Season 4 Episode 18

The Last Dam Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on TNT

Episode Recap

At the Renton Federal Penitentiary, Nate comes to see Victor Dubenich. He tells the prisoner that he missed, and Dubenich asks if it's special seeing his very first victim. When Nate says that he'll regret it, Dubenich tells him that a man has only three things that he'll kill for if he loses, his business, his possessions, and his name, and Nate took all three. He then asks Nate if he's scared, pointing out that he knows all of his secrets and told them to Latimer. Nate asks him what it's about and Dubenich tells him that it's about consequences, and that Nate must suffer consequences for playing judge and jury. He points out that he assembled the team and handed them over to Nate, and he knows them better than Nate. Dubenich explains that he's been preparing for three years and that Latimer knows all about what he's up to, including murdering Jimmy. Nate reminds Dubenich that he told him the next time they met, he wouldn't be so nice. Now it's the next time. With that, Nate gets up and leaves.

Outside, Nate tells Sophie that Latimer is protecting Dubenich and they have to crack Latimer. Sophie wonders what else they can do to Dubenich since he's in jail, and then realizes what Nate has in mind.

At Latimer Diversifed, Parker goes in, disguise, and Hardison gets her in past the keypad. She plants the bugs and crypto-keys, while Eliot goes in posing as a janitor. However, Latimer and his man pick them up on the cameras and confirm who they are. Hardison warns the team that someone has recognized his specific software programs and locked him out, and the building goes into lockdown. Parker uses a harness to drop out of the office, while Eliot fights his way out through the lobby. Hardison pulls up in the van and picks them up

Back at the office, the trio arrives and discovers that the place is in shambles and Nate has dozed off. He wakes up and tells them that it began with the Potato Job and VerdAgra. Latimer saved the CEO to put someone in place that he could control and buy specific land... and the water rights. Nate explains that Latimer plans to build the water filter at Bellington Dam and that's where they need to hit him. The team points out that Dubenich knows everything about them and all of their allies, so Nate says they have to get people they don't trust.

In Kiev, Mr. Quinn is being held by thugs. Eliot shows up and Quinn admits that he's not happy with his current situation. In response, Eliot offers him a job for a week and a six-figure salary, as well as a personal favor. They take out the thugs together and advance on their leader.

Archie Leach is conning a woman into thinking she's his father when Parker bumps into him and takes his wallet. He asks for everything back and Archie explains to his fake daughter that Parker is his daughter as well, and then walks off with her.

Hardison tracks down Chaos Mason at a coffee shop. Chaos already figured Hardison would come to him and is ready to go.

Latimer arranges Dubenich's early release and tells him that his friends came to visit. Dubenich says he'll take care of it and Latimer tells his aide to make sure he gets everything he wants. Once he has his team, Dubenich takes them to the team's headquarters and barge in. However, the place has been cleaned out, and Dubenich vows to find Nate.

Hardison and Chaos goes to the team's new underground cave in the old subway lines, and even Chaos is impressed. They confirm that Latimer is negotiating with Chinese investors for control over the dam and the network that it controls. Latimer has to maintain the facilities in proper working order or forfeit control. Hardison explains that they need to find the weak spot and apply maximum chaos. Nate notes that Latimer is ready for his team, so they need Quinn, Chaos, and Archie. He tells them to follow his team's lead but that Dubenich is his.

Later, Sophie finds Nate loading his father's gun. She says that she only has three rules, and one of them is not get involved with a killer. As Sophie walks away, Nate asks if she wants the gun but she figures he'd just find another.

At the Bellington Dam in New York, Eliot and Hardison go in, well aware that the facial recognition software will pick them up. The alarms go off and a security team closes in. The team ducks into the turbine room and Dubenich is there to greet them. He gives software to the engineer to block Hardison. Meanwhile, Eliot fights the guards and calls Quinn at the upriver facility. Quinn and Chaos are there and move into position.

Hardison gets to the valves and contacts Chaos, who is setting up on his own. A security team arrives and they're forced to flee. Chaos tells Quinn to keep them away for thirty seconds and he obliges. The engineer at the first dam picks up the computer intrusion from the other dam and tells Dubenich that Chaos has gained access to maintenance.

Chaos opens the valve for Hardison and he pours shells in. Quinn grabs Chaos and they're forced to dive off the balcony into the water below. Meanwhile, the technician gets to the valve and discovers what Hardison has done. He explains to Latimer and Dubenich that Hardison dumped in European mussels that will lay eggs and clog the cooling pipes. They can't rinse them out without spreading the mussels into the waterways, destroying all of Latimer's network and bringing down the EPA. They have no choice but to shut the dam down for a year to decontaminate. Latimer blames Dubenich for letting Hardison hack them with a clam.

Back at their base, Archie tells Hardison that he doesn't need any of his high-tech equipment. All he needs is eggs, sugar, shortening, and cardboard to break into a vault. When Chaos can't help making a snide remark, Archie tasers him and walks away with Parker.

Latimer is hosting a party for his Chinese investors and Archie arrives posing as a caterer with a large cake. Once he's alone, Parker emerges from it. Archie then dresses formally and goes to the party. Meanwhile, Chaos and Hardison hack the computers and Chaos easily gains access, much to Hardison's disgust.

Dubenich meets with Latimer, who is unhappy that they're hosting the party to lure Nate in. Latimer warns him that now he has to convince his investors that nothing is wrong. As he goes in, Dubenich realizes what is going on and asks the security team to take him to the vault where Latimer keeps his valuables. Once they leave, Nate approaches Latimer and says that they have a few minutes until the facial recognition software kicks in. Latimer threatens to arrest him but Nate says they should talk.

As Dubenich and his men go to the vault, Parker emerges from the elevator behind them and watches as they enter the vault. Once inside, Dubenich ignores the bearer bonds and cash and looks for the flashiest item, figuring that Nate will pull a high-profile theft. The security chief tells him that the most valuable item is the emperor's sword being displayed at the party, and Dubenich realizes that's what Nate is going for. They take the elevator up and Parker emerges from the ceiling. She then checks the hidden camera that Archie planted on one of the security guards, letting her capture the keypad combination, and enters the vault.

Nate tells Latimer to stop protecting Dubenich and in return he'll stop going after Latimer. Latimer says that he's a penny-ante thief just like his father. Nate smiles and tells him to remember that, just as Dubenich arrives with the security team. The lights go out for a few seconds but the sword is still there. Latimer complains that he's making a scene, but Dubenich says that it's necessary and takes the sword to the vault. They lock it in and leave, but an explosive on the hilt of the sword goes off.

Archie takes out the cake with the real sword, having used his cane to short the lights and switch swords.

Dubenich realizes that everything in the vault has been destroyed and admits to Latimer that Nate is going to take his business, his possessions, and his name... just like he told Nate at the prison.

Nate is practicing with his father's gun, and Eliot warns him that he can't know how it will change him when he murders someone. When Nate pointed out that he handled it, Eliot hasn't seen the man he used to be in over ten years. Nate turns and fires again.

Dubenich tells Latimer that Nate has already destroyed his business and his possessions, and now he's going to go after Latimer's name. Latimer points out that his business is already in shambles and that Congress plans to seize his waterways since he can't maintain them. He gives Dubenich full access to his security system and tells him to take care of it before he gets back from Washington.

At the airport bar, Latimer hears a story about his problems. Sophie sits down next to him and shares a drink, but Dubenich steps in and keeps Latimer from drinking from the glass. His men take Sophie away and Dubenich says that she underestimated him. Outside, Quinn and Eliot are waiting for them and take down Dubenich's men. Quinn tosses Eliot a gun and he aims it at Dubenich. Sophie asks what he's doing and Eliot says that he's thinking of saving Nate some trouble. After a moment Eliot lowers the gun and walks away.

Inside the bar, Nate's ex-wife Maggie approaches Latimer. He has no idea who she is and she offers to replace his drink. Afterward, Sophie takes Maggie to see Nate and explains that his ex-wife is the backup she recruited for the job. Maggie offers her condolences about Jimmy's death and Sophie defends her choice. Sophie leaves them alone and Nate tries to explain that there was nothing between him and Sophie while he was married to Maggie.

Latimer wakes up in a hotel room and Dubenich calls to tell him that he is being held in contempt of Congress. They're both shocked to discover that Latimer is now in the Cayman Islands. Latimer starts packing and discovers that his suitcase is filled with the bearers bonds and possessions from the vault (including the sword), since Parker stole them before the explosion went off. There are also fake passports and Dubenich realizes that Nate is making him look like he's on the run. Latimer wants to fly to Washington but Dubenich points out that no one will believe him. Meanwhile, the SEC opens an investigation into Latimer's mysterious trades. Dubenich hears the report and tells Latimer that they're investigating the trades that Latimer made based on his knowledge of Nate's jobs, and that Nate himself turned the information over to the authorities.

Latimer tells Dubenich that he'll fix it but he hangs up and tells Latimer's head thug to pack up the plane. He then starts to transfer the funds from Latimer's account, but discovers that nothing is there. Hardison hacks the money from Victor's account a soon as it arrives. They pay off their backups and Archie tells Parker that he approves of Hardison.

Dubenich tries to find something worth stealing and remembers the water filter patent. He goes through Latimer's computers and finds it, and then tells the head thugs that they're going on a change of plans.

As Nate leaves, Sophie tells him to stop. He tells her that he's doing it alone, but the others insist on going. Nate refuses, saying it's his choice and his responsibility.

Dubenich goes to the water plant where the filter is kept, only to discover that the research is gone. Nate calls out, saying that never was any research. The thugs open fire and go after him, but the rest of the team take them out. Eliot confronts the head thug, figuring that he's the one who killed Jimmy. When the thug points out that Eliot doesn't have a gun, Eliot takes him out before he can draw his own.

Dubenich goes after Nate and shoots him in the shoulder. Nate manages to keep going but finds himself in a dead-end with nowhere to run. Dubenich advances on him and Nate asks how it's all working out for him. His opponent admits that he has nothing and Nate warns him that he's forgetting the little details. Dubenich pulls the trigger and discovers that he's out of bullets. Nate draws his father's gun and prepares to shoot Dubenich. Dubenich doesn't believe he can do it, pointing out that he didn't kill the man responsible for his son's death. Nate admits that he's right because his son would be ashamed of him, but his father wouldn't be.

As Nate prepares to shoot, Dubenich blames everything on Latimer. Nate brings out Latimer, who says that Dubenich blackmailed him into everything and he'll make it up to Nate. After he considers it, Nate admits that it could work out for Latimer if he kills Dubenich. Dubenich warns that Latimer could do a lot of harm for a lot of people and reminds Nate that Latimer sent Jimmy to the warehouse. Nate points out that if he kills one, the other benefits, and that he's ready to shoot them both.

Nate's team arrive and looks at him, and he looks back at them. After a moment, he tells Latimer and Dubenich that nobody has to pull the trigger. Nate says they could all walk away and accept the consequences of what they've done, and then puts the gun down and leaves. Dubenich and Latimer both grab for the gun and fall over the edge as a single gunshot rings out.

Sophie tends to Nate's wound and points out that his plan was awful. She's glad that he didn't kill Dubenich, and Nate explains that he didn't want to live the way that his father did. He wants to make some changes and has some big plans, and kisses Sophie. Meanwhile, Eliot and Hardison are arguing about their new cave. They turn to Nate, who says that they can't keep the cave and then tells Sophie that they're going to go and break the law a few more times.

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