Season 3 Episode 5

The Double-Blind Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2010 on TNT
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The Leverage team take on a pharmaceutical CEO who plans to distribute a deadly drug for big profits.

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  • Good episode.

    Great episode of Leverage that really showed what this show is about: a group of Robin Hood like heroes taking down big corporate business and helping the little guy. The villain of the week was a greedy pharmaceutical company that was willing to lose 2.5 billion in lawsuits because of their unbelievable profits, but Nate and Team Leverage caused them to lose everything in this well-done installment from start to finish. This really was the show personified as you had Eliot in a different role than he is accustomed to (although you did still get your Eliot beatdown of the week) and you had another tease of the relationship between Parker and Hardison.

    One of the best so far this season for sure and another homerun for what is without question TNT's best television show.moreless
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode. First of all, I think that Parker's jealousy was hilarious. When she broke the beer bottle while watching Hardison and the girl I was cracking up. And during the client meeting when she pulled up a chair, you could almost see exactly what she was thinking. And when Hardison told her that the "pretzels" were right there whenever she wanted them, it was so sweet. I must say, however, that I'm not sure how I liked the new Nathan Ford. In all honesty I wish they would have just ended the whole drinking problem thing awhile ago, because now it just has no meaning in the show. He's ok, but he's not. Its just annoying. And I felt like he was making real progress with getting closer with the others, but now it seems like he's backtracked. I mean Elliot was obviously pissed at him for scaming them, even though it was to protect them, but they never went anywhere with that. Nate just said "Elliot are we ok?" and Elliot didn't reply, but the next episode it was like it never happened.. I kind of wanted to see Elliot actually stick up for them but he just let it go which was surprising to me, since his character isn't the baking down type..moreless
  • A reckless Nete and a new side of Parker...

    Once again, Leverage brought a fun, interesting, and worthwhile episode. The fact that the case was so close to home with Nate was cool. However, I wasn't sure if Nate's reckless decisions throughout this episode were due to his ability to relate to the case, or that he was drinking. His proclamation in the first episode of the season about being a "drunk thief" made me feel like his common sense was deteriorating ever since.

    Meanwhile, Parker's newfound jealousy of Hardison and the female client was intriguing. For a while I thought that Hardison's feelings weren't reciprocated, but this episode turned the tables. The end had me fooled that they would actually admit their feelings, but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully Parker's feelings aren't ingnored, but addressed in future episodes. Some television shows forget to continue sub-plot storylines. Overall, good episode. Can't wait for the next!moreless
  • Taking down big business

    I was not the biggest fan of the overall message of this episode which showed big corporations as nothing but souless machines looking for a big payday with no thought to who is hurt or dies, but the interactions of the team more than made up for it. Parker being jealous throughout the episode finally addressed the tension between her and Hardison and their last scene together addressed how he understands they aren't going to have the most normal relationship because of her past and the way that she acts. Nate and Sophie continued their struggle to find away to work together and ignore their inevitable relationship by her continuing to chastise his refusal to change and his attachment to the past.

    My favorite part of the episode however was the conversation between Eliot and Hardison after he was worn out from 'walking the freedom trail' since I'm from Boston its nice to see them reference all the local aspects and Eliot was just hilarious.moreless
Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes

Ashley Moore

Guest Star

Tracy Gaillard

Tracy Gaillard

Jennifer Pearson

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Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin

Dr. Roberts

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Hardison Photoshops Parker's head onto the body of a University of Iowa cheerleader. The cheerleader in the photo is wearing a blue and white uniform. However, University of Iowa cheerleader uniforms are the college colors black and gold.

      The cheerleader picture is actually one of the "scandalous" pictures that Hardison took/photoshopped during "The Jailhouse Job" to make the Senator look dirty.

    • When Nate and Sophie check up on Darren Hoffman, the information shown on screen under "Other Info" actually does make no sense except for the first two sentences.

    • Trivia: None of Eliot's fights are seen on-screen.

    • Trivia: This is the first time that a murdered man is seen on-screen in the series.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Fake FBI Guy: FBI, sir. That young lady's in our custody.
      Hardison: Aw see, you made two mistakes, bro. First, you flashed that fake ass FBI badge at me. Second, you spilled his coffee. (Pointing at Eliot)

    • Nate: Where's Eliot?
      Hardison: Oh, he had to change his shirt. He got coffee on it. And some blood and some teeth.

    • Eliot: Door's locked and nobody's answering.
      Nate: All right, well, see if you can break in, but be subtle.
      Eliot: Yeah, yeah. (smashes in the door)
      Nate: Not subtle.

    • Trina: Go ahead, introduce yourself, and then introduce Vioplex.
      Parker: Dr. Nesson.
      Trina: And remember to smile.
      Parker: Heh. Dr. Nesson, I'm Laurie. I've got great drugs. Do you want some?
      Trina: O-okay, good? Uh, but let's try to elaborate on Vioplex a little more. Okay? Okay, go ahead.
      Parker: All right. I love Vioplex. It makes me happy, and not hungry, and you sleep better. Do you want some?
      Trina: Um, Vioplex is actually pain medication, not an anti-depressant or sleep aid or a diet pill.

    • Nate: Listen, since when do you question...
      Sophie: Since you went off the rails, and we had to pull you out of prison, and ended up getting blackmailed, thank you very much.
      Nate: Fair enough.
      Sophie: Look, you still run this crew. But you're a thief now, just like me. And that means I can call you out any time I think you're out of control.
      Nate: And if I say no?
      Sophie: I'll walk. And remember, Nate--I'm the only one that actually likes you.

    • Hardison: Yo, the information I got from Hoffman's office confirms that he's still got vials of HT1 in PallaGen's storage. Thing is, the vials are stored in a case amongst hundred of other cases in one of ten storage facilities. Now, if I do my math, that means this case was...
      Eliot: It's gonna be hard to find!
      Hardison: I believe I was making that point.

    • Hardison: Little Jennifer Pearson's wearing you out, ain't she?
      Eliot: Dude, we walked the Freedom Trail twice.
      Hardison: Nice.
      Eliot: No, man, the actual Freedom Trail. We took paddle boats to the public garden, shopped on Newbury Street, I went to something called to Boston Duck Tour.

    • Jennifer Pearson: You know, I've dated a lot of you drug company guys. You're nice, you're handsome, married to the job. I really enjoyed our time together, I'm just looking for someone who's a little less settled.
      Eliot: Well, I'm...
      Jennifer Pearson: It's not a criticism. You are a great guy. I'm just not looking for someone who sits behind a desk all day. I want someone who travels the world and takes risks, somebody a little more dangerous.
      Eliot: Right.

    • Sophie: You do realize that that stunt you pulled defines "out of control."
      Nate: Well, you know, I just wanted you to see that I would never put any of you at risk if I wasn't willing to take the same chances myself.
      Sophie: I love how you think that's comforting.

    • Parker: So, I have to tell you something.
      Hardison: Okay. Did--did you want to talk?
      Parker: Yeah, okay. So, the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings... f-for... pretzels.
      Hardison: Pretzels. Okay. Well, they're right here. When you want them.

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