Season 2 Episode 15

The Maltese Falcon Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2010 on TNT

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  • Thank you jyarter.

    You have solved one of the great mysteries of my life. For i read your review which enlightened me to the fact that Tara colt is played by the b!+ch Jeri Ryan. So now I know why I hated her character on Leverage so much. Personally, I'm ecstatic she is off the show and hasn't returned. On a happy note, I thoroughly enjoyed this season finally. If there is one thing I relish in a show, it is when I see characters i like getting injured. So that seemingly fatal wound literally made me smile. Not to mention the epic moment when he takes credit, and pride, in being a thief.
  • Season finale

    Leverage has been hit or miss lately, and while this episode showed signs of promise, for a season finale it was a bit of a let-down. I did not like the carry over from last week's episode. This show has always been about one and done plots, so to see Richard Kind return as the goofy mayor was offputting.

    I also did not care for the cliched, "You guys are the most honest people I know," speech from Nate. Him saying that to a bunch of thieves just doesn't work.

    I enjoyed it overall, but I guess I expected a little more.
  • Strong Season Final. Cliff-hanger episode

    While initially a very strong episode and a great ending to the two part episode, it left us with a massive cliff-hanger ending, which leads us into season three.

    Nate seemed, to me at least, to be out of character when he turned himself in claiming he was a theif. While I believe he would turn himself in to save his team, I don't believe he would say he was a theif. At least unless he believed which he was dying. Which at that moment is seemed like he was. That wound looked nasty, and he was losing alot of blood.

    It was nice to see the return of Sophie, even if only breifly. The kiss and slap was classic and fit in well. It was also a great idea of the writers to bring Sterling back for the season final. For him to be there at the end, just added to the excitment of the episode.

    And we also saw the departure of Tara. Her exit seemed to happen pretty suddenly. She seemed to be fitting in with the team, then all of a sudden, she abandons them - leaving to save herself. That seemed a little out of character to me.

    I personally love Tara - she's a really interesting character and I would love to see her back in the next season. Maybe they could work on the storyline of how Sophie and Tara met?

    A very moving and exciting seaosn final! Can't wait for a new season!
  • The con is on with the season two finale of Leverage from TNT. The con gets messed up and with a little help from all of his friends Nate is going to bring these guys down. The team follows him even though he seems to be losing touch. Sterling's here!

    Nice comeback from the last half of the season. In a way the show has brought itself back in one 42 minute episode totally redeeming itself for a very lackluster last few episodes. At first I thought it was the chemistry with Tara (Jeri Ryan), but in the end it was exactly what the show was going for, Nate was in a spiraling down mode and he was going to bottom out eventually. The question was how badly was it going to end.

    This episode really sets up a new season of Leverage with the whole cast back. Maybe we'll get to see Tara again from time to time as well.

    Overall this is what I expect to see when I see an episode of Leverage. Impossible odds being beat by a team using a team approach. Not a one man band. It was the realization at the end of last weeks episode and the subtle way in which each piece of the puzzle went smoothly together, but all the while the viewer felt the tremendous tension of what was occurring on the screen. You really feel as if they don't even know if they'll pull it off.

    The ending was quite spectacular all the way around and I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. Suffice it to say you will enjoy it.

    As I said in the summary, the con is on and Leverage on TNT will be back! Thanks for reading...
  • TNT's Leverage ended its second season with the right mix of panache, derring-do, and cliffhangers to leave the audience both satisfied yet eager for more.

    * * * SPOILERS AHEAD * * *

    The Maltese Falcon Job is actually the second half of a two-parter season finale. The story picks up immediately after the events chronicled in The Three Strikes Job, which in a nutshell pit the Leverage team against a corrupt mayor who was somehow tied to an honest cop's shooting. This ends with a cliffhanger where the team are being chased by FBI.

    The episode opens in medias res, with our heroes just barely escaping the FBI and Sterling, Nate's nemesis from previous episodes who is also now working for Interpol. Thinking quickly, Nate devises a plan to salvage the "job" which calls for the team to hide in the very same hotel where the FBI are hiding the corrupt mayor from the previous episode.

    Upon learning that the FBI is now working with Sterling, Nate raises the stakes much to the chagrin of the rest of the team. Nevertheless, they go along with his new plan despite the very real possibility they could get caught.

    What makes this episode great is the clever use of misdirection and "deals" made by two principal characters. Moreover, the way in which they bring Sophie back was generally well-played.

    The clever dialogue peppered with cool action sequences and large set-pieces ensured the season went out with a bang.

    Nate's farewell speech while not the most eloquent, was definitely heartfelt, and perhaps the first time he actually bared his soul to the team.

    This episode also marks Tara's exit, which was handled well and felt organic to the story.

    Of course the episode is not without its flaws. Sophie's 11th hour return, while generally well-played, could have been done in a smoother way. It seemed rushed and a bit too deus ex machina. What's more, Nate choosing to sacrifice himself to save the rest of team was admirable, but it seemed a bit of a stretch to believe Sterling would be in any position to accept the terms of the "deal" he proposed.

    What's more, when compared with last season's finale, this one was definitely not as masterfully played. Although Sterling was a good foil to Nate, he was not as well-utilized as he was in the previous season's finale. There was something missing in the battle of wits which was present in previous episodes featuring Sterling. Nevertheless, the ending sets the stage for the third season quite nicely.

    What will season three bring? Right now that's anyone's guess. I am particularly interested in seeing whether or not they bring back Tara. She was definitely a fascinating character, and the implied history she shares with Sophie might make for an interesting story arc. For now, we'll just have to sit tight and eagerly anticipate season three in the summer.
  • AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (spoilers)

    I have a love-hate relationship with cliffhangers, and this episode proved it. The ending caused me to want to jump forward to summer so I could find out what happens next.

    But this whole episode was amazing. The only thing I didn't understand was how Nate got wounded. I didn't see where he could have gotten hurt, but I probably just missed it. Wait... as I'm writing this I think I figured it out. So ignore that whole last bit.

    And I'm SO glad Sophie's back! The kiss and slap at the end was classic, and I'm curious as to how she holds the team together while Nate's dealing with Sterling and the FBI.

    All in all, this was an awesome episode and I can't wait for next summer.