Season 4 Episode 5

The Hot Potato Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Emily Margold emerges from her house and finds two men in suits digging up her field. She runs over and they tell her that they have something that belongs to them. When her father runs over, one of the men beats him and they leave.

Later, Emily meets with Sophie and Nate at the bar. She has no idea who they were and explains that a bigshot from an agricultural corporation, Verd Agra, has called her and offered to buy her... potatoes. Emily explains that she developed a potato with extra nutrients, a super tuber. She plans to give it away to free, but received another call from the same bigshot. Emily refused to sell it and Nate assures her that they'll take care of her. Once Emily leaves, Nate invites Sophie to dinner but quickly makes sure she knows that it's not romantic. Sophie accepts.

The next morning, Sophie comes downstairs to where Nate is sleeping. They talk about what happened and Nate says that what happened in San Lorenzo was a mistake. He explains that he doesn't want a relationship and Sophie seemingly agrees. Before they can discuss it further, the others arrive. Hardison is impressed that Emily is a potato hacker. The others start to realize that Nate and Sophie were together when Nate tries to hide Sophie's clothing. Eliot warns that biocompanies hire more muscle than most countries. The CEO of Verd Agra is Colin Saunders, very paranoid and very ambitious. Jana West is his ambitious chief of operations, the one who does the dirty work. Nate gets a call from Emily and Nate tells her to stall until they can get there.

At the farm, Jana claims that Emily used Verd Agra seeds for her genetic engineering and the potato belongs to them. Emily has no choice but to give in and Jana drives off with the potato. Ten minutes later, the team arrives there and Eliot warns that if they get the potato back to corporate headquarters, it will be almost impossible to recover. Nate sends Sophie and Hardison to intercept and stop them.

Hardison finds a hay bale truck and fakes a crash. When Jana and her men arrive, Hardison asks them for help and Jana reluctantly sends her men to help. When she points out that Hardison doesn't look like a farmer, he tries to fake country. It doesn't go well and Sophie walks over and punches him unconscious. She claims that she's a security consultant with Verd Agra and was sent by the board. Sophie insists that they go to the company headquarters and secure the potato. Once they drive off, the others arrive and pick up Hardison.

At Verd Agra HQ, the team arrives and watches as Sophie and the others go inside. Sophie sends Hardison Jana's cell phone number. Nate wonders why they're not mad at Sophie, particularly Hardison, but he claims he took one for the team. Meanwhile, Jana checks Sophie's credentials. Hardison has a cover identity but it was intended for Eliot. He quickly feeds it into the system but forgets to change the gender. He quickly adjusts it and then intercepts Jana's call to the board. Nate takes the call and directs Jana to Saunders. She takes Sophie to a conference room and locks her in. Sophie tells Jana that the board hired her directly and that Colin has no idea who she is. She preys on Jana's insecurity in her position and says she knows all about the potato, and a mole in Jana's division is leaking information. Nate realizes that she's faking an internal security breach to turn Jana against her own people. Sophie convinces Jana to give her twelve hours to find the mole.

Jana takes Sophie to see Colin. He explains that he plans to develop the potato for Emily and claims that he's doing her a favor by distributing it worldwide in return for a healthy cut. Colin says that the potato is in a burn room and he has access. Hardison explains that the room allows Colin to burn everything inside the room. Meanwhile, Sophie promises Colin that she'll find the mole for him and asks for a lockdown. Nate realizes that they have to get everybody in within the next five minutes. Hardison goes in as a deliveryman while Parker directs him in how to pickpocket a guard's badge. He finally succeeds and gets in.

Sophie asks for Eliot as her accountants, saying that she needs him as a hitter rather than Nate. Nate is disappointed that she doesn't want him, and sends Eliot in. Eliot knocks out a man, takes his clothes, and goes in using the stolen band. He warns Sophie that there's a lot of ex-military around. Meanwhile, Nate and Parker intercept a tour of a group of farm club children, claiming to be company tour representatives. They explain that the teacher deserves a break and they'll handle the children. The teacher eagerly leaves the children off and Nate and Parker take them in. One of the boys, Trevor Dawson, gives Nate trouble and he settles the boy down. Once everyone is inside, the lockdown begins. Nick goes to the building map and shows the kids the security zones. He subtly explains to Parker that they have to feel the security system, which relies on tracking badges.

Sophie introduces Eliot to Saunders as her forensics accountant. Once they call in the IT guy, Hardison slips into the server room. Parker and Nate dump the kids in the cafeteria to watch a publicity film. To bypass the security system, they need three badges and Hardison has Eliot call in three employees. Sophie tries to explain why she's talking to those three people and is forced to tell Jana that they are all having an affair. Parker serves coffee to the three employees and steals their badges. She then heads to the top floor, blocks the signal on two badges, and uses the third to get in. Parker dumps the third badge but finds the next door blocked by a keypad. Hardison hacks the archive footage and finds out the PIN number from one of the employees, and Parker continues to the next level.

Trevor finds Nate and Hardison in the server room and asks what they're doing. They invite the boy to sit down and then return to the mission. Parker comes up against a guard and a door with two manual keys. Nate figures they need to get Parker another key. Sophie, listening in, asks Eliot call in the head of security. When Nate contradicts her, Eliot wonders who is calling the shots. Parker comes up with the name of the janitor who has a key with access. She steals his keys and Nate sends the janitor to see Sophie. Sophie accuses him of embezzling money through the Cayman Islands to play for time. Much to her surprise, the janitor confesses that was exactly what he's doing. Jana congratulates Sophie and prepares to lift the security lockdown... which will reveal the team.

As the janitor is taken away, Sophie tells Jana that he was probably working with someone else. She asks Jana if Saunders is uncomfortable when she's calling the shots, and suggests that he's the real mole. Sophie advises Jana to keep the lockdown going and gather evidence against Saunders. Jana tells her men to keep an eye on Sunders.

Saunders soon realizes that something is up and calls Sophie to his office.

Hardison and Nate call away the guard on the burn door and order him back to the lobby. He then tells the guard to let Parker in, claiming she's a VP. Stressed, the guard lets her in. Parker gets to the refrigerated seed vault, the first of two chambers. Hardison warns her that it's kept below freezing and she only has 20 seconds before she gets permanent frostbite. Parker continues onto the second chamber and breathes on the keypad, revealing the last four numbers. With time running out, Nate realizes that some of the numbers repeat and it must be a date that's important to Saunders, the only one with access. He remembers the date that Saunders became CEO and gives it to her, and Parker gains access to the second chamber... guarded by a laser security system.

Saunders asks Sophie and demands to know which board member called her in. he figures that someone is planting evidence and orders a search. Nate, listening in, realizes that they're blown. Meanwhile, Parker tries to make her way through the laser system. The alarm goes off and the system shows that Saunders is the one in the vault. He's unaware that Sophie stole his badge and gave it to Sophie. When Saunders tells his men to capture Sophie and Eliot, Eliot takes them out. Saunders manages to trigger the burn-room switch and they tell Parker to get out as the flames ignite.

As Saunders comes downstairs, Nate and Parker escort the children out. Parker managed to get the potato out just in time. Saunders orders the guards to search the children, but Jana comes out and tells him that the board has fired him. Hardison transferred the money from the janitor's account to Saunders' account. It looks like he was paid to burn the entire room full of acquisitions. However, the guards arrive to arrest Jana, since Hardison used her account to transfer the money to Saunders' account.

The children board the bus as Nate and the others look on. As Trevor leaves, Parker trades him for part of the potato, which they had him take out in his lunch box. The rest is being distributed as French fries in the cafeteria, since Parker slipped the rest into the kitchen.

Back at the bar, Emily thanks Nate and Sophie for their help and shows them how she's growing the potato in a bag. Once she leaves, Sophie and Nate congratulate each other on their performance. Nate starts to hesitate and finally wonders what they're going to do. Sophie tells him they should start with dinner. Nate insists that it's just a casual dinner as friends and colleagues and they leave together.

Hardison tries to call Nate, who has left his phone at the bar. He's seen a business report that Jana has been cleared of all charges and is the new CEO of Verd Agra.