Season 2 Episode 4

The Fairy Godparents Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2009 on TNT
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In order to get a corrupt funds manager's money, which he has hidden at home, the Leverage team needs to act as fairy godparents to his stepson. By organizing a big performance for the kid they plan to lure the stepfather under house arrest out of his apartment.moreless

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  • Love the show no matter what! Dont want to see any cast member gone this season or next Hopefully!!

    The reason why I like this show is that its funny! It has good story lines that sends out a message to people.

    I know a lot of people want some drama, something bad happening, someone getting caught, but I really like the fact that we can watch the show without any panic sometimes, cos in the end everything is going to get better.

    Although I am not sure how the writers are going to create a bit fo a drama, maybe make it like prison break, where we are always panicking lol but still in the end good and bad things happen

    The fact that sophie and nate have this relationship but they are still not together is probably because they want the fans to want them to be together but they keep putting it all off. Like Scully and Mulder in x-files

    But I am still in love with this show. Keep waiting for the next episode to show! Maybe they can put in some drama, but overall its good. Love Parkers honesty! the whole thing is great!moreless
  • Nate and the team go after a Ponzi scam artist who is hiding 20 million while the free medical clinic he took money from is folding. The team goes into a private school to work a scam to get the man out of his house while being monitored by the FBI.moreless

    Not one of the strongest episodes overall in the first two seasons. I think it had to do with the weak plot lines of the overall story. It was nice what Sophie did for Widmark Fowler but it really didn't have anything to do with the con and it sort of took away from the episode.

    As far as Widmark's step-father is concerned, he was really the epitome of a useless human being. He took millions of dollars that weren't his and still was trying to get out of paying the price for his deeds. In the end his accomplice turns out to be Mark Sanford who supposedly lost millions of his investment dollars in the Ponzi scheme. Also the plan called for the two FBI agents to be eliminated.

    What would be the odds of the two FBI agents being the same ones from last season. I think the episode lost a little of its credibility at that point. You have to suspend disbelief for most shows but when they have to resort to that kind of story plot you have to be worried. I hope this was a temporary glitch in the writing.

    Still it was fun watching everyone do their things and hopefully they'll be back on track next week. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Weak.

    After the first two episodes of the season I thought that Leverage might have been turning the corner and really getting good, but the last two episodes have quickly made me sour on the show. The whole plot has just been phoned in with everything going fine, random bad guy showing up, Eliot beats him up, and everything is fine again. This generic formula can only go on for so long before people lose interest, and they have as evidenced by the falling ratings since the season premiere. I really want to like this show, but simply put, they need to try harder than this.moreless
Rick Overton

Rick Overton

Agent Taggert

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Gerald Downey

Gerald Downey

Agent McSweeten

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Richard Topping

Richard Topping

Mark Sanford

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Agents McSweeten and Taggert talk about what they had been doing in the past year to Parker and Hardison, the two FBI agents say that they "put away Masconi" and "stopped a meth ring during a bank robbery." These events were shown during "The Wedding Job" and "The Bank Shot Job." The Leverage team provided assistance for the FBI agents to close both cases.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Nate: Can I get this straight? Okay, you two couldn't rig a gym class and a spelling bee, and you two run into the only FBI agents on the planet that recognize you?
      Eliot: I gotta be honest with you, I think we broke the kid even more.
      Sophie: We are the worst fairy godparents in the world.

    • Nate: Listen, we've still got to get Fowler out of the apartment so we can get in.
      Parker: Yeah, except now when he leaves there'll be somebody waiting to kill him.
      Hardison: Man, one of his victims wants payback more than he wants to be paid…back.
      Eliot: But one of you two can identify the gunman, right?
      Hardison: Oh yeah, sure, he stopped and let me take a picture of him as I was chasing him.
      Eliot: Hey, you know what? I've been around little kids all day, I don't need to come home and do all this crap.
      Hardison: Man, I've been in this pink shirt, tight plaid pants, these old Webster loafers, this girl walking all over my back, I don't need this man.

    • Nate: Who's that?
      Hardison: Oh, the kid. Kid's from her first marriage, Widmark.
      Eliot: I'm sorry what? Widmark?
      Hardison: Rich people, man.

    • Kay Maher: He's allergic to strawberries.
      Parker: That's ironic.
      Nate: Why?
      Parker: Because he's sweet.

    • Kay Maher: Sorry. It's just really hard to trust people right now. You know?
      Parker: That's okay. We don't trust you either.
      Nate: No, she didn't...
      Kay Maher: Thank you for your time. (walks away)
      Parker: That went super.
      Nate: God... where is Sophie?

    • Alec: Hey. This look like an ordinary cell phone, right? It's not, man. It's a metal detector. See, it uses, pulse-induction technology that sends out a current that generates a magnetic field, and then… are you even listening?
      Eliot: Yeah.
      Alec: Well, what did I say?
      Eliot: You were explaining how you're still a virgin.

    • Nate: Now, there are three general exceptions for house arrest. There's personal safety, death of a relative, and family events.
      Eliot: Personal safety. We could burn the apartment down.
      Parker: Ooh! Ooh!

    • Widmark: I want someone to like me. Does that get easier when you're a grown-up?
      Sophie: Um, no, I don't think it does.
      Widmark: You're nice. But weird.

    • McSweeten: Can you imagine having her for a partner? What?
      Taggert: You want to see other partners.
      McSweeten: I didn't say that.
      Taggert: Yeah, fine, whatever.

    • Nate: Could you just please try to maybe not make this so difficult?
      Sophie: I can't take you seriously with that dead cat on your head.

    • Parker: Door alarm's got a Takashita 500 with redundant infrared. Window's easier.
      Alec: The window? The window that's 20 stories up?
      Parker: Like I said--easier.

    • Nate: Well, you know, this is interesting. This must be a-a first. I mean, it's the only time I can remember that the con depended solely on you telling the truth. How'd it feel?
      Sophie: Eh, good. Don't get used to it.
      Nate: Oh, no. No.
      Sophie: I start telling the truth all day... I stop being Sophie Devereaux.
      Nate: Maybe that's, uh... a good thing.
      Sophie: Uh-nuh.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: August 18, 2010 on Bravo
      Turkey: October 10, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: April 20, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 9, 2012 on JOJ Plus


    • Sophie: The play's the thing, wherein I'll capture the conscience of a king.

      The title of this episode comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2, lines 603-605. Hamlet stages a play reenacting the scene where his father is killed, thus tricking the king into revealing his guilty conscience.