Season 5 Episode 10

The Frame-Up Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2012 on TNT

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  • I have to know!

    There is this beautiful black and white etching or painting in the billiard room at the estate on this episode and I have to know who the artist it. Does anyone have any hints?
  • The Frame Up Job

    The first half of this season finale was stellar, but this episode left a little bit to be desired. Not saying that Nate and Sophie don't work well together, but this was just a boring storyline today. An odd twist at the end, but something that I really did not care for.

    Hard to live up to the first hour anyway.
  • Summer Finale...

    Loved it!
  • A cute if tepid season finale of an episode

    This episode is the counterpoint to the previous one - that was a fairly taut action thriller, while this one has only Nate & Sophie, and they're not doing anything terribly noble, just playing around with each other and conning and stealing a little while trying to get to the bottom of a light mystery. It was "cute" all the way through but really didn't have much punch, if it weren't for Sterling it wouldn't even feel like a season finale (and thank goodness Sterling wasn't as stupid and jerky as usual, getting tired of him getting burned because he can't see the benefit of seeing what Nate & the team are trying to show him). The hook and the crime were both terribly obvious very early on, so it was about seeing how Nate and Sophie and even Sterling worked through the obstacles to get to the conclusion, and I enjoyed for the most part watching them bounce around, but it definitely wasn't tight enough to keep my attention the way the previous episode had. It felt like a fairly standard later Leverage episode minus the tech and brief violence.