Season 2 Episode 9

The Lost Heir Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2009 on TNT

Episode Recap

Non-profit director Ruth Walton goes to the hospital to visit dying patient Bennett Kimball. She tries to show him photos of the children she's helped but Kimball is delirious, calling her "Gigi." Kimball's lawyer, Peter Blanchard, arrives with police officer Bruce Lind and tells Ruth to get out. She insists that Blanchard is ripping off Kimball but Blanchard has the officer escort her out.

Nate goes to London to ask Sophie to come back, explaining that they need her. Sophie if he wants her back for the group or for himself. Nate doesn't answer the question but asks her to meet their new client with him the next day.

In Boston, Nate is waiting at the bar when Tara Carlisle, Ruth's lawyer, arrives first. She tells him that Kimball just passed away. Ruth arrives a minute later with flowers for Kimball and explains that her non-profit company places foster care children into adoption. Kimball donated to her company and claimed that he had drafted a new will that would leave his money to her company. Blanchard is going by the original will and insists that Kimball never made out a new will. Ruth goes to take the flowers to Kimball's grave, noting that they're blue. Nate observes that they're yellow but says nothing. Tara informs Nate that she's been checking on him and he has a shady background. She wants to let the matter play out in probate court but Nate warns that Blanchard will easily demolish Rose's claim. Tara admits he might be right but insists on accompany Nate and the team as they conduct their operation. If he refuses, she'll convince Ruth to refuse Nate's services.

The team objects to Tara's presence and complain that he went to see Sophie after telling them not to talk to her. When Nate denies going to London, Hardison is glad to bring up the surveillance footage proving Nate was there. He admits he was there but says that Sophie isn't coming back. The team accepts that for the moment and start a background check on Tara. Hardison learns that Kimball was a crooked businessman who reformed in the last few months of his life. Blanchard paid off the authorities and the press to cover up Kimball's illegal activities and in return, Kimball made him the executor of his will. When Kimball died, Blanchard decided to make sure he got the money he'd been waiting for his entire career. They have three days to find a skeleton in Kimball's closet to force Blanchard to stop opposing Ruth's claim.

After Hardison verifies Tara's record as a crusader for justice, Nate brings her in and they meet at the minimum-security prison where Kimball's former partner, P.J. Orson, is being held. Hardison has learned that Kimball had Orson pay the Lamond Holdings company in Las Vegas $50,000, and Eliot confirms that the company was a Mob front for hitmen. The team prepares to go in undercover but suggests they just be truthful with Orson. He laughs her and Nate off, saying that he's fine in minimum-security where he doesn't have to pay alimony to his ex-wives. Nate has Hardison and Eliot get into the prison to put pressure on Orson while Parker breaks into Blanchard's office.

Next, Nate goes to the courthouse as a shady Las Vegas lawyer. He goes to see the judge and loudly says that he's connected to the Kimball probate case, where Blanchard can hear him.

Hardison and Eliot pose as new prison guards, transferred from a maximum-security prison. Orson is on good terms with the chief guard and poses no thread. Hardison fakes stress from breaking up a riot among the Aryan Nations at the last prison they worked at, and Eliot slips a shiv into Orson's pants pocket. Later, Hardison is playing chess with Orson when Eliot comes over to accuse Orson of carrying a knife. They find the planted shiv and search his cell where they've planted Nazi memorabilia. They accuse him of being the leader of the local branch of the Aryan Nation and Orson realizes he could go to maximum-security prison. Hardison and Eliot offer him a deal and Orson quickly calls Tara and explains that he paid the $50,000 to a George Gilbert.

Nate meets with Blanchard while Parker breaks into his safe in the next room. Hardison stays in contact by radio earpiece and warns Nate that he's having trouble coming up with anything on George Gilbert. Nate stalls until Hardison learns that George Gilbert is actually Georgia Gilbert, a stripper who Kimball fell in love with. Blanchard paid her off the $50,000 to leave Kimball and move to Las Vegas. Blanchard isn't concerned until Nate claims that Georgia had a child, Lizzie, and he's there to represent her so she gets her share of Kimball's estate. Before she can get the safe open, Parker has to come in and claim to be Lizzie. Blanchard refuses to pay Nate and Parker off and orders them out.

Hardison discovers that Georgia actually did have a daughter, put her up for adoption, and then died of cancer. However, the adoption files are sealed and Hardison can't access them. When they realize Blanchard will want a DNA test, they figure that they have to convince Blanchard not to ask for a DNA test, and they need Tara to do that.

Tara goes to see Blanchard and says that she's met with Nate. She suggests they have the court order a DNA test to prove that Lizzie isn't Georgia's daughter, but warns that if it tests positive, they'll be stuck with the results. Hardison has supplied Tara with a fake file on Lizzie that otherwise proves she's Georgia's daughter. Upon reading it, Blanchard decides not to order the DNA test. As Tara leaves, she admits to Nate that she enjoyed working outside the law.

Rather than risk "Lizzie" typing up the matter in court, Blanchard orders Lind to dispose of Parker at a meeting he sets up with Nate and his client.

Nate and Parker go to the designated meeting spot and Lind prepares to shoot. Eliot spots him, distracts him with a thrown rock, and manages to disarm and subdue him. They send him off and Nate realizes Blanchard is waiting for them at the courthouse to pay them off now that Lind has failed. Eliot and Parker go on ahead. Meanwhile, Lind returns to Blanchard, who shoots him in the leg and tells his men to report that Parker shot the policeman.

Eliot and Parker arrive at the courthouse only to discover that the police are searching for them. When the police spot them, they have to run. Meanwhile, Blanchard contacts Nate on his cell phone and tells him that he's heading for the courthouse and it would be in all their interests if Parker doesn't show up. Nate radios Hardison and tells him to delay Blanchard.

As the judge asks Ruth and Tara where their witness is, Blanchard arrives outside. Hardison bumps into him, knocks his briefcase to the floor, and slips some old keys into Blanchard's pockets. When Hardison picks up the lawyer's briefcase, he slips a sandwich foil into it shaped like a sandwich. Blanchard goes through the metal detector and the keys set off the alarm, while the security officers see the "gun" on the x-ray and order Blanchard to raise his hands.

The policemen corner Parker and Eliot. Eliot refuses to hit a cop so he disarms one of them, takes his stun gun, and gives it to Parker. Parker stuns the other policemen and they slip away.

Blanchard finally gets to the courtroom and Nate tells Hardison that Tara will have to stall. The police have sealed up the courthouse so Parker and Eliot can't get in. Nate changes the plan and tells Parker he has something else for her to do.

Tara stalls as best she can, calling Ruth as a witness. However, Blanchard points out that there is no evidence of a new will. Nate finally arrives and says that he's found Kimball's missing heir. He enters into evidence the medical file on Georgia showing she had a daughter. Blanchard claims that it's a scheme to get money and demands that the heir be brought forward. Switching tracks, Nate asks the judge permission to address one question. The judge agrees and Nate asks if Ruth can tell what color his tie is. She can't: she admits she's color-blind. Nate has the medical records showing that Georgia and Kimball were color-blind as well. Two color-blind parents produce a color-blind child. Nate explains that Kimball learned that Ruth was his daughter but rather than reveal himself, he donated to her adoption firm. On his deathbed, the delirious Kimball thought that Ruth was her mother, calling her "GiGi": Georgia Gilbert. Tara asks the judge to order a DNA test and she agrees.

As the case ends, Parker arrives with the files from Blanchard's safe. She stole all of the incriminating files that he kept. Without Kimball's money, Blanchard can't pay off Lind to look the other way. As Tara and Nate leave, Nate wonders if she's learned anything. In turn, she suggests that maybe Nate learned something from her.

Later, the team meets Ruth at the bar and Nate explains that Kimball wanted to build a new relationship with his daughter by starting fresh. When Nate wonders where Tara is, Ruth explains that she thought Tara said she was with them, and she was never Ruth's lawyer. Back at the apartment, the team discovers Tara waiting for them. She introduces herself as Tara Cole and gives them an introductory letter from Sophie. Sophie asked her to fill in as grifter for the team. The rest of the team objects but Nate confirms that Sophie has okayed Tara. As she leaves, Tara hands them an invoice for her share of the inheritance and warns them that she wants to be paid of her work.