Season 3 Episode 13

The Morning After Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

Hockey fan Weibe meets with his favorite former player, Mark Vector, who has retired and now runs Slapshot Investments. Weibe complains that Vector has made bad trading decisions with his retirement fund and doesn't buy the manager's claim that it's the market. Vector figures that the SCC is calling him because of Weibe's complaint and beats the man.

Later, Weibe comes to McRory's and meets with Nate. He explains that the police won't let him press charges because there were no witnesses, and that he doesn't have the money to use. When Weibe notes that the SCC has refused to investigate Vector, Nate explains that the manager cut a deal with the Federal government, providing testimony in return for immunity. After Weibe leaves, the Italian Woman arrives in response to Nate's call. She warns him that his six months is running out and she expects him to bring down Damien Moreau. She confirms that Vector is working for Moreau, and warns that Nate will only be in the clear once he finishes his "assignment" from her and brings Moreau down.

Nate meets with the others for the briefing, but they want to know why he is the only one who meets with the Italian. He insists that they need to focus on helping Weibe, and Hardison goes over Vector's file. After leaving hockey, Vector set himself up as a fund manager by ripping off his former fans and using his connections with mobsters that he made when he was a player. Now he's testifying before the grand jury against those mobsters in return for immunity. Nate warns that the grand jury meets the next day and they have that long to figure out what Vector has on Moreau. They plan to play on Vector's temper and weakness for partying, and keep him from contacting Daniel Firestone, the lawyer who "fixes" Vector when he gets into trouble.

While Sophie goes to see Firestone, Nate and Parker go to the airport to intercept Vector as he arrives and before he meets with his FBI handler. When they get there, they discover the FBI agent is McSweeten, the agent they've met before and has a crush on Parker under her alias of Agent Hagen. Nate has Hardison change the flight times and then calls McSweeten's superior while pretending to be Vector. Nate-as-Vector complains that McSweeten isn't there and McSweeten gets a call from his superior telling him to get over to the wrong terminal.

Sophie poses as an investment banker and approaches Firestone. She asks for his help in an FBI investigation. She asks him to go to Japan to handle the case, but he refuses and refers her to a colleague, Adam Greaves. Once he leaves, Sophie tells Nate that she recorded the entire conversation.

Next, Nate has Parker approach Vector when he enters the terminal. She tries to flirt with him and he agrees to go to a bar with her for drinks. She takes him to McRory's and gets him drunk. With some help from Sophie via the earbud, Parker manages to seduce Vector and get him upstairs to where Nate has prepared his bedroom, complete with a drugged drink. As Parker talks with Vector, she notices that his cellphone photo of himself in his red hockey jersey is too purple.

The next morning, Vector wakes up and discovers that he has scratch marks on his face... and Parker is dead in the bed next to him, strangled to death. He calls Firestone, and Hardison intercepts the calls and electronically rearranges Firestone's words. "Firestone" tells Vector that he's in Japan, but he'll send his colleague, Adam Greaves, over to keep Vector out of jail. Nate and Sophie are in the bar below. For the next part of the plan, they need Sophie to impersonate a prosecutor, but she'll need Vector's original immunity agreement. Eliot and Hardison go to the courthouse to get it, and Hardison sets them up as policemen, complete with a squad car. Meanwhile, Sophie and Nate wait to soften Vector up a bit and Nate admits that he's glad that he's working with Sophie on the same side.

Eliot and Hardison arrive at the courthouse and meet with the prosecutor, Monica LaPointe. They cite bureaucratic snafus at her until she gives up and hands over the immunity agreement. However, as they start to leave, she asks them to take a prisoner, Curtis, who has testified before the grand jury back to the jailhouse. They have no choice but to agree.

Nate goes up to see Vector, claiming to be Adam Greaves. However, Sophie spots McSweeten outside and they figure he's managed to track Vector via his taxi records. Nate tells Parker they need her to distract McSweeten since he knows her, and she prepares to drop down the side of the building. Meanwhile, Sophie calls Eliot and Hardison, who are heading back with their prisoner. They assure her they'll be there soon, but they get a call about a domestic situation where the spouse has a weapon. Worried that children might be at risk, Eliot insists on taking the call despite Hardison's objections. When they get there, they find a childless couple arguing and the wife armed with a baseball bat. Eliot subdues the wife and her husband comes to her defense, attacking Hardison.

Parker catches up to McSweeten in the bar and explains that she's been working undercover in Russia. She gets a call and asks McSweeten to wait outside. When he goes outside, Nate points him out to Vector and warns that they have to get Vector new immunity against the murder charge first. As Vector leaves the window, Nate notices someone watching them from across the street.

Eliot and Hardison finally deal with the couple, only to discover that Curtis has escaped.

Nate manages to convince Vector that in a fit of temper, he strangled Parker during some rough foreplay. Nate then calls in the district attorney, Sophie, so they can negotiate a new immunity deal and get Vector off the hook.

Eliot and Hardison easily recapture the prisoner, but Curtis explains that he was testifying in a money-laundering scheme involving crooked cops. If the dirty cops get hold of him, they'll kill him.

McSweeten chats with Parker and admits that he's been looking for her for the last few months since they last met. She tells him she knows about his losing Vector, and McSweeten admits that he hasn't called it in because he doesn't want to ruin his rising career. Eliot and Hardison finally arrive and give Sophie the immunity agreement. Sophie takes them upstairs and uses them to convince Vector that she's really a district attorney. She then demands that he give up Moreau in return for immunity from the murder charge. Vector agrees, and tells them that he's the only on with the codes to Moreau's accounts, and they're not stored anywhere electronically.

Downstairs, Eliot spots cops in civilian clothing and figures they're the dirty cops after their witness. He tells Nate, who figures something is up. Meanwhile, Parker gets McSweeten into an elevator so they can search for Vector.

Nate directs Vector's attention to the man across the street, and realizes the man must have cloned Vector's phone when he bumped into him at the airport. He hauls Vector down just as the man opens fire and then grabs Vector's cellphone.

Eliot attacks one of the cops and runs into the bar's storage room, and Hardison cuts the lights. In the darkness, Eliot easily takes out the rest of the men. Hardison then cuts the power to the elevator, trapping McSweeten and Parker. She gets the FBI agent to lift her up to the roof hatch, admits he's sweet, and then abandons him.

Eliot and Hardison take out the last cop and realize that Nate and Sophie are in trouble. Eliot runs across the street to take out the sniper, and Hardison triggers the fire alarms and sprinklers in the opposite building. The sniper flees before Eliot can get to him, and they realize the killer works for Moreau.

Vector realizes that Moreau will have him eliminated if he tries to testify. He refuses to testify for immunity and runs out to the elevator, where he finds McSweeten. As they leave for the courthouse, the team regroups and Nate realizes that they have Vector's codes. He sends Eliot, Hardison and Parker to the courthouse and then has Sophie call the FBI to pick up the crooked cops. While she makes the call, Nate goes to see the Italian.

Vector gets to the courtroom and goes in without his attorney, before grand jury procedure. When Vector is called to the stand, first he sees Weibe among the spectators, making threatening gestures. Next, Vector sees Parker, alive and well and sitting next to McSweeten. He goes berserk and accuses McSweeten of being a killer working undercover in conjunction with Parker. When Eliot and Hardison come in, Vector grabs Eliot's gun and tries to shoot McSweeten. They quickly restrain him and Parker tasers Vector unconscious. As Vector is taken away, Eliot explains that he has an airgun, since he hates real guns. Eliot and Hardison wonder where their prisoner ends up.

McSweeten goes out and finds the witness tied up in his trunk, decorated with a ribbon. There's a note from Parker, saying he can turn in the prisoner and get the goods on the dirty cops.

Later, Nate meets the Italian at Vector's office. He figures that she set the whole thing up, including the dirty cops. The Italian admits she sent in the cops, but the sniper was an outside contractor that Moreau sent to kill Vector. Nate then explains that he has the codes, and that differences in color between two identical photos can conceal numeric sequences. He shows her Vector's cellphone and matches the purplish photo to the original one on Vector's wall. The numbers reveal Moreau's coded accounts. However, Nate tells the Italian that he plans to keep the codes, pay back Weibe, and then bring down Moreau on his own. He tells her that if she comes after team, he'll come after her.

Once Nate leaves, the Italian calls her superiors and tells them that Nate is now working on his own to bring down Moreau, and their hands are clean.

Back at the bar, Nate finds Sophie nervously waiting for him. She warns that it's a bad idea to make an enemy of the Italian, and now they're choosing to go after Moreau. Nate agrees, but says that bringing down people like Moreau is what they do. Sophie agrees and they share a toast to victory.
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