Season 1 Episode 12

The First David Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2009 on TNT

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  • Best episode yet.

    Nate jumps at the chance to screw his old boss Ian Blackpool for his role in the death of Nate's son. Blackpool has and extensive art collection which includes the 1st David by Michelangelo. The goal of the leverage team is to sell him a fake as the 2nd David, and put it on display and uncovered as the fake it is ruining his credibility, but a wrinkle develops. Sophie is posing a an Italian art expert and Elliot is posing as an art authenticator. Elliot would be doing the authentication of the fake, but Blackpool insists on his authenticator and Nate's ex-wife Maggie authenticating the David. They decide they have to steal the 1st David from Blackpool and sell it back to him as the 2nd David. Parker devises a plan to get into the vault and steal the David within minutes. She and Hardison get into the vault and replace the real David with a fake one and get out undetected. The sell to Blackpool goes down and they sell the 1st David back to Blackpool as the 2nd David. Right after the sell Sterling puts a plan of his own into action. It is learned that Sophie has the real 2nd David in storage, infuriating Nate. They take Carter hostage who was trying to steal back the real 1st David. A deal is made to trade the 2nd Davide for Carter on the roof of the Leverage building. Elliot just about meets his match in Mr. Quinn, but he prevails in the end. Sophie meets Sterling on the roof to trade the 2nd David for Carter. Knowing the Sterling has no intention of letting them go Sophie thinks like Carter and develops a plan. After Sterling gets the 2nd David, they start going after Sophie and Carter, but it is to late. Sophie is attached to a long cord ready for Carter to hold on to her and jump off of the building. They get away. Back at Leverage headquarters Hardison is being held captive and Nate comes in. There are four men guarding them. Elliot walks in and assesses the situation when two more men come up behind him. Elliot takes a page out of Hardisons book and uses a cellphone to scramble their earpieces. Nate, Elliot and Hardison take advantage of the situation and take them all down, tying them up face down on the table. Sterling and the rest of his team arrive at the Leverage headquarters and Hardison's face and a count down start on the big screens. Sterling yells to get out. The get out just in time for the top floor of the building to blow up. The Leverage team all get away and meet look at each other and go into the winds like they did in the first episodes
  • Leverage HQ must steal a David statue.

    I do not think this episode is deserving of the 9.6 score it has as of this writing, but it certainly was a decent installment and set the stage for us to get excited about the season finale of TNT's best original drama.

    The fight scenes were good as usual, and seeing Nathan actually slam a villain's head against the desk was unexpected, but a nice change to his tautological "good-guy" persona. Hardison's response to Parker pretending to make out with him was funny as well.

    Hopefully the show goes out with a bang, but I am glad they are getting a second season because there are a lot of stories to tell with this cast.
  • An otherwise interesting story is ruined by the intervention of Sterling, a character designed probably to act as a foil against the Leverage crew. It doesn't work.

    The WORST episode of the series thus far. The plot is decent enough, and the complications added by a third-party add a certain Mission Impossible (TV series) flavor to this--something goes wrong! But the character of Sterling as a smarmy foil is the death-nell of the quality of this heartofore excellent series. There is no need for a character of this type, it's a hackneyed device that shows the lack of creativity of the writers. Recurring foils should be abandoned at the time editors start paying you for your work. But, alas, it's the Fugitive all over again. The Leverage team is on the run...what city will they turn up next in? Will the team recover? Tune in next time...
  • part one of season finale - best episode yet!

    The excitement keeps increasing as the episode progresses - culminating in a huge shake up, to be continued next time. It starts with the team taking an unconventional approach to helping Nate with his drinking issues - i.e., by getting helping him get revenge on his evil former employer who refused to pay for Nate's son's medical treatments. The goal is to con Blackpoole into buying a fake model of the statue David by Michelangelo, so that he'll be discredited later when it's inevitably discovered to be a fake. The con hits a speed bump when Nate's ex-wife, a highly skilled art expert, shows up and Blackpoole wants her to authenticate the statue. The team does a work-around, but then Nate's nemesis Sterling and his goons swoop in and catch them in the middle of the theft. Sterling's figured out how the team thinks and operates - and so he's now able to anticipate their moves and always be a few steps ahead. When Nate realizes this, he says the team needs change their game immediately. They take some extreme and unexpected measures to get out of Sterling's clutches. But although they escape the immediate danger, the team members are divided and on the run at the end of the episode, and Sterling is still in the position of power. Wow. This was episode was AMAZING - can't wait for the finale, and eventually.... season two!
  • This episode had everything!

    The First David Job had a one con, built on another con, and even the conners were conned!
    How's it going to end?

    So from the start, I knew that Nate had to be acting when he pulled his gun on Mr Blackpoole, it's not in Nates nature to pull a gun on someone. Then when they introduced Sophie, I knew that something was going on. The text on the screen appears and you see the team planning their attack. Well actually they were having an 'intervention' for Nate. But Nate doesn't need rehab, he needs cold revenge.

    At the very end of the episode, everyone was using everyone else's talent. Sophie was thinking like Parker
    Eliot was thinking like Hardison
    It was fantastic! They had all picked up each other's traits and specialties. The high frequency on the bad guy's ear pieces was a stroke of genius.
    We are left with the crew splitting at the end. Whatever happens in the next episode, I know they will be on top and two steps ahead of Sterling.

    I cannot wait to see what is in store for The Second David Job
  • I'm not usually one that likes cliffhangers, however with such an excellent show i'll forgive them

    The show started with Nate's drinking still being a problem. The crew addressing this with him with a slight twist - he doesn't need AA but you need grade A revenge.

    I was completely excited once I saw Nate's face turn from grievance to absolute determination. That one expression got me fired up and ready for the gang to go out and kick so much deserved b*tt. This episode had so much going for it, with Eliot finally meeting a rival matching him blow for blow. Parker & Alec starting to really show their chemistry together in their fake make out session - which had a great touch of humor as well, and the real highlight for me Sophie telling off Nate a bit which for some reason I sided with Sophie. Yes they are/were thieves but if you look more closely at them, you will see so many great qualities in each of them.

    All i can say is i'm very excited this series got picked up for a second - you can guarantee that i'll be back for more.
  • Oh no the Leverage Team is on the run...

    During the attempted intervention into Nate's drinking the team announces that they have decided what Nate really needs is not AA, what he needs is "Revenge". Nate crashes the party being hosted by his old boss Blackpoole and creates the scheme to steal his nearly pricless statue of David and sell it back to him as the alleged duplicate that Michaelangelo had created. The theft goes off without a hitch, however Sterling is back too and starts heading them off at every pass. After a few segway scenes we have Hardison and Parker captured. Nate on the run and Eliot in a toe to toe brawl with someone his equal in hand to hand combat. The exciting conclusion to part 1 is complete destruction of Leverage HQ by a self destruct device Hardison had placed. This episode rocked and we can only hope part 2 is as dynamic, explosive and well written as this installment. What will the hunters do when they become the hunted!
  • What a fantastic penultimate episode for Leverage's first season. The second to last episode of the season raises the stakes by tangling revenge as the cure all for Nate. When things are going all too well, you know Sterling is lurking nearby.

    The Leverage team plots to steal Nate's former employer's CEO's prized Michelangelo maquette and sell it back to him as its twin. However, the team does not bank on the reappearance of Sterling.
    It was interesting to see the team work to get revenge on Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), Nate's former employer and the reason for Nate's son being refused insurance. The appearance of his ex-wife (Kari Matchett) added to Nate's story and I liked how they incorporated her into the story.
    More Thoughts on 'The First David Job':
    - Loved that Elliott found a guy as strong as he is to battle so it was a more brutal fight
    - The ending was great when Elliott did what Hardison would do, and Sophie did what Parker would do.
    - Mark Sheppard is all over my screen lately and that's not a bad thing, he's great here as Sterling!
    - Loved that they blew up their offices, but kept the painting of Harlan Leverage III!
    Bottom Line: Can't wait for next week's season finale!
    Next Week: The second david!

    More at www.theplurp.com
  • Nate and his team go after the company that he used to work for and the CEO that betrayed him when his son needed research work done. This is the episode you expected to eventually happen.

    Very standard episode plot until Sterling from the Two-Horse Job shows up. He was Nate's nemesis and "partner" when they worked for the Insurance Corp together.

    The team is caught in the middle of a complicated ruse to get back at Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe of Emergency fame) for not helping with Nate's son and Jim Sterling, Nate's old investigating acquaintance at the insurance company. Michelangelo's miniature David statues are the prize. Also involved is Nate's ex wife who is an art expert and there to verify the authenticity of the David statue.

    There are a few moments when you doubt Sophie's allegiance so you have to watch to see how that works out.

    Considering the beating they take the team comes out rather unscathed except that their HQ is blown up and they are forced to split up. I have been waiting for someone to strike at their setup since they first got together. Fitting that they blow it up themselves in the end. Stayed tuned to next weeks episode to see how they get out of this mess long term.
  • Oh no, The gangs in trouble.

    Okay, I really loved the idea of the gang wanting to help Nate get revenge in efforts to maybe find him some closure in the loss of his son. I thought going after the CEO of the insurance company made sense, especially when it's learned that he's an avid art collector. Even when Nate's ex-wife throws a wrench into the plan, everything was falling into place. THEN, Sterling shows up. I always knew one he would be back and two he would be trouble and boy did he stir things up. I figured out Sophie had something up her sleeve, I just didn't think she was the one who stole the other David. My mouth hit the floor. I loved the twist of the team getting burned. I think it presents a neat challange and can't wait for the season finale. I am just thrilled to death that it's been renewed and will countdown until the season premiere, regardless of what happens next week.
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