Season 4 Episode 15

The Lonely Hearts Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 25, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

At McRory's, Nate and Eliot are at the bar when armed men in suits come in. Eliot attacks them and their boss, an older man, comes in and admits that he could have called first. The man tells his men to back down and they step outside. He then introduces himself as Walt Whitman Wellesley the IV, and Nate knows that he's a philanthropist. He says that he helps people who need help and that Wellesley is the kind of people he goes up against. Wellesley breaks into tears and begs him for help, and Eliot hastily goes to get Sophie.

Wellesley tells Nate and Sophie that someone abducted his wife four days ago, but Nate figures that his wife left him. The philanthropist explains that his first wife, Dot, died after 37 years of marriage. He went through the motions until he met Lacey and married her. Wellesley offers Nate whatever he wants if he can find Lacey, and Nate agrees in return for a future favor. The philanthropist promptly agrees.

The next day, Nate and Sophie argue over whether Wellesley really has feelings for his wife. Hardison begins the briefing and informs the team that Wellesley puts much of his money into charity. Lacey met Wellesley at an auction and they fell in love. There's been no activity on Lacey's credit cards in the last four days, but there are withdrawals from a bank in the Hampton's. The account was closed out four days ago and Sophie reluctantly admits that Lacey is a grifter. However, she figures that Wellesley still loves lacey and is sincere. Hardison has come up with a lot of mysterious "accidental" deaths of rich men after they were auctioned off at the same kind of charity functions, and there's another one occurring the next day at the Hamptons.

The team heads for the Hamptons and arrive at the charity party. Nate and Sophie figure that Lacey will create a whole new identity. Parker scans the crowd, taking photos, and sending them to Hardison to run against facial recognition software. The bachelor auction begins and Eliot and Hardison are up. They bet a steak dinner over who gets the highest bid. Sophie and Parker prepare to bid against each other to drive the amount up. Eliot is up first, posing as an oil baron. One woman seems, Chantale, particularly intrigued by Eliot and keeps bidding despite Parker, who keeps bidding against her. Chantale finally wins the bid and Eliot goes to her.

Finally, the last bid is for Hardison, who is posing as a software magnate. Bree finally bids $15,000 and Parker bows out, much to Hardison's surprise. Meanwhile, a blonde woman approaches Sophie and introduces herself as Meredith, a society photographer. Sophie is posing as a duchess and Meredith takes a photo of her and then goes to get a photo of Hardison and Bree. She trips, and Meredith approaches the bar where Nate is and trips. Eliot's bidder Chantale also trips, and Sophie begins to see a pattern.

The auctioneer, Oscar San Gillermo, approaches Sophie and explains that he's a fundraiser for the local charities. Meanwhile, Nate and Meredith share a toast. Sophie realizes that all of the women at the charity are on a seduction script, using the same techniques. All of the women are grifters. Nate tells Sophie to take point while he keeps Meredith occupied, and Sophie tells Parker to start getting close to the women so she can clone their phones. She has the guys get close to the women and start creating heat. Sophie goes over the records and discovers that all of the cell phones are burners. She figures that the leader is there somewhere to supervise, and tells Nate to create a disruption so they can see how the women interact. He tells Parker to start a fight with Hardison's woman, and Parker attacks her physically rather than start an argument. Hardison finally pulls Parker off while Meredith gathers the women, and Nate and Sophie realize that she's the leader.

Nate figures that Meredith will have files and if they can find them, they can take down the grifter ring. He approaches Meredith as she goes and tells her that he knows who she really is. She figures that he's a grifter as well, and Nate suggests that they work together. She demands proof that he can get any lady he wants, and tells him to make a date with Sophie within 24 hours. Nate agrees and approaches Sophie, just as Oscar invites her to have a drink. Sophie decides to make things hard for Nate and goes with Oscar. Meredith gives him a number and tells Nate to contact her when he succeeds. He has Hardison follow Meredith and takes off.

Back at their temporary headquarters, Hardison admits that he lost Meredith but has tracked her route and figured there are two possible addresses she could be at. Nate tells Parker to check the houses, and Hardison notices that Nate has Sophie's comm unit muted. When he turns it on, they hear her laughing for real and Nate hastily walks away.

That night, Sophie comes in late and Nate points out that she was out for a while. Sophie claims that she was just staying with Oscar to make Nate's eventual seduction of her look convincing. She asks if Nate is jealous and asks if he's getting any ideas about dating stuff. Nate tells her that he knows how to date, but Sophie points out that they're definitely not dating. She explains that Nate has to make it look believable that he knows how to seduce a woman. When Nate tries to script out their approach, Sophie says that they have to be spontaneous and make a real date. She starts to kiss him and tells Nate that he has to be very charming. She then backs off so she can get her beauty sleep before her hot date with Oscar.

The next day, Nate is pouring himself a drink when Eliot reports in on Oscar. He took Sophie to a fancy bar and restaurant, and then brought Sophie home. They have a new date at another sophisticated restaurant. Sophie comes out and Eliot hastily leaves so that he can argue over the bet with Hardison. Eliot finally agrees to make him a steak dinner instead of buying him one, and Hardison agrees. Hardison then hacks into the restaurant computer system and sets up Eliot as a chef and himself as a visiting wine expert. Hardison reluctantly admits that he'll need advice on wine.

Later, Oscar takes Sophie to the restaurant and Nate arrives at the next table. He gets an earbud from Meredith, who is nearby and warns Nate that she can hear everything he says to Sophie. Meanwhile, Hardison delivers wine to Sophie's table and Eliot talks him through the presentation.

Parker checks the first address and discovers that it's a marina with dozens of boats. She goes onto the second address. Meanwhile, Hardison spills wine on Oscar, who hastily sends him away. Oscar then gets up and goes to the restroom to clean him up. Eliot intercepts him and knocks him out when no one is looking so that Nate has time to hit on Sophie. A few minutes later, Meredith listens in as Nate pays for Sophie's meal when Oscar doesn't return. They flirt and go for Italian ice down by the dock, where Eliot plays a street guitarist to play romantic music as they go by.

Parker checks out the second address and initially finds nothing. Meanwhile, Nate and Sophie sit down at a table in a draft, and Meredith warns Nate that it will turn Sophie off. He offers Sophie a coat, redeeming the situation. Parker calls Eliot to tell him that the address is a front, but spots a photo of Lacey on the wall, signed "Julie." Hardison has Parker grab the photo so they can check it for fingerprints.

At the dock, a father tosses his daughter a ball and Nate stops it and gives her catching advice. Meredith wonders how he arranged that, while Nate talks to Sophie about how his father used to take him to Fenway for baseball games. He begins to talk honestly about his feelings for his father, Jimmy, and the conversation turns to cricket. Nate tells Sophie that she really is beautiful and then they continue on their way. Satisfied, Meredith drives away. Once she's off-comm, Nate contacts the others and puts them into gear, and then tells Sophie that he picked her but not the others. They kiss and then Nate puts her into the cab with Parker. Once they leave, Meredith pulls up and admits that she's impressed and tells Nate to get in so they can discuss their new partnership.

Hardison tracks the GPS on Meredith's car and confirms that she's heading for the marina, while Eliot dusts the photo for prints. Nate has turned off his comm unit, but Sophie figures that he can handle Meredith. They get a fingerprint from Lacey and identify it as belonging to a Christine Valada. Christine's address is a few minutes from their location and they go to pay her a visit in Parker's borrowed taxi.

Nate and Meredith arrive at the marina and agree to a 75/25 split. Meredith takes them to her boat, which she says belonged to her late husband.

Eliot and Sophie visit Christine's address, a quiet suburban home. She's gardening in the back yard and asks if they hurt Wellesley. Eliot explains that Wellesley hired them to find her and Christine breaks into tears.

Nate pours champagne to celebrate their partnership, but Oscar comes out and Meredith explains that he's her partner.

Christine explains that she told Meredith she fell in love with Wellesley and wanted out once she sent her $2 million. However, Meredith realized that she couldn't trust Christine if she was in love and threatened to kill Wellesley if Christine contacted her husband or told him the truth. She explains that she didn't know anything about how Meredith killed off the husbands and would never have joined up with her crew if she had.

Meredith and Oscar take Nate's GPS and earbud. He manages to turn them on before handing them over, and Hardison figures that something is wrong when they immediately go offline when Meredith destroys them. Nate then claims that he was thief hoping to steal Meredith's files and use her marks and girls to start his own operation. Meanwhile, Hardison warns the others and Parker and Eliot start searching the marina.

Before killing him, Meredith tells Nate that he's not as good as he thinks he is, and that he's too vulnerable and open to be a good con man. She doesn't believe there's any such thing as love. Meredith leaves and Oscar prepares to finish off Nate. As she walks down the dock, Meredith hears a gunshot and then a splash. She sends a text to Oscar, but Sophie steps out and confronts her. Meredith realizes that Sophie was working with Nate all along. When Sophie tells her that she's not as good as she thinks she is, Meredith realizes that Nate had a second earbud. Nate walks down the dock, unharmed, since he managed to disarm Oscar after the man fired a single wild shot. Eliot arrived and did the rest, tossing Oscar into the water.

Meredith offers a 50/50 deal, but Nate reveals that they already have her records. While Nate, Meredith, and Oscar were on the boat, Parker stole the records from the memory card where Meredith kept them in her camera, got them to Hardison, and then Hardison emailed them to Nate. All the details have been sent to all of the marks she has on her files, and the team has sent Meredith's fingerprints to the authorities. Nate tells Meredith to start running and the grifter quickly takes off, while Nate and Sophie walk off arm in arm.

Later at McRory's, Christine and Wellesley are reunited. Sophie insists that true love does exist and the team shares a toast. A delivery boy arrives with a Venus Fly trap for Parker and flowers for Sophie. They assume that Hardison and Nate sent them, while the two confused men look at Eliot, who winks at them and walks away.

Nate goes upstairs and gets a call from Jack Latimer, who tells him that he's found a company that stole a patent from an engineer. The Leverage team can get the company to pay the engineer millions if they recover the patent. Nate figures that Latimer has invested against the company and is using them, and doesn't want to help Latimer out at all. He refuses Latimer's offer and hangs up. Latimer then calls someone and tells them that Nate didn't take the job, and realizes that it's war.