Season 1 Episode 1

The Nigerian Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2008 on TNT

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  • Leverage

    Love this show!!
  • Definately worth seeing

    It has a fresh approach. Robin Hood with a James Bond approach to problem solving. Quite well written, there are some things that have a bit of a MacGyver rather then a Bondish feel to it but still...has me wanting more. Shows good promise. Of course I´m coming in late in the game, but it´s always refreshing to find a new series to follow, i´m quite sure i´m not the last to pick it up so if any of you are wondering if this show is worth an hour of your time (yes the pilot is that long) then the answer is absolutely.
  • This is the pilot that sets up the series of a washed up insurance investigator and his 4 associates who band together to right the wrongs others have done.

    I just started to watch this series after a friend showed interest in it. I got the DVDs and was not planning on getting into it, but boy was I wrong.
    The writing is great, the character interaction is wonderful and the one liners have me rolling on the floor. The crew is hired to retrieve stolen plans to a new aircraft, they get them, send them to the rightful owner and do not get paid. When they meet to get paid, they are set up to be killed. When they get out in time, they decide to get even.
    They find out that they did not steal them for the real owner but stole them for a major competitor, now they have to steal them back and make it right, and the way they get even is well done.
  • In this first episode, we are introduced to who will make up the team. It focuses on Nathan Ford, an ex-insurance investigator that got back stolen goods. He leads a team who are very good at what they do.

    I'd seen the previews and was completely intrigued. Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was nice seeing Christian Kane (Eliot) playing another kind of bad guy, but he wasn't another Lindsey (from Angel). It could be a bit slow moving in places, but it was well-plotted. It was a nice introduction to the characters and to the concept of the show. The storyline was quite intriguing, complete with twist towards the beginning. Most of the time, that kind of plot-advancing twist is either dumb or cheesy. This was actually well done. I'm looking forward to the rest of the first season and the development that should happen.
  • I think I found another fav.

    Okay, this exceeded my expectations. I was intrigued and excited from looking at the previews. But I was thrilled with the outcome. It's a perfect mix of crime, action, drama as well as a few one liners thrown in for good measure. With the premiere, you have a our new friends being hired to retrieve blueprints that were supposedly stolen from the it's rightful owner. However, as the team learns the hard way, they were being setup. Then Nate and the gang decide that payback is in order so they can collect their paychecks. But ultimately, they collect their pay and get their revenge, ten fold. Oh, I can't wait for The Homecoming Job. I'm really looking forward to this show....
  • Great idea, just don't go into this series expecting great quality like CSI...

    When I first caught the trailer for this series, I was beyond excited. I've been waiting patiently to add it to my DVR series list. I began watching with high anticipation, expecting to see a clever CSI, Mentalist styled show with some original ideas (bad guys working for good). I was really wanting to see an action series, something to get behind the characters and see H*LL YEAH, they caught that SOB. But alas - *Sigh* First my Cons...

    It's still a great idea, just a tad bit too bubble gum - not as bad as the Knight Rider remake (but pretty close for my taste). Don't get me wrong I've been a huge fan of Christian Kane ever since he's days on Angel (buffy spin-off). I don't know? It may have been some editing at the beginning with quick action shots for no reason (Timothy Huttons intro scenes), slightly unbelievable character's with campy acting (not the actors/actresses fault but the writers & director), or the terrible terrible terrible choice for a score. The music really sets the tone for the show, and the music that was chosen was just too paris hilton "bubble gum" pop. It made me disinterested in wanting to watch the entire episode, it almost felt like a sugary Fastlane or Acapulco Heat with that music.

    Now for the Pros...

    I was really interested in how they were going to get payback for the attempted murder. The twists really kept me hooked. The characters, while yes were a bit unrealistic, still had me cheering them on to form a group.

    Even tho I was let down with it being more of a comedy, the show still kept my attention. I'm going to keep on viewing with high hopes that the minor con's are faded away.
  • Interesting start to a show with a little potential.

    TNT's latest venture into the original television world produced a series that felt as cheesy as a 1990's action movie down to the pitiful jokes and cliched taglines. As goofy as the product was there was still a charm about the broadcast. The viewer found themselves relating to these odd characters that are not believable in the slightest realm.

    Timothy Hutton looks like he had five beers before wandering onto the set yet his performance is still highly entertaining. His lines could not be more scripted but again it's those intangibles that make this show worth watching. The rest of the cast is nothing to write home about, but they did provide a few laughs and are able to give off then genuine good guy vibe.

    The pilot episode followed every plot of every action movie down to the double swerve, yet for some reason it feels like a breath of fresh air this TV season. If you have free time available on Sunday tune into TNT but this is not going to be the next Lost or Mad Men if that is what you are seeking.
  • A tremendous first installment

    This show is like Oceans 11 meets Entrapment. Very strong concept, all cahracters have strong personalities that would allow episodes to be built upon their unique talents and ways. This show has the potential to be around for a while as long as they take the time to continue the developement. Lots of action, tremendous suspense, and of course a plot twist. I loved this episode as a pilot. It had enough hook to keep you in, and yet develeoped each of the characters enough so that you knew who they were and what their tendancies would be. They didnt feel like strangers and you found yourself rooting for each one of them. I like it, and cant wait for next week!
  • Intelligent, well played and highly enjoyable.

    Good pilot - nice setup for the show. Smart lines, well delivered, a bit too much jerked, 'music-video like' camera movements - sometimes it made me dizzy. I liked the small 'presentation' video of each of the main players. Timothy Hutton plays a great straight man - reminds me of his "Nero Wolfe" character. Alec is a convincing enough geek, Eliot is a convincing enough soldier, Parker plays a convincing enough psychopath and Sophie plays an awful actress (the theatre scene was really bad, cringe worthy - she is a good actress to play it sooooo badly).
    As for the episode, it was a nice, straight forward good versus bad play, where the good guys get their payback. The end part was a bit too ... cheesy, felt more like a parody of "Godfather" reversed. I would definitely like to see more.
  • A fine start to a very promising show.

    I wasn't sure quite what to expect but did enjoy this in a tremendous way. Hutton is well cast as a man who believed totally in what he did only to be let down by the very people he'd been defending all this time. Seeing him come alive working all this was very good and he holds it together well.

    The rest of the cast are good too like the wild thief who gets off on the action and the cool computer guy. The idea of the con artist being brilliant at grifting but horrible when it comes to legitimate acting is absolutely brilliant and makes her more fun to watch.

    A lot of this reminded me of the show "Hustle" like how it looked like the mark had figure it out only to realize via flashbacks they'd been playing him even better. However, the theme of getting back at the rich guys is great and gives this an air that feels fresh. Overall, a great start and if the rest of the series lives up to it, this will be a very fun ride.
  • Loved It. Well Written...Pilot Episode... Cleverly plotted.. So many choices to choose from that describe this episode.

    I thought this episode was a great way to start off a new series. Whether or not they can keep the spark is yet to be scene. But if the following episodes are as great as this one, this show will be a hit. I love the twists and turns that the story took. First the 'client' not paying the three thieves and telling Nate that he did not get the plans to lure them into a trap. Then the 'client' seeming discovery of the bugs from the team in his office and his plan to turn the tables on them. Only to discover that he had really spring their trap… I enjoy shows that bring together unlikely people and in which the road to the end is not completely visible. I knew that the team would get their payback against the 'client' but it was a very enjoyable ride watching them take their pound of flesh. As I said earlier hopefully every week will be as enjoyable....
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