Season 3 Episode 5

The Double-Blind Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

Student Lisa Moore is chatting with her friend Trina and suddenly collapses.

Three Years Later

Ashley Moore, Lisa's sister, agrees to meet with Dr. Roberts at an outdoor café. He claims to know about how Lisa died. Before he can provide more detail, Ashley gets a blocked call on her cell phone. Distracted, she checks it and turns around to discover that Roberts has disappeared. Ashley finds a piece of paper that Roberts left behind with the word "Arcadia" and a list of name. When she notices two men in suits watching her, she hits Recall on her cell phone. Their phone rings and Ashley realizes they are after her. She runs down the street and bumps into Alec as he comes out of the coffee shop. The men try to claim they're FBI, but Alec realizes that their fakes and points out their other mistake: they spilled coffee on Eliot. Eliot isn't happy.

Nate and Alec meet with Ashley, and she explains that Lisa was a test subject participating in drug trials with JRP Pharmaceutical for a substance called HT1. When she died, the company denied any responsibility and offered her parents a settlement. They took it over Ashley's objections, and she tried to sue. The case was dismissed and she's spent three years trying to find lawyers to reopen the case. As Alec comforts her, Parker watches them from the bar as Ashley admires Alec. He checks the list of names and figures that Arcadia refers to a nearby town. However, none of the names on the list have any records in the town. Alec does determine that Roberts lives there. As he goes to the bar for a refill, Parker warns him that Ashley looks like a terrorist, and then goes back over to the table with him and watches Ashley closely. Nate determines that Roberts worked with JRP until they were bought out by another company, PallaGen Laboratories, and he was fired by the CEO, Darren Hoffman. Nate sends Eliot to check out Roberts' apartment and Parker and Sophie to Arcadia to find the people on the list.

Eliot breaks into Roberts' apartment and finds a flash drive key chain. He sends the files to Alec, who discovers that Roberts had a meeting with Hoffman. Hoffman tried to pay off Roberts, but the doctor refused to take the bribe. Nate explains that Hoffman is a CEO, looking to boost a company's stock value and then use the PR to promote himself to a higher position at the next company he moves on to. Eliot finds Roberts corpse in the apartment and finds hidden puncture marks indicating where a poison was used to make it look like he died of a heart attack. Parker and Sophie call the team to tell them that they've found the people on the list: they're all buried in the Arcadia cemetery.

At the apartment, Nate and Sophie confirm that all of the victims died of liver failure brought on by HT1 drug testing. When they discover that Hoffman had the electronic files wiped, they check the newspaper reports and confirm that all of the victims were connected. The team figures that Roberts knew about the deaths and Hoffman tried to pay him off. When that didn't work Hoffman had Roberts killed and made it look like a heart attack. Nate and Sophie discuss strategy and decide to use the double-blind con.

Parker infiltrates PallaGen as a trainee for the sales representative program, since the company is releasing a new drug, Vioplex, and needs the extra staff. Next, they get Sophie in as a FDA agent, Jennifer Pearson, so she can get close to Hoffman. While she does so, Eliot distracts the real Jennifer Pearson by pretending to be a PallaGen salesman. He intercepts her in the lobby of PallaGen before she can sign in, and then steals her badge and gets it to Sophie. Once Sophie is clear, Eliot starts flirting with Jennifer.

Sophie meets with Hoffman and he's soon smitten. He offers her "consulting fees," and Nate explains to Ashley that pharmaceutical companies manage to use such "fees" to pay off FDA inspectors as well as doctors and promotional celebrities. Sophie gets Hoffman to show her around the company, and jams the electronic door on his lock. Parker soon fails to make a convincing sales representative and asks to go to the bathroom. She gets into Hoffman's office, accesses his computer, and sends the files to Alec. Nate realizes that the new drug, Vioplex, is simply HT1 with a few proteins tossed in to delay the lethal side effects for a few months. By the time people start dying, Hoffman will have moved on to his next company and be in the clear. To prove that Vioplex is the lethal HT1, they have to steal the PallaGen samples from the original drug trials. Nate incorporates Jennifer into their scam, figuring they'll need a real FDA agent to expose Hoffman. He has Parker find the storage records on the HT1 and tells Eliot to keep Jennifer in town. She's ready to leave once she has her paperwork signed, but Eliot persuades her to stay in Boston and see the town with him.

Parker finds the storage records but sets off the alarms. As the security guards close in, Nate insists that she has enough time to finish copying the records and make her escape. Alec objects but Nate overrides him, and Parker manages to get out just in time.

Later at the bar, Sophie arrives and questions Nate's judgment. She warns him that they're being blackmailed because he went off the rails and ended up in prison. Nate admits it's true, and Sophie warns him that now he's a crook just like they are, and she'll question his judgment whenever she feels like it. When Nate wonders what happens if he won't accept that, she threatens to walk and warns him that she's the only one on the team that likes hm.

While Alec checks the storage files, Eliot complains that Jennifer is keeping him busy seeing every tourist site in Boston. Alec confirms that the HT1 is hidden in a PallaGen storage vault, but there are dozens of them with no way to pinpoint the location. Nate confidently insists that they can get Hoffman to lead them to the HT1, and Alec and Eliot wonder if Nate is going too far.

Sophie meets Hoffman for lunch and she promises that she'll run interference for him. Hoffman is unconcerned, noting that the profits they make from Vioplex will far away the FDA fines for any deaths. Sophie complains about the cold and borrows his jacket, and then goes to take a call. Nate sits down in her chair and tells Hoffman that he was working with Roberts and knows all about the HT1 scam. He informs Hoffman that he has the HT1 vials and that the CEO will have to pony up $5 million for his silence. As Nate leaves, Sophie returns and gives Hoffman his coat back.

Hoffman immediately goes to the PallaGen vault to confirm the vials are still there. He's unaware that Sophie placed a combined camera and GPS tracker on his jacket, and the team now knows where the vault is located. Nate sends Parker to steal the vial. Ashley tries to wish her luck but Parker irritably says luck has nothing to do with it.

When Sophie goes back to PallaGen to meet with Hoffman, she sees him planning something with his security men and warns the others. Hoffman calls Nate and agrees to his terms, but insists that Nate come to PallaGen to receive payment. Nate confidently agrees but Alec and Sophie warn him that it's a trap. Unconcerned, Nate tells them they'll just have to pull off the con before Hoffman kills him.

At PallaGen, a rollout party for the new drug is in full swing. Eliot tries to watch for any security guards approaching Nate with a hypo. However, Jennifer comes over and complains that he's too normal a guy, and she wants someone more exciting and dangerous. She insists they can still be friends and leaves, leaving Eliot speechless.

At the vault, Parker avoids the security cameras. She gets to the door and waits for Alec to get her the combination from the video footage they took earlier. Alec and Ashley both scramble for it, much to Parker's disgust, and finally send her the combination that Hoffman entered.

Nate stops a man from approaching him, only to discover that he had a pen, not a hypodermic.

Parker triggers the motion alarms and Alec tells her she only has 15 seconds to escape before the guards arrive.

Hoffman meets with Sophie at the rollout party and gets word of the break-in. While she goes to get champagne, he sends his men to check out the vault and make sure the vials are still there. Parker is hiding in the ceiling, drops down behind them, and locks them in the vault. She trips a third man on her way out but once she makes her escape, she tells them that the case is still in the vault.

Nate realizes it's time to get out and heads for the exit. A security guard comes at him with a syringe and Nate manages to stop him, but other guards haul him away to Hoffman's office. Hoffman informs him that the deal has changed since he knows that Nate lied. The guards arrive with the case from the vault and give it to Hoffman. He sends them outside, where Eliot arrives to knock them unconscious. In the office, Nate informs Hoffman that the case is empty and Parker got the vials. Hoffman opens the case and confirms that the vials are gone. What he doesn't tell Hoffman is that Parker apparently took the vials and deliberately set off the motion alarms.

Nate then informs Hoffman that the HT1 is in the champagne, and that the concentrated dose will soon kill the CEO. Jennifer arrives and Hoffman has no idea who she is. She explains that his "assistant" sent her up, and Hoffman realizes that Sophie is a fake. Believing all of the champagne has been poisoned, Hoffman runs down to the lobby and Nate suggests that Jennifer stay with him.

In the lobby, a panicked Hoffman tells everyone not to drink the poisoned champagne. Alec broadcasts the identical formulas for HT1 and Vioplex on the lobby monitors, and Jennifer demands an explanation. When Hoffman claims the vials were stolen and Nate used them to poison the champagne, Jennifer opens the case... and reveals that the vials are all there. The case is a trick case designed to make it initially look empty. As the reporters and shareholders demand answers from Hoffman, he looks up at the balcony where Nate toasts him with a glass of champagne. Sophie arrives and points out that Nate put his life at risk, but he insists he did it just to show that he wouldn't put them in any danger he wouldn't face himself.

Later at the bar, Alec gives her a list of all the HT1 victims and the 10% of the whistleblower's fee that PallaGen and Hoffman had to pay. As they hug, Parker watches from the bar and snaps the bottle she's holding. Sophie suggests that she's jealous, and that she should tell Alec how he feels. When Alec comes over, Sophie slips away and Parker awkwardly admits that she has feelings... for pretzels. Realizing what she really means, Alec assures her that the pretzels will be there any time that she wants them.