Season 4 Episode 11

The Experimental Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on TNT



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    • Hardison: Now, most people would dive into the question of why did they move. I, however, am not most people.
      Nate: You want to skip the "behold my genius" part and just tell us what you found.

    • Sophie: Titus Andronicus.
      Nate: "I will grind your bones into dust and with your blood and it make a paste."
      Parker: Um. Clever. (everyone stares) C-creepy. It's creepy.

    • Nate: Ever been quail hunting, Hardison?
      Hardison: Do I look like I go quail hunting?
      Eliot: Let me ask him something. Do you ever played a video game where you go quail hunting?
      Nate: You see, the birds, understandably, they don't like to be shot.
      Parker: They hide in the bushes. when you go hunting, you have to beat the bushes with a stick. That way you scare the birds into the sky and there's a man waiting there with a gun and good aim. And he (makes shooting sound) picks them off.
      Hardison: That is seriously messed up. Why would y'all tell me something like that? Why do you know that?

    • Hardison: He's just a kid Nate, how bad can it get?
      Nate: How many grown men said that about you while you were raining digital fire down on their lives?
      Hardison: Ha-ha. Now I'm nervous.

    • Hardison: I'm getting some weird feedback. It's like a whumpa-whumpa.
      Eliiot: Wait. What do you mean? What kind of whumpa-whumpa?
      Hardison: I mean, how many kinds are there?
      Eliiot: here's seven of them. Is it a whumpa-pop whumpa-pop?
      Hardison: Are you being serious right now?
      Eliiot: Hardison!
      Hardison: It's like a-a whumpa-tink whumpa-tink.

    • Parker: Remember the other night when you were playing with your pretend friends?
      Hardison: They're real. Look, they're-they're not pretend. They're just not in the same room with me.
      Parker: They're an elf, a dwarf, and a thing with a tail. I'm pretty sure they're pretend.

    • CIA Interrogator: I think that's it. I think the reason you won't give me your word and walk out that door, is 'cause you think you deserve to be here.
      Eliot: What do you want to know? Names? Dates? Locations? You want to know what food was on their breath? Their eyes--what color their eyes were? You want to know the last words they spoke? You want to know which ones deserved it.. or, better yet, the ones that didn't? Do you want to know which ones begged? Do you know why I remember these things?
      CIA Interrogator: I don't know.
      Eliot: You don't know? 'Cause I can't forget. So there's nothing you can do, no punishment you can hand out, that's worse than what I live with every day. So, to answer your question, no. I haven't counted. I don't need to.

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  • Allusions

    • Travis: Yo, Harry! H.P.!
      Referencing Harry Potter, the teenage protagonist of seven novels by J.K. Rowling, the first one published in 1997 and the last in 2007. Harry is an orphan who discovers that he has magical talent inherited from his dead parents and is taken to Hogwarts, an academy designed to foster the talents of young wizards.