Season 3 Episode 7

The Gone-Fishin' Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2010 on TNT

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    Leverage has been enjoyable this season, but this episode never really did it for me. After the first scene, which was well-done I will point out, and relevant to boot, as many Americans are facing a financial crisis right now, it just went nowhere for me. Hardison and Eliot on the run in the woods from an anti-government militia? I'm sorry, that was just too much for me and that says something as this is a show about five people finding ways to scheme million dollar security programs.

    You can't win them all I guess, but I was disappointed with tonight's Leverage.
  • eliot and hardison out in the woods, the rest of the crew having their cover blown..this episode was a little different than usual..

    Ok, going with the bad things first: the first scene.. it was just aweful.. who would give their credit card to a total stranger? i wouldn't let anyone in the house like that, even if she was scared and had financial problems. acting like that she propably deserves to be robbed just to learn sth of it. this woman was just intolerable, to the moment she spoke to nate i thought this episode wasn't going to be as good as leverage usually is... i guess i was wrong: i really enjoyed this different way of turning out.. just as a exception from the rule.
    hardison without his computers, runing around with eliot in the middle of the woods.. hilarious.. "stealing a train" - better even.
    and the rest of the gang finding out more about their suspect and having to figure sth new out, when their cover gets blown, was great. Sure going against a group of militia was a little far-fetched, but leverage usually is a little bit like that.

    so, to not make this longer: i think this was a great episode.. a little different than usual and shouldn't be like that every week, but as a welcomed exception: not perfect, but still great!