Season 4 Episode 16

The Gold Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 01, 2012 on TNT
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Hardison takes point when the Leverage team sets up an elaborate treasure hunt to con a brother-sister team running a cash-for-gold scam.

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  • The Gold Job

    I liked the commercial in the beginning and I really liked tonight's premise. Leverage did an excellent job of creating clever, evil villains for tonight's show that we really wanted to see get conned. They did get conned in one of the more elaborate scams this group has put together.

    Why this specifically called for Hardison to be the lead I really do not know, but it made for some good comedic tension between Nate and he, which is all you can ask for. Good episode, with a nice payoff in the end.moreless

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    • Hardison: Look, your story's not unique. There are thousands of desperate people who send in their gold, they get these checks way below market value. There's a pattern of perfidy.
      Nate: "A pattern of perfidy"?
      Hardison: Mm-hmm.

    • Hardison: Start the job, and see how far you get... without me. (crosses his arms)
      Nate: No, I--Hardison, come on, r--really, it's--it...
      Parker: That's his "very serious" arm-cross.

    • Nate: Now, how do I get the financials?
      Hardison: Call for a free credit report. You got a phone.
      Nate: Really? Seriously? Y--you're doing that?
      Hardison: Hell, yeah.
      Nate: He's really doing this.

    • Hardison: Go ahead, guys. Rock my world.
      Nate: I thought you were on strike, Hardison. Why are you even here?
      Hardison: It's a mental strike. I'm not really here. I'm actually far, far away in my mind.

    • Hardison: What I did was hack questions from a Kleinfeld-Ochs psych indicator into his application.
      Eliot: What?
      Parker: It's a test designed to measure preferences on how people perceive the world. You know, I--I had a lot of psych exams as a kid. They're actually pretty easy. Well, sometimes I made my doctors cry, but...

    • Hardison: And I've got a surprise. Bam! Codenames for us to use on the comms during the mission. Parker, you're "Gold.."
      Parker: Oh!
      Hardison: Sophie, you're "Silver," Nate, "Mercury." And Eliot, "Mr. Punchy."
      Eliot: You kidding me with that one? (the graphic of him throws punches) All right, that's pretty good.
      Hardison: Punch-y-y-y!

    • Hardison: Up top, give me some.
      Sophie: Uh, no. I don't high--high-five. But well done.
      Hardison: Thank you. Would mind putting that on the evaluation form?
      Sophie: Oh. Okay.
      Hardison: Thanks.

    • Nate: Listen, Hardison, the only thing success teaches you in this job is the next time, make it a little tougher. And tougher means more risk, more danger, more pressure on yourself. And that pressure begins to take a toll. You know, you begin to see the absolute worse in people. Their sins, their weaknesses, things you take advantage of. And after a while, you realize that maybe the job has changed you. And not always for the better.

    • Nate: You never count on the perfect plan. The perfect plan, it has too many moving parts, and it's... you got to expect the perfect plan to fail. I mean, that's what I do.
      Hardison: Then what do you count on?
      Nate: I count on the simplest and ugliest plan. Not Plan "A," no, but, like, Plan "G" for example. I start with Plan "G". Now, the quick, simple, ugly plan that I know is gonna work if everything goes bad. I just pretty it up a bit, just add this and that.

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    • International Airdates:
      Canada: March 8, 2012 on Super Channel 2
      UK: September 11, 2012 on FX
      Turkey: December 26, 2012 on CNBC-e