Season 3 Episode 14

The Ho, Ho, Ho Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on TNT



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    • Parker: Okay, bad enough it's Christmas and there's no snow on the ground, but this is Santa we're talking about, okay? We can't turn away Santa!
      Nate: You know that's not really Santa, right?
      Parker: Obviously. Santa lives at the North Pole.

    • Nate: Hey, Eliot. You in the spirit yet?
      Eliot: Ho, ho, ho.

    • Annoying Kid: Wait! I want a Rubbery Robby!
      Eliot: You're gonna get a Sammy spanking, you don't get off my lap.
      Parker: Don't worry! Santa just hasn't had his morning nog yet! You're Santa! Respect the suit.
      Eliot: Parker, this beard is itchy. All right? And somebody peed on my lap earlier. And everybody wants a... Rub Me Robby.
      Parker: "Rubbery Robby." It's a toy.
      Eliot: This is the worst job ever.
      Parker: This is the best job ever.

    • Eliot: Nate, I don't understand why you couldn't play Santa.
      Nate: Well, you know, Dooley's seen me, first of all, and secondly, you just fit in better with the other Santas.
      Eliot: Really? You're the ex-con.
      Nate: Yeah, but you're just so... jolly.
      Hardison: Jolly. (laughs)
      Eliot: Hardison, I'm gonna... I got a lump of coal with your name on it!

    • Nate: What, he set the EMP on "toast"?
      Hardison: He killed her, Nate. I hate him. I hate him.
      Nate: She was a good van. We'll get you another.

    • Eben: Ah, Santa, how are we gonna top this next year, huh?
      Frank: Do you mean I have my job back?
      Eben: I think this mall can use a Santa year-round.
      Frank: Ho ho ho ho ho ho! You are high on the holiday spirit.
      Eben: Yes, I am! And pills mixed with morphine. I can't believe you let me drive here.

    • Chaos: You have to admit, it was a good plan.
      Hardison: Yeah. But there was one thing you didn't count on.
      Chaos: Oh, no.
      Hardison: You forgot...
      Chaos: No. No.
      Hardison: About the true meaning...
      Chaos: No. Don't say it!
      Hardison: Of Christmas.
      Chaos: Aah! That barely applies here!
      Hardison: Ho ho ho.

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  • Allusions

    • Chaos: Hello, Sophie. It's the Grinch who stole Christmas.
      Referencing one of Dr. Seuss's characters in his books, the green-skinned Grinch who plots against the town of Whoville to steal their Christmas by taking all of their presents. After Seuss's death, a 2000 live-action feature film adaptation was produced. Directed by Ron Howard, it featured Jim Carrey in the titular role.