Season 5 Episode 15

The Long Goodbye Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 25, 2012 on TNT

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  • What a goodbye...

    It was... I can't describe it. In the begining, I was in shock and horrified at the story Nate was spinning and how they played it out. Then the change when the woman called him out on his lie... it was pure Nate. (And he decimated her in telling her how he knew she was not who she said she was ) It was pure Leverage team action afterwards and the sweetest of endings... or is it beginnings for the new team?

    For a series finale- this was one of the best. There was closure. Bye bye Leverage- it was a joy to have watched you.
  • Goodbye dear friend

    I love this show and all the characters in the series and will be sad to see them go.

    But with their growth, the team is ready to move on to new life and new challenges.

    I am especially hearten by Parker's growth both as a person and into the new leader of the team.

    Gives me hope for a future Leverage Spin-off.

    Goodbye dear friend, I am going to miss you.
  • WHAT A WAY TO GO . . .

    With a scary opening act leading us to believe that Elliot, Hardison and Parker had been killed, to the big reveal at the end and the emergence of Sterling as essentially the team's final ally, this episode kept me on the edge of my seat. I especially love the ending where Parker gives the same speech to a potential client that Nate gave at the end of the pilot.

    For the record, I am disappointed in a couple of things. First, we never learn what Sophie's real name is. Second, I would've loved to learn more about Elliott's backstory. We've learned quite a bit about the rest of the team, but not Elliott.

    Overall, this episode was a great send-off for the team.
  • Poof, it's gone like magic

    During the entire episode I found myself baffled and I still am rather baffled. It was an amazing end to the series, however I was not expecting it to end this way. Truthfully I would say that I am in shock. I do not believe I can stand this being the very last episode, and so I pray that it doesn't end like this. I found myself more disappointed in this episode then happy with the tidy ending.
  • Thank you crew of Leverage

    for the most entertaining and lightweight fun I could have nowadays in TV. You accomplished to deliver a feeling that the good guys are still able to bring justice to and outwit the evil ones today. But clearly, someone with enough power was frightful of the message you delivered, the message of hope against injustice and greed and made you go away.

    I thank the whole crew of Leverage for this very entertaining experience all those years. I wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you somewhere else again, soon.

    I have but one word... FANGASM!!!

    That is all

    . LOVE PARKER!!!!
  • Bittersweet ending

    I am sad that the show has been ended. BUT! At least it was given a good send off. Nate and Sophie get to go off to build a life as a couple. And Elliot, Hardison, and Parker get to keep on doing what makes them happy. We even to got to see Sterling again. He turned out to be a good friend after all.

    At least the writers were able to present the ending that THEY chose. We, and the characters got some closure. Who knows, maybe TNT will do some 2 hr movies in the future. But even if they don't, I'll still be able to envision Elliot, Hardison, and Parker gleefully wreaking havok on those who deserve it.
  • The Long Goodbye Job

    A fitting end, even if no one really wants Leverage to be over.

    They had a nice twist with us thinking Nate was captured and the rest were dead, so at least they went out with a bang. A solid case, but it was the "closure" that was the real selling point for this episode.

    It was fit to be the series finale, but we wish it was not the end. Still, when I look back at this episode, and Leverage as a series, it will be positive.
  • OMG....

    what a way to end a series! I can't believe is over, but it sure went out with a bang. At the begining, I was shocked and horrified at what was going on with Nate telling the story as to what had happened with Parker, Elliot and Hardison being dead, I was like no they are not dead! Then I relazied, even before they showed what was going on, I have watched this show from the beginning and have never missed an episode, so I was like this is how the Leverage team operates and I knew they were NOT dead! But it sure kept me on the edge of my seat. Aww, Sophie and Nate are engaged, and the rest will go on as a team. I knew Sterling was good guy. Would love to see the show continue on, but all great things must come to an end. Just makes me sad to see it go. Was my favorite show... and I loved it. Leverage you will be missed.

    Good luck to all the actors and actress'.
  • The Gang will be missed!

    I was extremely disappointed to learn that it had been cancelled, even more when the Series Finale was in the middle of the Holidays and many of like me were not able to watch it think it deserved a better farewell, but other than that i did enjoy "The Long Goodbye Job", it did its job and the gang went out with a bang...
  • What about the drug?

    Wait a minute! Did the team forget all about the drug they were going in to the building to get? The cure for Stanhope's Sarcoma in the Pallagen lab on the 10th floor? Or did I miss something? Also, theres usually a closure bit at the end where the client gets their stuff back (or whatever), and we didn't meet Dr. Giallo again
  • Very Fun ( Some Spoilers!)

    There's a lot that they clearly had wanted to pace the foreshadowing differently over the seasons, but I'm really glad they did the Real Ending, and to be frank, as this is one of the only shows I've watched these past few years, I'm glad it went it out when it still wasn't very far from the top of its game. Better than degenerating, and best with the vision of the future it has here.

    ErlendJohanne , what you missed was -- Spoilers! --

    that Nate was lying. The whole first part was a lie. Dr. Gallio hadn't contacted them, the 10th floor didn't have a cure for Stanhope's Sarcoma. He was feeding the Interpol agent a story because he didn't want to admit about the actual point of the heist too quickly. Like many parts of the episode, entirely fabricated. I really enjoyed the levels of lies, very well done, I thought.
  • A great ending for a great series

    The last couple of years of Leverage were inconsistent, with a few great episodes but a lot of just-okay ones, but this finale was everything the series is supposed to be, sharply written and intricately plotted. It did what the best con-artist stories do; convince me I had it all figured out and then go in a direction I wasn't expecting. Even though I'm sorry to see the series end, I'm glad they decided to pull the plug before they'd entirely run out of ideas, and happy they ended on a high note. This is everything that made me love the show from the first episode.
  • Ending.. but.. not.

    Great episode, but it's hard to believe it's the end. I hope this will come back as Movies for TV or maybe a new season 6.. somehow. Just loved this show and this episode certainly with the hard drive has enough for at least 5 more seasons.
  • very good. top off episodes

    How can they cancel t a great show. my wife and watching sence. it first. it back. bring it back......
  • If you have to say goodbye, this is how you do it:

    The old adage says that all good things come to an end. But TV fans know that shows often come to an abrupt halt rather than a bow-wrapped finale. Fortunately for us, who have followed the five-year adventure of Leverage Consulting and Associates, the show got the ending it deserved. The finale featured several allusions to the "Nigerian Job," like Parker ripping off her shirt in an elevator and Elliot commenting that she was "twenty pounds of crazy in a five-pound

    Indeed, "The Long Goodbye Job" was the final Lego brick in the masterpiece that the writers had been building all season. Nate's decision isn't shocking or tear-inducing because it's something that the writers had been building towards since the season's first episode. Like Sophie's neurolinguistic programming, they manipulated fans into expecting this outcome. And, after showing us the bloodier version of how Leverage could have ended (and many a series has ended with the deaths of beloved characters), we welcome and approve of Nate's decision.

    It's satisfying to see how much the characters, particularly Nate and Parker, have grown over the course of five years. While Parker's slightly nefarious version of Nate's "We provide leverage" speech was arguably the best scene in the entire series, it will be loved not only for its comic effect but for its openness. The series has ended. The voyeurs' window has closed. But, as that final scene makes clear, Leverage Consulting and Associates lives on.