
    Elliot analysis ofthe bad guys based on actions and equipment was so cool and professional.

    And now we come to the brilliant part of the episode, the part that makes this a great episode rather than an "OK" one:
    Nate, going completely BAMF on us.