Season 4 Episode 13

The Girls Night Out Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

A man in a tuxedo runs through the streets of the city as two men pursue him. He manages to elude them by hiding on the side of a passing vehicle.

At the team's HQ, Hardison tells Parker that they're going to see fighting robots at the civic center. She's less than thrilled but assures Hardison that she'll be there. She goes to find Sophie, while Eliot and Hardison set up a poker table for a night of cards together. Nate tells them that Detective Bonnano has called and wants them to come over, but the team's leader has no interest in playing poker. Eliot and Sophie both suggest that he needs to get out a bit more and make some friends outside of the team. Sophie has dinner plans and Parker is meeting with Peggy, her friend from the jury job who has moved to Boston. As she leaves, Sophie tells Eliot not to let Nate sulk.

Outside, Parker approaches Sophie and asks for advice about her relationship with Hardison because they like different things. When an impatient Sophie suggests that she talk to Peggy, Parker tells her that her friend is on a blind date with a fellow cat-lover and doesn't know what he looks like. Sophie leaves and Parker goes to meet Peggy at the bar where she's meeting her blind date and taking him to a party at the Venezuelan Consulate that she's catering.

The caterers call Peggy and she steps off to take the call, and the man in the tuxedo comes in and asks for a tequila and a Cosmopolitan for his date with Peggy. He pays in cash and Parker notices. She takes a photo of his wallet as he pays and sends it to Hardison, who is playing poker. He steps aside to take the call and she asks him to run a facial recognition program on the photos. Hardison reluctantly does so and identifies the man as Craig Mattingly, wanted for burglary and grand larceny across the world. Parker hangs up rather than answer Hardison's questions.

Sophie meets with fellow grifter Tara Cole at a bar. Parker calls and asks for her help, and sends Sophie Craig's criminal record. They figure that Craig is targeting Peggy for a reason and agree to help Parker. They check the wallet and spot his hotel key, and Parker hangs up. She then goes to see Craig and claims that she's Peggy. He confirms that he's Peggy's date and they share a drink. Craig then says that they should go to her party at the Venezuelan Consulate and seems eager to arrive. Parker stalls, saying she's going to call her cat, and goes to get Peggy. She directs her friend to a random stranger while stealing her invitations to the gala, and then steals a dress.

Sophie and Tara break into Craig's room at the Palaestra Hotel and argue about how to search the room. They're forced to hide when two men come into the room and start searching, arguing about the best way to do it. Tara and Sophie watch from the closet and hear them call their boss, who wants them back at the event. Tara sneezes and the man comes over to the closet. Tara slams the door open and a fight breaks out. One man gets the drop on Sophie, who bluffs him into thinking that his safety is on long enough for Tara to stun him with a vase. The two men make a hasty escape.

At the Consulate, Peggy tries to get in but discovers that she's lost her invitation. As she tries to get by the doorman, Peggy and Craig arrive and present their invitations. Craig suggests that Parker go to work catering, and assures her that he'll be fine on his own. Once he takes off, Parker calls Sophie and Tara, who have arrived outside. She tells them that Craig is paying attention to three separate men who each have a briefcase. Tara offers to get Sophie in as her partner with the FBI, but Sophie prefers to go in on her own as a Russian escort. She succeeds and steals a diplomatic ID from one of the guests, and goes in with Tara while discussing their romantic lives under all their fake IDs.

Craig meets with a cartel representative, Octavio Escobar, and accuses him of sending his men to steal the item from him before Craig can sell it to him. Octavio says that he has the money and offers him a briefcase, but Craig says that he wants to hear from the other bidders. Parker watches from a distance and overhears Peggy lecturing one of the waiters. Peggy spots her and wonders why Parker is there, and notices Craig. She realizes that he's her blind date and thinks that Parker stole her date and her invitation. She doesn't believe Parker's denials and walks away.

Parker finds Sophie and Tara, who figure that Craig is holding a sale and wonder what he's selling. They figure that he's stolen something on-site and will sell it right away. Sophie promises that they'll take care of her situation with Peggy, but Parker warns her that whatever Craig is up to, Peggy will get the blame because he came in on her invitation. Tara and Sophie cover the buyers and have Parker cover Craig.

Parker grabs two drinks and follows Craig, who sneaks away and breaks into an office. She goes in after him and fakes being drunk, and he tries to get rid of her. Craig claims that the office belongs to a friend who borrowed his sweater. Parker secretly picks the lock on the door, then lets it open and suggests that they go inside.

Sophie approaches one of the bidders, a rich Texan, and stages a loud conversation about how she plans to buy the item from Craig. Analyzing the man's expressions and body language, they identify his interest and that of Octavio. They're unable to get a fix on the third man and pull him outside by claiming to be Secret Service agents. His ID shows that he's Humberto Garcia, a professor of Latin America studies. Humberto says that Craig wants information on the reserve levels of the oil fields in Venezuela. The government has been releasing false information to stay in power. The Texan wants the information to get ahead of the competition using insider information, and the cartels want it to blackmail the government to stay out of their business. Humberto, a professor, only has a tape recording of singing Venezuelan children. He hopes to appeal to Craig's better nature. Sophie takes the briefcase with the recording.

Craig checks the office computer and claims that he's checking his email. Parker goes outside while taking a picture of the room, and then sends it to Hardison. Hardison is at a Mexican bar with Eliot, claiming to be a cop to the Mexican gangsters who use it as a headquarters. Parker asks him to check the photo and determine where someone would hide something. He pinpoints a photo frame and worries that she's still with Craig.

Parker goes back into the room and examines the photo frame, and "accidentally" reveals the thumb drive hidden on it. Once he has what he needs, Craig suggests that they hit the dance floor, but a security guard comes in. Parker and Craig quickly hide but the guard spots Parker hiding behind the flag. She distracts the guard long enough for Craig to take him out with a sleeper hold, and then they make their escape to the elevator. It's out of order, and Craig grabs a fire axe to pry open the door. They get onto the roof of the car and Parker enthusiastically starts climbing up, and Craig realizes that she's not who she claims.

Craig and Parker get to the roof and he figures that she's a thief. He offers to cut her in for 20%, but Parker points out that she did everything and starts negotiating. Sophie, listening in, reminds her that they're to help the Venezuelan people. Meanwhile, Craig explains that his hacker friend encrypted the data and tipped him off. Parker tells him that she wants him to give the drive to Humberto for free because it's the right thing to do. Sophie tells Parker to tell Craig to wait for five minutes to get his money, and Parker walks off.

At the party, the Texan leaves and they figure they just need to steal the remaining briefcase from Octavio. Tara goes up to him and asks for a dance, claiming her data has abandoned her. They hit the dance floor and tango, and Tara keeps him and his bodyguard distracted while Sophie kick-switches Humberto's briefcase for Octavio's. As Parker arrives, Sophie gives her the briefcase with the cartel's money and tells her to tell Craig that Humberto is ready to make a deal.

Parker meets Craig on the roof and gives him the briefcase. He hands over the thumb drive with the oil field estimates, and then tells Parker that it's his job and he has people depending on him. Craig asks what her real name is and is impressed when he learns that she's "the" Parker. Once Parker goes, Craig makes a phone call.

Octavio is talking with Tara when he gets what he claims is a business call. He says goodbye to Tara and leaves, and Sophie follows him while Parker looks for Peggy. Octavio goes to the study and meets with Craig. Sophie watches from hiding as Craig hands over a thumb drive. Octavio checks it and is satisfied that it has the right info. Parker realizes that Craig switched the thumb drives earlier. Octavio pays with the money from his briefcase, much to Sophie's surprise since she switched the briefcases.

Parker heads through the kitchen to confront Craig and discovers that the Texan is tied up and locked in the freezer. Tara figures that Octavio stole the money from the Texan to pay for the thumb drive and keep his own money. Meanwhile, Craig counts the money and says that they're done. He walks out with the briefcase and then picks up the case that Parker gave him.

At the party, Sophie and Tara watch as Octavio destroys the thumb drive. Tara realizes that the briefcase must have a bomb in it.

Parker goes after Craig and slams him into the wall. Tara and Sophie arrive and tell them that Octavio is now working for the Venezuelan government. They plan to let the bomb go off, frame Humberto as a terrorist, and destroy the thumb drive so that they get everything they want. They hit the floor and try to figure where Octavio would have hidden the bomb, and Craig figures that Octavio would have hired someone to plant it. Sophie realizes that the waiter is the subcontractor, the same waiter that Peggy was talking to earlier.

Parker calls Peggy, who spots the waiter in the kitchen. She hangs up and goes to confront the man. He tries to get out but Peggy tells him to stay put, so he grabs a knife and attacks her. Peggy easily disarms him using a pan, and the man tells her that they have to get out before the bomb goes off. Parker and Craig arrive and restrain a frustrated Peggy, and get the fake waiter to tell them that the bomb is in one of the serving carts. However, he doesn't know which one: he just delivered it to the party. Tara realizes the cart next to the main exit has the bomb. She and Sophie go over and discover that it has just over two minutes remaining.

As Tara and Sophie wheel the cart out, they tell Parker to clear the room. Parker and Craig run to the stage and Parker tells everyone that they're the party planners and the fireworks are ready to begin. They tell everyone to file out in an orderly fashion, while Sophie calls Hardison for bomb-defusing techniques. He's running through a parking lot with dogs chasing him. As he tries to climb a fence, Sophie sends him a photo of the bomb. He tells them to strip the wires and figure out which one is the igniter. With 15 seconds left, they shove the bomb out the window, while the crowd below applauds the firework show.

Craig and Parker see the detonation and Craig hugs her. He explains that he was casing a museum five years ago and Parker stole a painting out from under him. Parker tells him that she's still in the game but playing by different rules, and then gives Humberto the thumb drive. Humberto thanks them and leaves, and Craig realizes that Parker steals for a good cause. He then tells Parker that he has something for her.

Later, Parker and Sophie meet Peggy at the bar and give her the briefcases. She figures that Parker is a spy and they don't correct her misconception. Sophie assures Peggy that Octavio didn't get away with it. They called in Lt. Grayson and had her arrest Octavio for stealing the Texan's money. The three women share a drink and Peggy says that she'll see Parker next week at book club. She invites Sophie to come as well, using the fake name that Parker gave her. Once Parker leaves, Sophie apologizes for ignoring her request for advice, and Parker says that after spending the night with Craig, who likes the same things that she does, she realized that she would have had a better time with Parker. Meanwhile, Sophie realizes that Craig ended up taking a cab with Tara, and the couple end up in bed together.