Season 1 Episode 11

The Juror No. 6 Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on TNT

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  • I love it when a plan comes together!

    This episode had alot of everything. Each character had an important part in doing what they do best, plus some. First we had Sophie the mild mannered buying agent from an Indian company, she played it perfect. Then there is Parker the Jury Foreperson and that in itself made this episodde watchable and very enjoyable as she overcame the obstacles associated with her fear and terror of social interaction. Major applause to Parker making friends with grandma! Then Hardison as the attorney. If you can watch his cross examination of the "expert witness" and not laugh out loud you need to check and see if you have a pulse. This episode was delightful from start to finish and I loved the last comment of Parker's at the end. Great job keep it coming!
  • The gang must win a trial.

    It's a TV version of Runaway Jury, an underwhelming movie with a huge cast. Unoriginal concept aside, this was a decent episode. One of the problems of the show was eliminated as we did not have the entire cast running around portraying a bunch of unbelievable, one-dimensional characters. Sophie was relegated to playing an Indian businesswoman, but Parker was pretty much a collected version of herself, and Eliot and Nate simply watched football.

    What made this episode for me was Hardison's portrayal of a lawyer in the closing moments. He was believable enough that he want to see him do a guest spot on Law and Order this season. He just continues to be the most entertaining personality on Leverage and make this show worth watching every Tuesday.
  • Another great installment. The team manipulates the justice system.

    Parker is forced to take on Jury Duty as an alias that Alec has set up for her. The case involves a young man who died of a heart attach after using an herbal supplement. After joining the jury, Parker makes a few observations and realizes that the courtroom and jury are being watched by someone on the outside are fixed. Parker takes it back to the Leverage group and they decide to help the woman suing the herbal supplement company. The Leverage group get the upper hand by getting the Jury Forman dismissed after finding out he is involved in the plot. They try to buy the Herbal supplement company from the owner William Quint (played by Brent Spiner of Start Trek The Next Generation) setting him up. When the lady behind stealing the trial and not compensating the woman whose husband died in the beginning from taking the supplement buys out the company that was going to buy the supplement, the team has to change gears and try to win the case. The make Quint's car break down stealing his cell phone and making it look like he was at the competition of the company trying to buy it. They also tamper with the feed going to the company trying to tamper with the outcome and make it look like they are going win the case. In the end the end the lady from the larger company offers Quint an amount for the supplement and he apparently takes it; this is before the verdict comes out and they think they are going to win. When the jury comes out, the verdict is in favor of the woman whose husband died in the sum of 5 million dollars. The bad guys have been conned again. Gotta love this show.
  • Fun to watch!

    I liked this one! It moved along nicely, with good theme music, and had an interesting change of focus with a closeup of Parker's humourously underdeveloped social skills. I think Beth Riesgraf who plays that character is a good comedic actress - some of her facial expressions really crack me up. RE plausibility - the thing about Hardison playing the lawyer was a bit of a stretch because there are just so many ways that would not work in real life - even if you win the case there's all kinds of ongoing followup legal work to do after that, which I assume he/they would not be able to do (although when I think about it a bit more I suppose the team would find a way to take care of that too, e.g., hook the client up with a real lawyer). I love how Leverage has a nice light hearted quality but is clever at the same time - nice combination.
  • Star Trek: TNG fans rejoice! Data (Brent Spiner) drop by Leverage to give us an entertaining hour of television. Review after the jump, if you need me I'll be making friends with juror #6…

    There was great character development for Parker in this episode. I really liked her interaction with the whole cast, and she was really endearing. Another standout was Hardison, he handled his role in the con so well, and it was exciting see him play the part of a lawyer. More Thoughts on 'The Juror #6 Job:
    - Seeing Brent Spiner was great, and although he didn't have some sort of awe-inspiring guest role, he was entertaining.
    - Lauren Holly looks strange now, too much plastic surgery perhaps?
    - Gotta give a shout out to another Trek character that appeared in this episode – Quark (Armin Shimmerman); also he was Principal Snyder on Buffy: TVS.
    Bottom Line: Better than expected, really entertaining
    Next Week: Michelangelo! Sterling returns!

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  • I'm so glad this show has been renewed....

    Okay, the case this week covers a "fixed" trial that Parker has been called to serve as a juror. First I absolutely LOVED the script for this episode. You really got to see the team think on the fly and adjust to whatever situation calls for. I love that you saw a Parker very uncomfortable in dealing with other people on a personal level. You saw Sophie trying to teach her and Alex cutting her some slack and asking the others to do the same. I loved the Star Trek reunion as well as the final scene with Nate dropping the chess piece in Earnshaw's hand. All that was needed was the word "Checkmate" Excellent epsiode althought I'm disappointed that there's only two left.... hopefully their hiatus is quick....