Season 4 Episode 1

The Long Way Down Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2011 on TNT



  • Quotes

    • Karen: He never got to say goodbye. And that isn't fair.
      Nate: It's never fair. Listen to me. I know. I lost someone. You don't get "fair." You don't get closure or goodbye. So you take the anger. I've learned that the anger feels pretty good. Better than the grief. But I know that the anger's something that gets me up, gets me going in the morning. But you know, you have to be a little bit careful, because if you let yourself be driven by the anger, it will blind you and you'll get into trouble over and over again just so you can feel. Just so you can... beat something.
      Karen: What happens then?
      Nate: Well, eventually you run into something that your anger can't beat.
      Karen: Like a mountain?
      Nate: You realize that... that your luck has run out. And it's a long way down.