Season 2 Episode 13

The Future Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

A pregnant Jodie McManus is meeting with psychic Dalton Rand in his home. Rand channels the spirit of her dead husband Mike, relaying the name of her dog Brutus. He assures Jodie that Mike can hear her, but then loses the connection. As she leaves, Rand's assistant Wilson Perry comes in and Dalton congratulates him on researching the name of her dog. Wilson goes over Jodie's financial statements and figures that they can bilk her for five more sessions, but Dalton suggests that they can convince her to sell her home.

Jodie's brother Ryan meets with Nate and explains that Dalton is keeping Jodie from dealing with her grief and moving on with her life. Jodie won't listen to Ryan any more no matter what evidence he presents. Dalton has taken all the money from Mike's life insurance payment, and now Jodie plans to sell the house. Nate assures Mike that Rand is going to pay.

Nate and Parker go to the local cable access station in the industrial district where Rand has his studio. Hardison hacks Rand's computers and discovers there's going to be a network scout, and figures Rand is trying to go prime time. Eliot looks for the control room while Parker and Nate sit down in the audience. Parker admits that psychics freak her out and Nate tells her to relax why they see what tricks Rand uses. Rand comes out and starts connecting audience members with the spirits of their loved ones.

Upstairs, Eliot wanders into the control room. When Wilson tries to get him out, Eliot secretly plans a bug and leaves. Hardison uses the bug to tap into the studio cameras. Meanwhile, Rand homes in on Parker and tells her that her brother died in a car accident when they were both young, and he forgives Parker. She runs off while Rand tells the audience that some people aren't ready to hear what the spirits have to say.

Back at the apartment, the team explains to Parker that Rand used hidden cameras outside the studio, plants in the audience, and cold reading of her body language to ferret answers from her. Wilson gets the information and feed it to Rand using an ear bud. Parker wants revenge and Nate figures the best way is to make the world think Rand is a psychic, and then destroy him. All they have to do is steal the future.

Rand meets with the network executive, who says that psychic show audience are dropping off. She needs to see something truly unbelievable to get him a network show, and Rand promises he'll come up with something exciting. At home preparing for private sessions, Rand tells Wilson he needs more detailed information, and insists that confidence is the key. Wilson tells him that they've had some cancellations, and they've all given the same reason.

Tara is doing a "reading" for a Nate at a coffee shop. After Nate leaves, Rand approaches her and congratulates her on her performance, but Tara says her gift is real and claims she had a brain tumor removed. She has him feel the scar and he asks her to tell him about how his father died. Hardison looks up information on Rand's father and confirms that he's still alive. Rand feels a slight shock thanks to Nate rigging the table. He asks Tara to read his future and she makes a series of cryptic statements that don't seem to make sense. Rand thinks she's nuts and tells her to stay off of her turf. However, as Rand collects his coffee and goes to his car, all of Tara's statements come true.

The next day, he goes back to the coffee shop and asks Tara how she does it. She insists that she's simply a conduit, and Rand asks her to come work for him. Tara tells him she won't work for a charlatan, but Rand says she can't pay off her medical bills without his help. She agrees, and wonders how she does it. Tara doesn't tell him that the team set up all the incidents.

Rand takes Tara to the studio and has her fill in for Wilson in the control room. He shows her how to talk to her and pass on what the spirits tell her. If everything goes well, they'll do it for the network. At the apartment, Hardison taps into the video footage while Parker steals the audience members' wallets and feeds the information to him. He researches the guests and feeds the information to Tara, while Eliot checks their cars in the lot outside. Tara then feeds the information to Rand, who is 100% successful. Finally Tara picks out Margaret Kusan, who has hired a private detective to investigate her husband Nicholas. Margaret and Nicholas are both impressed.

As Tara and Rand leave the studio, men in a black van pull up and abduct them. Eliot tries to help and saves Tara, but they get away with Rand. Back at the apartment, they figure that Margaret believed her husband was cheating on her. Hardison checks the husband, Nicholas, and discovers that he spent time in prison for armed robbery. One of the thugs had prison tattoos, and they realize that Nicholas wants Rand's psychic abilities. Now they have to find Rand and rescue him, so they can discredit him.

Hardison tracks the van on CCTV while Tara checks Nicholas' financial records. They place him in the north end at a warehouse that Nicholas owns. Eliot and Tara go there and Eliot says he'll be outside if she needs him. Tara goes in and Nicholas sits her down. He then explains that he and his partner robbed an armored car. Nicholas ended up in prison and his partner, Chris Brancato, got away with the money. He hid the money, and died rather than tell Nicholas where it was stashed. Hardison runs Brancato's files and they figure they need to give Nicholas some money.

Rand isn't able to tell Nicholas anything useful, but Tara comes up with a reading on an old car. She guides Rand into pointing out the car the team has set up, complete with a fake ownership paper. Inside are keys to a storage unit.

At the storage unit, Nate rents a unit at the storage facility and buys the owner's coveralls. When Nicholas and his men arrive, Rand thinks it looks familiar. Hardison tells Tara that they're not ready and she has to stall. Nicholas doesn't want to wait and starts breaking into a unit. Nate arrives, pretending to be the owner, and stalls.

Eliot, Parker, and Hardison set up a storage unit and start rigging the real wall. Finally they finish and give Nate the go ahead. He gives Nicholas the number of the unit. He and his men start searching the boxes but don't find anything. Nicholas prepares to shoot Rand, and Rand desperately tells him that he's a fake and wires his studio up with cameras and microphones to pull off his act. At that, Tara walks out and closes the door. Suddenly the rigged wall in the back is blown open. Rand walks through and discovers that it's his studio. The audience is watching a transmission of his confession and realizes the truth. The police arrives and arrests Nicholas and Rand. Outside, the team watches in satisfaction as Rand is taken away. Tara wonders if the audience will fall for the next fake psychic, and Nate admits they might.

Later, Jodie apologizes and Nate assures her that she'll see Mike one day, in the child he left her. As they go, Parker gives them the money that Rand took from Jodie. Ryan hugs her and leaves. Eliot wonders where the money came from, and wonders if Hardison and Parker found the hidden bank money. They just smile and congratulate each other after he stalks off.
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