Season 5 Episode 10

The Frame-Up Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2012 on TNT



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    • Nate: You're not supposed to root for the criminals.
      Sophie: Always root for the home team.

    • Nate: A world-famous painting goes missing. And, oh, look, there's a world-famous art thief happens to be on the premises.
      Sophie: Ex-art thief. And I didn't do anything.
      Nate: I was standing right next to you, and I barely believe that.

    • Sterling: And here we have the most valuable piece in that collection gone missing and my favorite art thief on the premises.
      Sophie: Ex-art thief. Ex-art thief! Why does nobody take that seriously.

    • Sterling: You have one hour. If I don't have a suspect in an hour, you're both going down for this.
      Nate: Well, I don't need an hour. I have a Sophie.

    • Sterling: So let me get this straight. You stole not one but two paintings, one of which you spent the entire day trying to convince me you did not steal. All because your girlfriend, an unrepentant, inveterate, professional liar...
      Sophie: That's uncalled for.
      Sterling: ...told you, with no evidence whatsoever, that Ma Mystere was fake. Now you're so sure that she's right that you not only think that this paiting is a fake, but every other Mettier that was in the house, the entire collection, is fake?
      Nate: That's right.
      Sterling: Arrest them both.
      Sophie: On what charge?
      Sterling: Theft.
      Nate: We brought you back the painting.
      Sterling: Obstructing an investigation.
      Sophie: We're helping you with the investigation.
      Sterling: Being annoying and crazy.
      Nate: Well, that's not a crime. Since when was that a crime?
      Sophie: No, it's not.
      Sterling: I don't care!

    • Sterling: Hey! I don't suppose anyone here spent the last few years secretly replacing every Mettier in the house with forgeries while no one was looking? (the culprit runs)
      Nate: Very slick interrogation.
      Sterling: I didn't think that would work.
      Sophie: She's getting away.
      Sterling: I didn't think that would work!

    • Sophie: That brain of yours is very, very sexy.
      Nate: Oh, thank you very much. How about the rest of me?
      Sophie: It's a little beat-up, but... it has its charm.

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