Season 1 Episode 8

The Mile High Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on TNT

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  • Not my favorite, but not unwatchable

    Well this was not my favorite of episodes. Although we had the normal Leverage members breaking and entering, and the excitement and drama of the plan almost not coming together. And of course the thrill of the plane almost crashing, this episode really lacked any believability on almost any level. From the run up 30 flights of steps in thehigh rise, all while Sophie is keeping the guards busy with her GPS, to the final sequence where the plane is plummeting to the ground while Alec is trying to talk Parker through the steps necesary for him to reboot the auto pilot computer, all while the plane is dropping at 1000 feet per second (how did she manage to stay standing by the way), and then the landing of the jumbo jet on a bridge full of cars. This just had a little too much comic book action for my tastes. Althoguh I love the show, the drama and the action, this particular episode was just a bit too far out there.
  • Dean, baby, get a tripod - tone down the jerky cam.

    This episode was a real disappointment. The excessive amount of shaky cam, jerky camera movement, and "Star Trek" style motion fake out all combined to ruin it.

    Story line was okay. Nice amount of twists. But visually, it was awful. I had to avert my eyes, or just shut them, and wait for the image to stabilize.

    Please, Mr Devlin, STOP THE SHAKE. It's a fad, it doesn't work, and in this day and age of HDTV, it doesn't help the story to nauseate the audience with degraded imagery.

    I really want to be a fan of this series, but sometimes it just becomes more pain than entertainment.

    Perhaps someone will strap a massive vibrator to the camera man's head and let him 'see' what the audience is forced to see. After his eyeballs click around for a minute or two, he'll swap a tripod into his repertoire.
  • great episode - show keeps improving

    this was a great episode. The cast was very energized and the standout performance was Aldis Hodge who plays Alec Hardison. He so smooth and yet outrageously funny at the same time when conning people. He goes into an office and pretends he works there - and everyone buys it. He even calls a meeting and gives a presentation on productivity. The way he's able to blend right in shows you how generic office life can be. I love his character and can't imagine the show without it. The rest of the plot is pretty good, up in the air plane, some tense moments and not completely predictible. The show keeps getting better
  • Hardison steals the show once again! Nate needs to get laid, and Parker is the best flight attendant ever!

    This episode was well rounded, and really entertaining. Yet again Hardison got the best lines 'If you were a geek, you would be really turned on right now' (hehe). Only silly thing is that putting the entire team in danger on a plane is anti-climactic, we know that they're not going to die. More Thoughts on 'The Mile High Job':
    - 'Made me want to cry and call my momma' – Hardison
    - It was nice to see Less Than Perfect's Sara Rue in the role of the accountant
    - Nice development with Sophie and Nate – It wasn't too irritating
    Bottom Line: Fun episode, 'tis truly the age of the geek! Go Hardison!

  • Road Trip....

    Our team head out to take down a company that knowingly used harmful chemicals that ultimately hurt children. They learn that the companies, in efforts to cover their tracks, are liquidating their assets by sending them to the Cayman Islands via personal carrier. The team, less Hardison, hop the same flight. Hardison is sent back to the company to find the needed hard evidence to take them down. While the team is in flight learns that what they are looking for is not money or bonds, it's actually the company accountant. CEO plans to eliminate any chance of getting caught by erasing any evidence by taking down the entire plane. Our team scrambles to find out how and stop it, which of course they do.

    Nate is a definite romantic. Love Parker as a flight attendant.
  • Really good episode.

    As season 1 of Leverage winds down we get yet another thrill ride. I criticized this show in the beginning but it is truly becoming one of my favorites. Just an excellent group of characters, and some really intense storylines with great writing.

    We had another Eliot fight scene that had me laughing as well, but it was Ardison's performance here that stole the show for me. From mocking Nate's computer behavior to his demeanor at the office he was just hilarious here.

    The special effects for the plane and shock landing were well-done by TV standards as well. Just a good all around episode.
  • "Like a short action movie"

    This series just keeps getting better and better. The characters are very likable and the wit comes thick and fast. Good mix of action / drama / comedy.

    Sure this episode felt like a cheesy action movie where a plane is going down due to some bomb or something, but you can look beyond that and see another quality 40 odd minutes of television! I hink this was the best episode of the season and has got to be the most exciting one too. Plenty of funny moments as well, one of the main reasons I watch this show, brilliant.