Season 3 Episode 1

The Jailhouse Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on TNT

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  • Season 3 premiere

    Well, it is good to have Leverage back, this will certainly make Sundays a little less boring, but this was not that great a start to the new season (and new reason to get more Leverage.)

    The plot saw the gang try to take down a prison warden who profited by putting innocent men behind bars (although I don't think Nate said let's steal us a prison, which upset me a bit.)

    What separates Leverage from the others is its quirky characters who were in full gear tonight: we had a classic cartoonish brawl with Eliot, Parker being overjoyed with stealing etc. That always makes things worth watching, but this was just not that stellar a start. Hopefully the second half is better.
  • The team help out an innocent civil in jail with a corrupt owner.

    This episode was pretty good and it gave a good kick off the the third season. It was pretty cool that the whole team did a case from inside the prison that Nate is held at. I didn't see that part coming on how the who plan was going to be played out. I didn't like the very ending though with that creepy lady although I did like how it got more exciting that someone was investigating Nate. I really do want to know what Sophie's real name is. I wonder if they're going to reveal it in the next episode.
  • A quick way to kick off the third season

    This episode certainly brought everything back to normal effectively. I was happy they didn't keep Nate in jail for more than a few episodes, and it was nice to see the team working together to break him out.

    All of the cast acted very well and in character, yet the con itself felt like any old episode. I am exited to see the storyline about this new "untouchable" target, which I assume will become a season-long story arc. However, I also hope that Sophie's real name doesn't become a huge issue during the season, since when they reveal it it won't come as much of a shock. After all, it's just a name.

    All in all, I appreciated the episode for bringing things back on track in a fun an exciting way. Can't wait for the rest of season three!