Season 4 Episode 18

The Last Dam Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on TNT

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  • Slightly unfocused, but with some brilliant character moments

    The plot was a bit shallow, the cutscenes and segues a bit hurried and the pacing a bit off.

    Those were my main complaints.

    But there was a reunion of sorts as several old mostly-opponents were brought back as allies, which caused some great comic moments.

    And then there was the Elliot-and-Nate scene, which was extraordinary and amazing, and Nate and Sophie at the end, and a Batcave, and Maggie, and lots and lots of really great bits.

    The one thing that really stuck with me, that I'll probably go back to watch again (and again), was Elliot's little talk with Nate right before the final confrontation.

    Christian Kane is a seriously underrated actor, and he gives some great performances as the team's hitter, but this was one of his greatest moments yet.

    The hard-earned experience and knowledge that lets him counsel Nate makes your heart ache for him, and I really like the relationship that the two characters have now. In the past, Nate has sometimes been dismissive, rude and even denigrating and derogatory towards Elliot, but over this last season they've grown back to the mutually respectful professionals that I like to see.

    So, not among my all-time favourites, but a good, solid episode with a lot of golden nuggets.

    Too bad we'll have to wait for the next season for more competence!p0rn from my favourite criminal crew. :)