Season 1 Episode 2

The Homecoming Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on TNT

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  • Not very good.

    Leverage is nothing more than boring trite. A shameless attempt to mimic USA Network's Burn Notice and using the TNT formula of throwing an irrelevant Academy Award winner in the mix.

    The dialogue is as outrageous as the writing. Are we really supposed to believe that five people are beating out the government and every other criminal in the world?

    Suspending disbelief aside this show is just not entertaining in the least. Playing the irritating theme song throughout the entire episode only makes things worse. I thought that this show may have been different than the usual TNT mold, but it clearly isn't.
  • From Sunday to Tuesday, WOW. I was completely wrong about this show.

    Sunday's show didn't really get me all hyped up as i would have liked. But man after watching Tuesday's installment. I'm SOLD.

    This is a terrific series, I was worried with some of the cheesiness from the pilot (IMHO). But this show went above and beyond. I'm really starting to enjoy the characters development. Nate as all knowing big brother, Alec as the brains, Eliot the muscle, Sophie as the stability, and Parker the talent. The group takes on a job after meeting a glimpse of their possible future as a company, of which Nate has built (even offices). The were flabbergasted with a reservists return home is not greeted with the medical care all military men/women should have after injury. This reservists does not care about getting rich or even suing, all he wants is to get better and return to his work/life by being able to walk again. Nate without a second breathe takes on the job, which leads the group to uncertainty of the companies future as some of them have never been in harms way (only Eliot). They agree to complete this "1" job, with high hopes that none of them actually get hurt. Once back on the job they realize that the whole private war in Iraq has been nothing more for a corrupt Senator & business to launder money back to the states for their own personal gain. To sum up, the group bands together and successfully steal some of the money back, but more importantly see first hand how their good deed of returning the money to the VA Hospital itself to treat all our fighting men/women warms their hearts. This episode had me beyond cheering even more so at the end, the acting, writing, plot, directing - heck everything about this episode just made me a series long fan.
  • The A-Team for 2008

    A routine patrol in Iraq is the setting for the beginning of this episode. As a group of soldiers unknowingly stumble across what turns out to be the private security forces stealing a 2 1/2 ton full of cash. The soldiers are gunned down and the survivor in need of help from the Leverage Team contacts Nate. Along the way we uncover how politics in DC is really run with the corrupt senator, and several commando killers from the private security company. It all plays out where they catch the bad guys, give the hopsital that treats the soldiers without any government help all the cash, and Nate drives off in one awesome car. This episode is a must watch.
  • Nate loves a Challenge.

    I love the team only being a phone call away. Nate always the practical one establishing an actual company. After the tour of the office I'm LOVING this show. I can't wait. Let's get going.

    In this episode we have an injured reservist not looking for charity, just looking to go back to work, but needing some help. Our target is Castleman a private company working the profitable angle of the war, not exactly on the up and up. Our friends are definitely slick and have their talents. As always there is no honor among thieves or in this case a crooked politician and the company that owns him. But our thieves have got big hearts that are in the right place. Can't wait for next week.
  • In the second episode of Leverage the crew tries to help out a soldier who was shot in Iraq by a private company that manages defense contracts. A lightweight episode may not have been heavy on the plot, but compensates with heart and humor.

    The show is very much the American Hustle with capers and misdirection, which lets the audience in on some parts of their plan, but the final resolution is usually a surprise for us as well as those who they are one upping. The cast has great chemistry, and I'm really enjoying their interactions. This particular episode was pretty light on plot, but it was more like a recommitment of the characters to their new goals, and perhaps the same for the actors and writers to remind themselves of what the show is all about since the long ago shot pilot – their own 'homecoming job' so to speak.

    This show is definitely a fun diversion, I hope Timothy Hutton and crew can keep the momentum going!

    More Thoughts on 'The Homecoming Job':

    - I found the ending with the truck full of money a little silly, why not put it in a bank account, and give them access? It would eliminate the ability for people to track the cash.

    - The whole ending was a bit cheesy, but like I said it had heart.

    - Christian Kane needs to cut his hair, like yesterday.

    - The Tesla at the end was a nice touch, Nate isn't all self sacrificing.

    - My favourite character so far: Hardison

    Bottom Line: Definitely worth keeping an eye on, three episode verdict next week!

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  • I love this show!

    Great episode and very funny. I love each character, something that hasn't really happened before. Parker is hilarious and her dead pan comments like "i bought a plant" crack me up continuiously. Elliot is serious eyecandy and wicked awesome. Hardison is also very funny and defintiely makes me want to find a geek of my own. Sophie and Nate need to be together. Enough said.

    The case was good but not as good as the pilot. Still awesome. Their 'client' was a total hottie and the head of the hospital, i felt, was pivotal in the shows main theme. "This isn't how the world works." Nate-so change the world.