Season 5 Episode 15

The Long Goodbye Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 25, 2012 on TNT
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Nate puts everything on the line for himself and his team when he takes on a case that is connected to his son's death.

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  • If you have to say goodbye, this is how you do it:

    The old adage says that all good things come to an end. But TV fans know that shows often come to an abrupt halt rather than a bow-wrapped finale. Fortunately for us, who have followed the five-year adventure of Leverage Consulting and Associates, the show got the ending it deserved. The finale featured several allusions to the "Nigerian Job," like Parker ripping off her shirt in an elevator and Elliot commenting that she was "twenty pounds of crazy in a five-pound

    Indeed, "The Long Goodbye Job" was the final Lego brick in the masterpiece that the writers had been building all season. Nate's decision isn't shocking or tear-inducing because it's something that the writers had been building towards since the season's first episode. Like Sophie's neurolinguistic programming, they manipulated fans into expecting this outcome. And, after showing us the bloodier version of how Leverage could have ended (and many a series has ended with the deaths of beloved characters), we welcome and approve of Nate's decision.

    It's satisfying to see how much the characters, particularly Nate and Parker, have grown over the course of five years. While Parker's slightly nefarious version of Nate's "We provide leverage" speech was arguably the best scene in the entire series, it will be loved not only for its comic effect but for its openness. The series has ended. The voyeurs' window has closed. But, as that final scene makes clear, Leverage Consulting and Associates lives on.

  • very good. top off episodes

    How can they cancel t a great show. my wife and watching sence. it first. it back. bring it back......
  • Ending.. but.. not.

    Great episode, but it's hard to believe it's the end. I hope this will come back as Movies for TV or maybe a new season 6.. somehow. Just loved this show and this episode certainly with the hard drive has enough for at least 5 more seasons.
  • A great ending for a great series

    The last couple of years of Leverage were inconsistent, with a few great episodes but a lot of just-okay ones, but this finale was everything the series is supposed to be, sharply written and intricately plotted. It did what the best con-artist stories do; convince me I had it all figured out and then go in a direction I wasn't expecting. Even though I'm sorry to see the series end, I'm glad they decided to pull the plug before they'd entirely run out of ideas, and happy they ended on a high note. This is everything that made me love the show from the first episode.moreless
  • Very Fun ( Some Spoilers!)

    There's a lot that they clearly had wanted to pace the foreshadowing differently over the seasons, but I'm really glad they did the Real Ending, and to be frank, as this is one of the only shows I've watched these past few years, I'm glad it went it out when it still wasn't very far from the top of its game. Better than degenerating, and best with the vision of the future it has here.

    ErlendJohanne , what you missed was -- Spoilers! --

    that Nate was lying. The whole first part was a lie. Dr. Gallio hadn't contacted them, the 10th floor didn't have a cure for Stanhope's Sarcoma. He was feeding the Interpol agent a story because he didn't want to admit about the actual point of the heist too quickly. Like many parts of the episode, entirely fabricated. I really enjoyed the levels of lies, very well done, I thought.moreless
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Catherine Dent

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    • Nate: The thing about false hope is, the sting of it fades. Unanswered prayers, eventually, those--those go away too. But the idea that his parents could have done something, anything to save their kid's life but didn't? Don't let them carry that burden. All right? Let's not do that. I'll take care of this.

    • Nate: Parker, you know, you don't let your feelings get in the way. You--you rotate problems--security, people timelines. You spin hem in the three-dimensional space. Like puzzle pieces, until they click. It's not the way I think, but... I trust your judgment. I really do.

    • Ellen: I talked--we all talked to a dozen people today.
      Sterling: I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people. Drunk.

    • Nate: For five years, I've been... I've been...
      Hardison: Drunk.
      Parker: Lying.
      Eliot: You've been an ornery bastard.
      Nate: Yeah, yeah, all that, all that. (to Sophie) But you--you have always, always had my back. Now... be on my side.
      Sophie: Did you steal it?
      Nate: No.
      Sophie: Oh, cause that.. that would have been more romantic, right, Parker?
      Nate: I'll, uh... I'll steal the first anniversary ring. Now, can I get up?
      Parker: No, you've got to say it.
      Nate: What?
      Parker: Say the thing.
      Nate: What thing? Oh, the thing. Will you marry me, Laura?
      Sophie: Yes.

    • Nate: You know, Eliot, I'd say call if you need anything, but you never... never need anything.
      Eliot: Yeah, I did. And thanks to you... I don't have to search anymore.

    • Nate: You're the smartest man I know. Don't get cocky.
      Hardison: It's a little late for that.

    • Parker: So you're really going.
      Sophie: How's that make you feel?
      Parker: I think I'm okay with it. Yeah, I'm okay with it.
      Nate: That's why we can go.

    • Parker: People like that--corporations like that--they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away. right now, you're suffering under an enormous weight. We provide... leverage.

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