Season 2 Episode 8

The Ice Man Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2009 on TNT

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  • Filler episode.

    Let's not act like this was anything more than a filler episode. Featuring a generic plot and another unbelievably unrealistic ending, there was nothing special about this installment, and if you skipped it you really did not miss anything.

    One thing this episode did prove was that Sophie Deveraux is not needed on this show, in actuality or in storyline. Gina Bellman was good on the original Coupling show in The United Kingdom, but she just doesn't mesh well with this group. She's pretty much Nate-light, and they'd be better off bringing in another female character to counter Parker, even though that's not happening.
  • Thrilling and entertaining episode.

    Writers mixed just enough of suspense, bad guys and fun. This episode is as great as many other episodes of this great TV series. I particularly enjoyed that the team struggled with Sophie being on a break. It was a new challenge for them because 'one part of the well-oiled machine was missing, the grifter'. Parker had to fill in for Sophie and meet the mark, which she has never been good at and Hardison was a loose cannon without Sophie's supervision when he was dealing with the mark. This episode is great and I hope that more episodes like this one will come again.
  • While Sophie is away taking some time the crew helps a Boston policeman who was driving when his armored car full of ten million dollars in diamonds was robbed and he was shot. The diamond company is responsible and Nate and the team go after them.

    Sophie is away and one by one the team must call Sophie for advice on handling one problem or another. Where Nate is the idea man, Sophie is the soul or mother hen of the group. She may be a terrible actor but she understands the con and is a better grifter than any of them. Remember last week when the other thief's said they were never afraid of the other guy leading them. It was always Sophie who scared them.

    Hardison takes the lead on this one and really over sells himself into the greatest diamond thief of all time. Luckily Parker is or Alec would have been toast.

    This Diamond broker and his thugs are quite a group. First they pull off an inside job and pin it on an innocent man. Then the thugs double cross their own boss by trying to steal the diamonds they already stole to get all of the money for themselves. Unfortunately they thought Hardison was the greatest at this type of thing.

    As I said Hardison sold himself too well and Nate, Parker, and Eliot had to bail him out. In the end the crooks get caught in their own vault and get taken in by the police. Nate gets the cops name restored and gives him some cash to cover the medical bills he had from being shot. Not a bad episode before the first half season finale next week. I believe Sophie will be gone for a while as her replacement for the rest of the season Jeri Ryan shows up next week? Thanks for reading...