Season 4 Episode 13

The Girls Night Out Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on TNT

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  • The Girls Night Out Job

    "The Girls Night Out Job" was worse than last week's episode which I did not trash, but many did. There was just no consistency, there was nothing entertaining about the drivel they called dialogue tonight, and while the title of the episode should have been an indicator that we would not have seen too much from the male characters, we did need more than we got because we needed it.

    Sorry, I did not like it.
  • not bad

    Getting back on track after terrible last week. This one had a great potential, girls running the show and it could have been really great but turned out a bit flat, Either direction or the script did not work. But it was great to see Jerry Ryan again here. she is fab.
  • Back on track!

    Last week's episode was a bit of a downer for me, I couldn't even finish it, is was so boring. This week the show is back on track with an interesting turn where it's just the girls doing all the work! Very cool to have Tara back for an episode. I wonder what the boys were up to that night...
  • Sexy Parker

    Man, Parker shure knows how to work this coctail-dress, awesome figure, delicious
  • Third Time's The Charm

    The show is great. If you can't understand that, then you're an idiot and you shouldn't watch it. Last week's episode was great. It was incredibly complicated but made to look simple. That is the genius of "Leverage," and of Nathan Ford. Great acting, great chemistry. Great everything. Open a fuckin' 3rd grade grammar workbook people. At least before you start bashing on the masters. Learn to rise to the role of servant at least.