Season 2 Episode 9

The Lost Heir Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2009 on TNT

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  • The team helps a woman who's charity has been given money by a rich man who had changed his will to leave her the money. His attorney gets in the way and becomes sole executor and controls the money. We get to see the short term replacement for Sophie.

    Peter Riegert is great as the personal attorney to Bennett Kimball a multi-millionaire who passed away recently. Riegert plays Peter Blanchard who's sole purpose is to secure those millions for himself as Kimball had no living heir.

    Enter Ruth Walton played by Anna Campbell. Ruth runs a charity to help foster children having been one herself. Blanchard keeps Walton away from Kimball so in the end the new will that has been drawn up does not see the light of day.

    Nate and the team must right this wrong. So they decide to help this women. Nate has asked Sophie to come back but refuses to admit that he needs her himself. Unbeknownst to them she sends in a short term replacement, Jeri Ryan as Tara Carlisle.

    We don't get to see much out of Tara this first episode as she is playing it straight, but rest assured she fools everyone into thinking something. Ruth thinks she's with Nate and Nate thinks she's Ruth's attorney. I do think the scene at the end with her introduction was a little short but the time just wasn't there.

    The case this week was well done with some good little pitfalls like Nate having to make up a story which turns out to be true and the paid cop trying to shoot Nate and Parker. Unlike some of the more current episodes these were all well prepared disasters or something which they could talk there way out of. For example it was just common sense to have Eliot watching the drop so that if something went wrong he'd be there. Luckily the cop was a bad shot!

    I liked the twist at the end with Ruth as it made the changing of the will and Kimball giving her all his money much more believable. Great episode! Too bad we have to wait till January for more Leverage. Thanks for reading...
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