Season 2 Episode 13

The Future Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on TNT

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  • A psychic? Or not?

    Luke Perry! That was unexpected, and good to see the 90210 star guesting on Leverage, and not playing a teenager, for the first time in his career. And he was believable in the role as a faux psychic who could predict people's personal lives. Think a Jon Edwards type, although they admitted that he is a fraud in this episode, something Edwards still has not been identified as. The episode was definitely interesting and different from what we usually get, but to be honest it wasn't all that great. A few funny scenes such as Perry's character falling for all the traps set by Team Leverage, but far from one of the season's best.
  • A fraudulent Psychic is making a living bilking all the money from grieving people. The team decides to take the man down using his own show and his own con against him.

    The team is starting to definitely work with Tara as a regular. She seems much more natural than at first. This story fit her skill set and it was entertaining to see where they were going to take it.

    ***** Major Spoiler *****

    It did seem to get a little off track at one point or another. Especially at the end where you sort of wondered what the point of all the final part of the story was until they broke through the wall and there they were in the set. Did the team take advantage of the final part coming to them or did they actual somewhat arrange this all to happen? Rhetorical question by the way.

    The final little piece was nice as we finally get to see Tara understand why Nate and the team do what they do. Also Parker and Alec really seem to be more together and comfortable. They're a nice couple.

    This job seemed a little smoother than ones in recent other shows. The twists were nice, but the end did seemed a little rushed. Luke Perry was fine as the Psychic, but nothing out of the ordinary. This all seemed very much by rote in general. The subject matter is not one of my personal favorites as well. People have been coning people with this bit for years.

    Entertaining and fun to watch. I think a little bit of filler story after last weeks big Russian episode. It seems that the next two episodes which are the season finales should be pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to them. Thanks for reading...