Season 4 Episode 7

The Grave Danger Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 14, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Hardison wakes and gets a message on a cell phone from someone telling him to look around. The hacker realizes that he's in a coffin. The coffin is buried in a cemetery.

Two weeks earlier

In Linton, Massachusetts, the Newtons, brother and sister, confront a funeral director, Darlene Wickett. She leads them into her office where her sons Emery and Gideon are waiting. She tells Emery to deal with the couple and explain the situation. Once they're alone, Emery beats the brother and tells him to stop asking about their father's paperwork.

The sister, Ann, meets with Nate and explains that her father arranged for his burial in advance, but the money disappeared and Darlene said she'd never heard of their father. There's no contract because Ann's father was in chemo and Darlene took advantage of him. Nate promises to do everything they can to get the money back. Parker is hiding in the back and asks Nate how he knows that Ann's father is at peace, and Nate tells her that it's a matter of faith.

As the team gathers for their briefing, Sophie notes that Parker appears distracted. Nate says that she's just being Parker and then explains that Darlene and her sons have run funeral cons across the U.S. and have been in Massachusetts for the last five years. Their aliases are bulletproof, so the authorities haven't been able to charge them. Darlene recently bought a well safe for the funeral home, catching Parker's attention. Hardison and Eliot return with the floor plans to the home and they locate the safe. Nate says that funeral homes are busies on weekends and that will be the best time to blend in.

Nate and Sophie go to the funeral home as mourners. Meanwhile, Hardison goes in as a prospective client and Darlene offers to take care of everything. Parker sneaks in via a body bag and starts searching for the safe using a metal detector. Eliot goes in as a mourner to check another chapel at the funeral home and discovers that he's at a cop's funeral. He poses as an undercover agent and tries to blend in, and then complains to Hardison, who insists they changed the schedule.

Darlene shows Hardison the top-of-the-line Admiral Coffin, which includes a keepsake nook in the lid. Hardison, clearly uncomfortable with being in a funeral home and dealing with death in general, manages to avoid vomiting. Meanwhile, Nate and Sophie check in with Parker and Eliot, who are unable to find the safe. Sophie suggests that Parker go to the bedroom, which is guarded by Emery and Gideon. Darlene asks her sons to go to the basement to check the air conditioning and Parker climbs up the outside wall. She slips and falls in front of the window to the chapel, and Sophie and Nate start loudly mourning to distract the mourners from noticing Parker.

Parker goes to Darlene's room and fails to find the money. However, she does find the identity papers of all of Darlene's customers and Nate realizes that the funeral director is running two scams at once. He tells Hardison via earbud to go with a new plan. Hardison tells Darlene a story that his deceased great-aunt emigrated from Haiti and never even opened a savings account.

Gideon gets a phone call and steps away, giving Eliot the chance to move in. Darlene is called away to a meeting and Eliot follows her. She meets with a man, Javier, who pays her $6,000 for the papers. Darlene tells the man that in a few days she'll have a Haitian ID in a few days. Back at the office, Nate explains that Darlene is picking people without proper death certificates. She then steals their identities and sells them to Javier, but Eliot figures that Javier is only a middleman. Nate plans to con Darlene and take her for everything she's got.

Later, Sophie talks to Parker, who says that for her, faith is not enough. She asks how Sophie can care when she knows that people will someday day. Sophie suggests that Parker may have lost someone as a child and put up walls, but tearing down walls and experiencing the thrill of vulnerability makes it all worthwhile.

The team starts their plan and Sophie calls Darlene claiming to be her neighbor. She reports that Hardison is outside taking pictures. Darlene calls her sons out of bed and spots Hardison. She had Gideon and Emery drive her after Hardison, who goes to a diner. Hardison meets with Nate and explains that they can't buy out the Wickett Funeral Home and that Darlene is running an identity scam. Darlene slips in and overhears the entire conversation, and IDs Nate as an employee for a funeral home chain.

Once Hardison leaves, Emery and Gideon capture Nate. Darlene threatens to take care of him, but Nate says he's small potatoes compared to her and he'll nark on her if she narks on him. She says that she used to pose as a psychic and direct people to her funeral home. Now Darlene bribes ministers to direct their people to her. She wants Nate to bring her the identity papers of the people he handles and he agrees. Darlene tells him to start with a thousand names, but Nate negotiates for $500,000 for a hundred names. Satisfied, Darlene leaves and calls Javier. He agrees to buy them and Darlene demands $10,000 a name. Javier reluctantly agrees and then checks his lieutenant in the drug smuggling operation. Two of his men are trapped in Juarez and need new identities.

Nate and Hardison come to see Darlene, and see Emery taking the money from the fireproof chimney that blocked Parker's metal detectors. Darlene pays the $500,000 and Nate turns over the names. However, Javier and his lieutenant Eduardo arrive and demands the names. Darlene and her sons run out the back and Javier tells Nate that he's going to get more names. When Nate tries to leave, Javier says that he'll be taking some collateral and knocks him out.

Eliot comes in to wake up Nate, but there's no sign of Hardison. They realize that Javier is with a Mexican drug cartel and he needs the IDs for his people.

Hardison wakes up when Javier calls on his cell phone. Javier tells him that Hardison should call Nate and have him bring the identity documents to a baseball field and hide them beneath home base. After that, they'll talk.

Back at the office, Nate gets a new list of names from Sophie. Hardison calls them and says that Javier took his earbud and the cell phone he has doesn't have a GPS. He sends them Javier's phone number while Eliot warns that their teammate can't have more than 30 minutes of oxygen. Nate figures that Javier will let Hardison die just to tie up loose ends. They try to work out how far Javier could have gone from the funeral home and start checking possible locations. They figure that Javier must have buried Hardison in a cemetery in daylight and find several candidates. Eliot has Hardison listen carefully and he hears water switch on and then off. Nate realizes that Hardison can hear something else as well.

The police and EMTs start getting calls for emergencies and pull up, sirens blaring. When they go inside, they discover that they've received false alarms. Outside, the team steals their vehicles.

In the coffin, Hardison manages to get to his car keys.

Nate and Eliot drive around in a stolen police car while Parker and Sophie take the ambulance. Parker stays in contact with Hardison, who starts to panic and tries to cut through the lid of his coffin. Parker wonders what to do and Sophie tells her that she's the one who knows how to keep control in tight spaces. The thief talks Hardison into breathing calmly and he regains control, and asks her to stay on the phone so she won't be alone.

Nate and Eliot eliminate one cemetery and Sophie and Parker, driving an ambulance, arrive at another. Hardison hears their ambulance siren and they realize they've found him. Meanwhile, Nate calls Javier and hears the ambulance siren. He drops Eliot off and goes to confront Javier. Eliot sneaks up on them and fights Eduardo while Nate knocks out Javier. Sophie and Parker find several fresh gravesites and look for clues.

Javier wakes up and goes for his gun, and then goes looking for Nate.

Hardison cuts open the coffin lid and finds the nook with a compass and papers in it. The compass spins and Hardison realizes that Parker is above him and still has the metal detector from the funeral home. He has her start digging while Nate and Sophie arrive. Before they can dig Hardison up, Javier starts shooting at them. They take cover and Parker somersaults away, drawing Javier's fire.

Hardison begins choking due to lack of oxygen. Parker tells him to take a deep breath and hold it, and then keeps drawing Javier's fire. She tells Hardison that he's her friend and she needs him. Nate gets behind Javier and tackles him. Parker tells Hardison to move to his left and then shoots through the lid of the coffin. The others get the lid open and Eliot and the others hug him. Hardison turns to Parker, who stares for a moment and then walks away.

Later, Nate gives the money and a little extra to Ann to cover the bills. He assures her that her father would be proud of her.

Darlene applies for a funeral-directing license in Florida. She tells her sons that they've been through worse. However, the licensing officer calls in the police. Darlene is unaware that Parker copied Darlene's fake ID papers at the funeral home and Sophie mailed them to the authorities. According to the computer, Darlene died five years ago in Massachusetts. The Florida authorities arrest her for using a fake ID.

Javier gets away with the identities, but Nate switched them at the cemetery when he tackled Javier. The drug lord has Hardison's earbud, which has a GPS. Hardison tracks Javier to the Texas border and sends Homeland Security an alert. They find Javier and his drugs and put him away for a long time.

Parker is in the bar examining the compass from the coffin when Hardison comes over. He admits that he couldn't have made it without her and thanks her for staying on the phone, and walks away.

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